Sunday, March 30, 2008

I really like Leather Jackets

You know, I prefer my leather jackets only two ways: the classic biker, or the corny red Michael Jackson version - that's right, bling and all.

Marc by Marc Jacobs AW '08

It's gone soft, brilliant.
I'm very taken by it's silhoutte [or lack of it], adorable bubble sleeves and quirky collar.

Too bad I don't think I'll find a good-enough knock off.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Zouk Flea&Easy

Zouk's Flea & Easy
Fashion Elite Edition
held in conjunction with Singapore Fashion Festival 2008

Sunday, 30.03.08
17 Jiak Kim Street


I need to figure out how to get on some sort of mailing list or something, I only found out late last night via email from one of the online shops that's going to be there.

Shame I'm so broke [boss too busy and forgot all about payday], because I was
planning to get underwater toy cameras.

A flea market is a flea market is a freaking flea market. STOP glamorizing it. Tsks.

Life in Cartoon Motion

I was a pissy little missy the past couple of days and I finally sobered up to wear non-black.

Purple/green V-neck, yellow skirt, black stockings, black maryjane pumps, wire aviators.

Skirt I forgot all about that I got from a flea market. The seller said it was vintage but then again at that point of time anything and everything was vintage.
I love it for it's muted neon - if that even makes sense.

The lens-less aviators were really fun to wear.

But it's about time I get lenses fixed into them.
My home glasses are missing and I'm wearing my going-out glasses instead.
I can't survive on only one pair of glasses.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Nikicio lets me have everything

I did a double flip when Style Bubble featured Indonesia-based Nikicio.
Very simple reasons:

1) Maxi dresses with unconventional pocketing.

2) Blazers that I am absolutely smitten with.
I had a previous predicament whereby I couldn't decide between oversized or tailored.
BOTH, duh.

I don't even need to see this particular unusually cut blazer in its entirety to know I have to have it.

Just for the record, however:
I know I'm sold.

Red, Green and Dark Denim.

All sorts of inspired.

The Sartorialist says she's Julie.
I say the green jacket, please and thank you.

Fucking cramps.
I don't understand why women subject themself to pink pills very month.

Monday, March 24, 2008

The Purple Satin Dress and the Green Pumps

Bollocks, I see so many sprees for chiffon-y [or whatever the cheap chiffon is called] dresses and it pisses me off. Ah well, I'll stave off chiffon for a while.

Speaking of all things trend-whorish, wearing an all-satin ensemble is not hot. Satin is very last few seasons ago, hence donning solely satin [be it in dress form or two-piece] tends to come off fashion-victimish.

Grey knit hoodie sweater, purple satin dress, green heels, hoops.

Ah well, never said I followed my own advice.

But the purple is gorgeous, and it has pockets! POCKETS!

I know, I'm such a granny, but I love my pockets in my dresses.
Then I can keep loose change and stuff. Goodness, I am a granny!

Yeeaaah well, this granny rocks DIY hair colouring.
Honestly I think I'm becoming an expert hair colourer-errer.

Frugality teaches you so.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Mommy Clothes

Black cardigan, vintage dress, gladiator sandals, white hoops.

The dress is a hand-me-down from my mom :)

It was much longer before I had it tailored - mid calf, like most dresses were 2 decades ago. My mom had more but she threw them all away, such a pity.

Thank goodness she missed one.

And yes, I do have other shoes besides my gladiator sandals, hmmmpph.

I love its print, subtle soft colours and the slightly raised neck.
Hoop earrings are forever.

Hmm. Maybe I should do a raid/steal-mom's-closet week or something.


I just came back from late-night driving! Driving is damn fun... when there're no cars on the road -_-.

I love that it feels like a Sunday today.
Hope you had a Good Friday.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Threadless Spring Cleaning Sale

Still alive! I can't get myself to sleep early every night! So my everyday ensembles have barely been note-worthy. Dresses and black are heaven-sent.


I love my Threadless tees weird.

Like this:

If I like pretty t-shirts though, I'd probably get this:

I really wanted this shirt but my sizes were all sold out *pouts*
I know what I plan to get already, but I'm not gonna say what it is because it tends to jinx stuff, and I reallllyyy don't want it to sell out :s

I think I'm going to get my future tshirt fixes from Threadless. Which is not now unfortunately because I am on a strict no-shopping diet.

Seriously broke :( *come on paaaaaay*


My girlfriend and I are nuts, but we caught an impromptu Step Up 2 last night. A WORK night. But it was worth it. Watch it for the sick dance sequences, don't expect anything for its storyline, it's as cheesy as any other teen flick, which at least makes for a great mid-week movie.

Now besides the random need to break out in awkward retarded robot moves, I also want my technicolour sneakers. Like NOW. *Apple bottom jeeeeeeeenns, boots wit the furrrrr wit the furrrrrrr...*


Oh yay, tomorrow's a holiday. Happy Easter, good night.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Of Gladiator Sandals & Animal Prints

Navy blue trenchcoat, chiffon dress, gladiator sandals.

I wore it for 3 days straight!
The last time I wore the same pair of shoes on consecutive days was when I was schooling and didn't bother [aka always late].

A few of you asked where I got them from: GoJane.
If you need sizing help, just drop a note :).

Should start showing my love for my other shoes though; heels come Monday!

Animal skin tshirt dress, white cardigan, gladiator sandals, red *Balenciaga-inspired* motorcycle bag.

I like my new dress! I predict a lot of wear from this.
Bought it from ebay, and it being vintage it's too long so I got it tailored to update it into a shorter length.
My tailor was very surprised at how much this and other dresses I brought in cost.


I drove and am freaked!

Brother: If I didn't feel like puking all the time, my heart would be in my mouth the entire ride. *hands patting heart to punctuate point*
Father: Slow down! Juction! Watch for cars! Ohhhhh goodness. Turn left! HERE!! Slow down!
Me: I wish this was auto, I wish this was auto - hey look! a fellow on-probation driver, HI! - I wish this was auto, I wish this was auto...

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

I'm in LOVE


Now I can drive AND wear pretty shoes?!!! Crazy wicked! *dances some more*

But I'm BROKE.

Resolution #1

Resolution #1 : Driver's License


It's extra significant because exactly a year ago I registered at the school. Never mind that I took waaaay longer than my other peers [hence spending much, much more], graduating the day I registered is pretty cool :)

Ribbed grey cardigan, purple striped babydoll type, bermudas, stockings.

Grey oversized top, white inner singlet, polka dot skirt, sandal wedges that I am super loving.

I passed! I passed I passed I passed *dances*

Saturday, March 08, 2008

The Boyfriend Blazer

I saw this boyfriend blazer on Urban Outfitters.

I'm torn between this US$30 boyfriend blazer, and the close to US$100 but more coveted tailored blazer.

A little depressed + worried + insane need to tell people I am a little depressed and worried.
Leaving it to fate.

Thursday, March 06, 2008

I want to be a Fafinette

The problem I have about MAC Cosmetics is that it's purely functional, it lives mainly to colour the face. Don't expect benefits like extraordinary oil control or having a moisturizing effect.

That said however, they do do some mean collaborations; most recently with Ah Mei and
now Fafi. Fafi is this cool french chick who does graffiti painting with brushes and has collaborated with the likes of adidas and Sony.

I looovee her graffiti characters that she affectionately calls Fafinettes, and I needed something new for my lips, for cherry tint is getting too old. So I got this.

Pretty pretty pretty packaging. It took a whole lot of self-control to not go nuts and get the Fafinette limited doll that does nothing but stand pretty by itself.
Fafi created characters for MAC by the wa; Eriko, Ermine and Monoka.

Prettier tube. I get the strangest feeling I'm going to be paying another visit pretty soon.

Thursday's a day from Friday

The best thing about going to work and not being able to wear whatever you want, is that you're forced to plan outfits. I like :) That way I reaaaallly don't become lazy and wear the typical woke-up-late outfits to work, like I used to to school.

What would make work perfect is if I don't snack all the damn time. My colleagues dub me the vacuum because I eat everything they throw my way.

Anyway, today's outfit.

Chiffon bubble dress, black cardigan, white belt.

I don't like bubbling of the hem in my dresses/skirts, but I didn't want to waste the dress [it was on sale -_-]so I balanced it out by wearing a cardigan over and belting the waist to create a defined silhouette.

Which is why I think outerwear is such a great lifesaver piece to have. It transforms the outfit, be it to hide it or enhance the look. So I'm still thinking about investing in that tailored blazer; now that I'm trying to be independent and not get money from my parents, I've come to realise that penny pinching is a great ability [yes, I am considering it an ability] to have.

Went shopping yesterday, bought shoes and a dress in... brilliant purple *surprise, surprise*.

The most fantabulous navy blue platform sandal wedges that make me wobble when I walk in them. LOVE. I was going to wear them today but it was raining and I would risk a lot of things when it comes to fashion, but not toppling over face first in a downpour.

Hope it rains again tomorrow, I have a cold-day outfit planned already.

Monday, March 03, 2008

Monday... Pinks?

Managed to squeeze in shopping time after work today. Well, not really, I was more accompanying equally shopping-crazy best friend so decided to try stuff myself.

I wear a whole lot of pinks/purples.

Dusty pink bejewelled tunic, black skirt,
pointy black flats [I kept wishing they were heels/silver snakeskin *pouts*].

I don't know if it's driven by some insane colour instinct, but I seem attracted to that colour pallete [spelling? :x]. When I try clothes, I don't even stray from the pinks/purples:

But the Preen for Topshop jacket feels lux. With it's heartstopping price tag, it'd better be.
Ah well, designer is still designer, even with a Topshop collaboration.

I also need a better camera. I'm thinking an upgrade to Canon or SLR.

[image credit: foto_decadent]
Pre-baby Christina Aguilera hopes your Monday was very pink and very gay as well.
I can't get over how flamboyantly fab this shoot was.

Nothing like an escaped terrorist to illicit excitement and buzz and a little bit of crazy paranoid fear. I'm just curious to know HOW. I think 5 days is too long a time to feed the public with "you'll know soon in time".
Anyway, a $1,000 reward is !@#$% considering this the largest manhunt ever.
Meanwhile beware of fashion-challenged limping people, ya'all.

Sunday, March 02, 2008

One more Mag, then I'll Stop. For now.

I know I should be getting to bed but my iPod hasn't been fully charged yet.

Annnyywaaay, I've been splurging on Japanese magazines a little too much recently.

I've gone through Vivi and JJ twice at least, and I can still get more out of them if I flip through now.

I was going to get Cancam [hey, at least the names are easy to remember -_-] based on recommendation from my friend, but its latest issue is all sold out.

So in frustration I got the Japanese issue of Seventeen instead because it had a free gift! I like free stuff. I don't really like the magazine itself; finished it in 30 minutes and was hardly impressionable.

And an issue of fave indie fashion mag Nylon. I can now purchase them with a discount, hoorah.

Mmmm, I love floral-infused tea.

Night! For real.

Short Outfit Post

Weekend outfit post!

Purple tunic, black inner layer, white tailored bermudas, oversized balloon bag.

I really like my oversized bag. I tend to stuff a lot of junk inside.

Grey jersey gauchos, threadless tee, black cardigan, beanie.

My weekends used to be all about feeling a lot more glam, but now I much prefer being laidback, chips and all.

Night! *strives to be not-late for work tomorrow*

Saturday, March 01, 2008

Strappy Sandal Heels

What happened to frequent updates?!! I've been coming home late everyday because of late suppers with the Dad, dinners with my lovelies, and today I can't even sleep in because I had driving in the morning and my car stalled twice because I kept thinking about how tired I was and my test is in a week's time and I'm depressed. And I'm leaving the house again in about 30 minutes and I'm not even ready yet! Gosh.

I can't find nice shoes in stores anymore. Anyway, besides being on a constant lookout for candy-coloured pumps, I want these Steve Madden strappy sandal heels:

I'll try to blog later when I come back hopefully un-depressed and content.