Friday, February 13, 2009

More Meows

Overload of gorgeousness prettiness!

How can I not love cats?

[image credit: foto_decadent]

Awesome photography, though you lose the model everytime. Even in close-up shots. Hm. But the fashion looks fun. I can't imagine the fun it must be to plan and co-ordinate these photoshoots.

And it's true that cats can't be bothered with people when they're not kittens anymore, but that's their beauty.

I miss my Aunt's cat. I'm not ready for a cat of my own yet, so if I feel lonely and spinster-ish, I visit my Aunt. Haha. I kid, I enjoy making fun of my Aunt as well :p

Mareno!!! *cat jumps in fright and attempts to squirm away from my jaws-like grip uh i mean cuddle*

By the way has anyone seen my resolutions? I forgot where I put them.


5 more days!

MAC Hello Kitty


If anyone wants to impress me for VDay then get me these I'll marry you in a heartbeat.

Just the pallettes would enough. The pallettes this time look so well-put together and absolutely gorgeous colours. This pallette is Too Dolly. Pretty pretty. My favourite shades in a pallette.

This pallette is Lucky Tom, I believe. More safer shades, but gorgeous nonetheless.

The lip colours are pretty, but none that I'd actually use, so pass.

Honestly the packaging is disappointing. They were trying to deviate from the cutesy thing way too much that it's just... off.

But check out the promo pics though, so pretty:

Forgot where I took the photos from, apologies.


Bestie and I are going out on Valentine's - her to celebrate her waking up and jerk-dumping and me to celebrate... uurrrgh baah nvm - and we are NOT looking at happy couples.

So far we are plan-less, can't think of any un-romantic place, because even the most un-romantic place will be filled with couples looking for novelty. Biiittttcccchh. Tsk.

*plays Single Ladies over and over and re-watches Justin Timberlake in that SNL special*

Thursday, February 05, 2009

Your result for The Sorting Hat Test ...

Hi! I'm suppose to be doing a report!

Your result for The Sorting Hat Test ...


You scored 44% Slytherin, 12% Ravenclaw, 40% Gryffindor, and 28% Hufflepuff!

Or perhaps in Slytherin
You'll make your real friends,

These cunning folk use any means

To achieve their ends.

Slytherins are known for their ambition, guile, and Machiavellian sensiblities.

Take the Sorting Hat Test.

I've done my fair share of 'Which Hogwarts house do you belong to' and I ALWAYS end up in Slytherin. Never cheated either. Though I did cheat once and I got into Gryffindor. This time I'm almost a Gryffindor ok!

I like snakes and I like green, sooo meh, no biggie.

In celebration of my acceptance that I, indeed, belong to Slytherin, I present to you my would-be school uniform...

And on days where I head out to Hogsmeade, I'll wear muted colours of silver and green instead.

Pretty dresses and trench coat from

One of the reasons why we love computer lab classes is because we can window shop. A LOT.

Picture this, a group of girls huddled in front of one computer going through dresses on sale. Fun :). By the way, we have all established our love/instilled love into others for ASOS.

Ooooh. I have Machiavellian sensibilities.

Back to the report!

WTH I wanna sleep, night!