Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Happy Blogging.

Surge of urge to blog!

For seemingly no rhyme nor reason, I simply stopped blogging.

I think it was because my laptop was creating hell for me. It was incredibly slow, and it stopped producing any type of sound. The only reason why I used it was to do work and check email and all the other non-fun stuff.

But since last week the laptop was fixed, and I'm beginning to like it a lot more. For starters I can continue my Gossip Girl dose. What is it about bitchy tween shows that I like. I'm only at episode 11 of season 1. I know, season 1, still? Uggggghhhh but I loooveee Vanessa, have you seen what the girl puts on?

In relation to something more fashiony, I FINALLY went round to going through the old magazines and ripping out only pages that I like and filing them. And I found out that I really, reaaaaalllyy enjoy doing this seemingly arduous task. Maybe I'll scan some.

I'm also going into 'green' mode. I'm sending stuff out to recycle, I'm not throwing out as much junk, I'm refusing plastic bags when I go shopping - much to my mom's dismay. Going green-er (I wouldn't say "green" because I'm still wasting stuff, unfortch) has also kicked in some sort of weird mode.

The anal-unclutter-er mode. I went through the entire room (except for an untouchable section which belongs to the mom) and sorted, organised, uncluttered everything possible. Now I'm happier because everything has a place and I don't lose stuff anymore. My clothes look a thousand times better when neatly organised and appropriately hung, I feel happier looking at my makeup stuff, and I no longer rush about the house looking for going-out essentials. Peace is good.

In other not-peace-inducing news, I lost my freaking iPod.

Maybe I'll post something more interesting tomorrow. Yeah.

Friday, February 13, 2009

More Meows

Overload of gorgeousness prettiness!

How can I not love cats?

[image credit: foto_decadent]

Awesome photography, though you lose the model everytime. Even in close-up shots. Hm. But the fashion looks fun. I can't imagine the fun it must be to plan and co-ordinate these photoshoots.

And it's true that cats can't be bothered with people when they're not kittens anymore, but that's their beauty.

I miss my Aunt's cat. I'm not ready for a cat of my own yet, so if I feel lonely and spinster-ish, I visit my Aunt. Haha. I kid, I enjoy making fun of my Aunt as well :p

Mareno!!! *cat jumps in fright and attempts to squirm away from my jaws-like grip uh i mean cuddle*

By the way has anyone seen my resolutions? I forgot where I put them.


5 more days!

MAC Hello Kitty


If anyone wants to impress me for VDay then get me these I'll marry you in a heartbeat.

Just the pallettes would enough. The pallettes this time look so well-put together and absolutely gorgeous colours. This pallette is Too Dolly. Pretty pretty. My favourite shades in a pallette.

This pallette is Lucky Tom, I believe. More safer shades, but gorgeous nonetheless.

The lip colours are pretty, but none that I'd actually use, so pass.

Honestly the packaging is disappointing. They were trying to deviate from the cutesy thing way too much that it's just... off.

But check out the promo pics though, so pretty:

Forgot where I took the photos from, apologies.


Bestie and I are going out on Valentine's - her to celebrate her waking up and jerk-dumping and me to celebrate... uurrrgh baah nvm - and we are NOT looking at happy couples.

So far we are plan-less, can't think of any un-romantic place, because even the most un-romantic place will be filled with couples looking for novelty. Biiittttcccchh. Tsk.

*plays Single Ladies over and over and re-watches Justin Timberlake in that SNL special*

Thursday, February 05, 2009

Your result for The Sorting Hat Test ...

Hi! I'm suppose to be doing a report!

Your result for The Sorting Hat Test ...


You scored 44% Slytherin, 12% Ravenclaw, 40% Gryffindor, and 28% Hufflepuff!

Or perhaps in Slytherin
You'll make your real friends,

These cunning folk use any means

To achieve their ends.

Slytherins are known for their ambition, guile, and Machiavellian sensiblities.

Take the Sorting Hat Test.

I've done my fair share of 'Which Hogwarts house do you belong to' and I ALWAYS end up in Slytherin. Never cheated either. Though I did cheat once and I got into Gryffindor. This time I'm almost a Gryffindor ok!

I like snakes and I like green, sooo meh, no biggie.

In celebration of my acceptance that I, indeed, belong to Slytherin, I present to you my would-be school uniform...

And on days where I head out to Hogsmeade, I'll wear muted colours of silver and green instead.

Pretty dresses and trench coat from

One of the reasons why we love computer lab classes is because we can window shop. A LOT.

Picture this, a group of girls huddled in front of one computer going through dresses on sale. Fun :). By the way, we have all established our love/instilled love into others for ASOS.

Ooooh. I have Machiavellian sensibilities.

Back to the report!

WTH I wanna sleep, night!

Monday, January 26, 2009

Happy Chinese New Year!

Urrggggh, I have a bunch of photos to Facebook but darn I'm lazy.

This did it for picture/inspiration of the week for me.
I'm thinking my grunge tshirt and neglected slip dress sounds effortlessly yummy. Perfect. For, you know, when you retire from the pretty and the prissy and the glitz that is atypical of the festive mood and scorn at having to go back to school/work.

Coincidentally, I think the hair with 10 canfuls of hair spray is very befitting of the year of the ox. Hee. I feel silly happy over the tiniest things sometimes, and I like that.

It's not too good that I think Irina rocks smoking shots best huh? Whooops.

[Image Source: foto_decadent]


Is it weird that I'm thinking of joining a photography club with a half-decent not-SLR digital camera? Meh whatevs, they can kick me out if they're intimidated by the pinkness of my camera :)

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The Granny's Tablecloth of a Blazer.

sigh I know, I suck as a blogger. Even now, I'm waiting for commercials to end so I can continue with American Idol audition madness. And- hold that thought, I'll be back next commercial!

HAHAHA someone just said rectum! RECTUM!


If you know me enough or read my blog long enough, you'd know I like my blazers. It's been a while since I last went hunting for them, so I was deciding on what kind to get. The initial thought was to get white since it's a nice safe colour, or hot pink, but good luck finding such a colour in the market.

Then I came across these on the runways of Betsey Johnson's Spring 09.

Deliciously tacky floral blazer in the gaudiest of blue pastel, sounds good to me. I'm pretty sure i can dig up a similar looking one on vintage shopping hunts, coupled with some tailoring and neutrals all round, I'm good to go :)

Hmm. I miss smog machines.

My hair is still the same - too undecided, tsk.


Monday, January 05, 2009

Happy OH to the NINE

Overdue but HAPPY NEW YEAR :)

2008 seems like a blur of a whirlwind that currently at 2 in the morning and groggy but insomniac, I can only remember the past month. Which is easy, considering it mostly involves me working my ass off. And picking the old noodle a tiny bit, I remember 2008 as housing one of the most intense moment of my life, almost breaking me with tempts and emotions.

And then the past week was the one week I finally took a break, and school starts this week. Woohoo. That's right I'm cheering for school because it's an engine things to begin.

You know how they say the new year should begin positively, as it reflects how the rest of your year are going to be like? Hm.

On the eve of new year's eve, I caught up with old friends. On new year's eve, bestie and I got high over Ponyo Ponyo and Kung Fu Milk Tea and talking about playing dance dance revolution on Wii and then rushed home to watch The Little Nyonya. Which means we both spent new year's at home :). And screaming a hearty HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! out the window when the clock strikes. Fun fun fun I love it when my mom calls me crazy.

And then the next day I went across the border via the new checkpoint - super easy and fuss-free that I heaved a huge sigh of relief that FINALLY it's been done. I fought with my mom over the most silliest thing ever, but I found out what a cool aunt I have and how unconsciously comfortable I was with her.

Then shortly after, I made a bad decision over something I should've known better. I'll be over it, I always do. On the bright side, I was grasping at hopes and dreams that didn't die, and I discovered things about myself that were crucial in keeping my head high.

Oh, and it's funny what hearing "I like your groove-" does to you. Yeeeaaaah baby I'm groooovy.

The next day, I had a phone fight with my dad.

Hmm. Bittersweet beginnings, bittersweet year?

Resolution #1: Not only to be financially independent, but take risks. Studentry is the perfect excuse.

Resolution #2: Rediscover passion that I've lost and let lost in youthful ignorance.

Resolution #3: Treasure the friends I have and have made, and don't kill myself over those who... are plagued with circumstances.

Resolution #4: Travel more yoooo.

I'm sure I'll randomly come up with resolutions here and there that I'll eventually forget about until I fulfill it.

Typing out my 2 am thoughts is relieving. Resolution #5: Blog more.

Happy New Year, and cheers.