Monday, March 24, 2008

The Purple Satin Dress and the Green Pumps

Bollocks, I see so many sprees for chiffon-y [or whatever the cheap chiffon is called] dresses and it pisses me off. Ah well, I'll stave off chiffon for a while.

Speaking of all things trend-whorish, wearing an all-satin ensemble is not hot. Satin is very last few seasons ago, hence donning solely satin [be it in dress form or two-piece] tends to come off fashion-victimish.

Grey knit hoodie sweater, purple satin dress, green heels, hoops.

Ah well, never said I followed my own advice.

But the purple is gorgeous, and it has pockets! POCKETS!

I know, I'm such a granny, but I love my pockets in my dresses.
Then I can keep loose change and stuff. Goodness, I am a granny!

Yeeaaah well, this granny rocks DIY hair colouring.
Honestly I think I'm becoming an expert hair colourer-errer.

Frugality teaches you so.


emigre said...

You look very cute, like how the unexpected color combo works!

Sha said...


Lipstickforest said...

LOL @ " Frugality teaches you so."

:D :D

I use those kinda henna, those cheap ones from Little India. HAH.