Thursday, March 20, 2008

Threadless Spring Cleaning Sale

Still alive! I can't get myself to sleep early every night! So my everyday ensembles have barely been note-worthy. Dresses and black are heaven-sent.


I love my Threadless tees weird.

Like this:

If I like pretty t-shirts though, I'd probably get this:

I really wanted this shirt but my sizes were all sold out *pouts*
I know what I plan to get already, but I'm not gonna say what it is because it tends to jinx stuff, and I reallllyyy don't want it to sell out :s

I think I'm going to get my future tshirt fixes from Threadless. Which is not now unfortunately because I am on a strict no-shopping diet.

Seriously broke :( *come on paaaaaay*


My girlfriend and I are nuts, but we caught an impromptu Step Up 2 last night. A WORK night. But it was worth it. Watch it for the sick dance sequences, don't expect anything for its storyline, it's as cheesy as any other teen flick, which at least makes for a great mid-week movie.

Now besides the random need to break out in awkward retarded robot moves, I also want my technicolour sneakers. Like NOW. *Apple bottom jeeeeeeeenns, boots wit the furrrrr wit the furrrrrrr...*


Oh yay, tomorrow's a holiday. Happy Easter, good night.

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Anonymous said...

Lol ur well funny hehehe, like the shirts...