Saturday, December 30, 2006


Shall not be updating anytime soon because internet connection is wonky and very unpredictable because of the unfortunate Taiwan earthquake!

I shall send some heartfelt love to the Taiwanese by continuing to spree at Taiwan auction sites even though waiting for the pages to load can drive one mad. Ha.

Anyway. Also I doubt I'll have time anyway, what with the festivities and *groan* impending projects.

There are sales going on EVERYWHERE.

It's been raining almost every single day. Miserable weather.

Even then you must stay funky! Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year!

*wishing I have a funny/witty/fashionable picture to post up*

Friday, December 22, 2006

Tokyo Style Clash HOT OR NOT

So i came across Tokyo Style Clash via StyleBubble.

Super long post! Well, not really. Just a lot of photos.

My favourite of the lot.
I love the purple bag, love the oversized beanie, love her hair that I'm striving towards, love that grey tunic, love the fact that she can work pants that are too short.

I like the simplicity of this outfit.
It's clean, but the shirt coat makes it look a bit more scruffy and effortless.

Which reminds me, I need to look for that perfect black skirt.
Perhaps I should find a black dress that can double as a skirt?

Total biker chick. I love black to death and this is just one of the many ways of wearing an all-black outfit - by playing around with texture and material.

This purple mini kimono is so adorable.
If I'm ever forced to cosplay, I'll come dressed as her.

The best way to wear a loud vivid coloured anything really, is to downplay the rest of the outfit in neutral shades.

Gaucho? Check. Houndstooth print? Check. Red? Check. Wedges? Check and mate.
She is the perfect trend whore of the year. Woo!

Funny how that headgear doesn't look ridiculous on her.
Love the trench, love the usage of the colour green.

How surreal is this?
Garden pretty with an edge.

She has a super kawaii pink guitar! COOL!
Oversized pink bear what?

Stylish men come forth!

He looks like such a diva doesn't he? I can imagine having a bitching session with him at some posh cafe.
Rocking that cardigan and the scarf, dah-ling!

Kudos for wearing pink and yellow and for having excellent colour coordination.
He kinda looks like he's going to get beaten up by the neighbourhood kids but wait! He can scare them off with his awesome pink animal print fedora! RAAA!

I'm bored, ok?

Two words. Wicked coolness.

Heeeeeeeeey ho I'm a fashionable fisherman!
Awesome boots and tunic. And I love how he wears that jacket - with only one button done and ruched sleeves.

Spread some vindicated MJ love ya'all!
I want his jacket.

There's just something about guys who can pull off shorts.
Love them shoes as well.

That was fun. If you're as bored as bird poop or procrastinating, you can go through, according to Susie Bubble, a whopping 1,400 looks and pick your favourites as well.

Cheers, I'm off to plot ways to get to Japan!

I want me some pretty clutches!

I apologise the millionth time for the lack of updates. It's been raining heavily the past few days and the temptation to do nothing but eat, sleep, watch tv all day is too hard to resist.

To make up for the lack of updates, I'm going to make your shopaholic bargain-loving spine go all tingly. did it again. They have pretty clutches! And they're on sale! All these featured ones are below USD$20, and the lowest is going for a crazy $3.80!

Reserved Glam
Glitter Buckle Clutch in the style of Pamela Anderson

I like this kind of glitter. It's matte-ified so it exudes a more quiet glam.
Knot Metallic Purse in the style of Elle Macpherson

Satin Clipframe Clutch in the style of Fergie of the Black Eyed Peas


Patent Clutch
It comes in pink and cobalt blue.
This bubblegum pink can be the nice twist to an outfit.

Retro Disco Clutch in the style of Misha Barton
Retro disco indeed! Boogie wonderland!
Oversized Patent Clutch in the style of Nicole Richie

Somehow this attracts me.
I don't know whether it's the weird-cool purple or its $3.80 price tag.

Patent Prowess
Patent Clutch And Chain bag
Nicole Patent Clutch in the style of Nicole Richie

I've not come across any wine-red patent before.
It's kinda nicer than the usual blaring red one, agree?

Animal Instict
Animal Pouch And Chain in the style of Stella McCartney

Accesories are as far as I'll go with mammal skin.
I much prefer my reptile proudly faux skin anytime. Hence...
Croc Patent Clutch

Paris Snake Wrist Clutch in the style of Paris Hilton

I WANT THIS. Fuschia + Snakeskin = Hot stuff.

Buzzing on your seat yet? Unbelievable there's more variety where these selections came from. GO NUTS.

Monday, December 18, 2006

Party dresses

Party dresses y'all! All from

ASOS LUXE Kate Backless Sequin Dress

I love love love this.
The black, the sequins, the low back this is Glam rock at its partying best.

Lurex Poloneck Dress

Did I not see something similar on JLO and hated it?
But I like this. Perhaps because there's not an overkill of the silvergrey material.

Satin Trim Drapey Dress

Chiffon can look glam as well.
I love the colour and the satin trimmings.

One Shoulder Sequin Belt Dress

Togas baby! Hmm. I've never worn anything one shouldered before.
Those pink shoes can't hurt either.

Satin Buckle Dress

If you'd prefer to go strapless, this satin bustier with the belt buckle works.

All Saints Silk Organza Plait Dress

The only reason why this dress is here is because I love All Saints and I think it's way cool they have their own clothing line!
Their other stuff in their line are pretty cool as well. They play around with shapes and texture.

Saturday, December 16, 2006

Wet Seal $4.99 crazy deals!

I had the shock of my life when I went to Wet Seal - because there was a spree - to find that a lot of stuff had prices slashed to a mere USD$4.99!

Raglan Reverse Print Tee
Waist Belt Knit Top
Side Loop Button Bermuda
2 Button Cape Jacket
Leopard Ruched Tube Top

Last night I saw a fabulous trench coat in yellow and a vintage bomber jacket as well, going for crazy $4.99. So go grab whatever you want now because they do run out pretty quickly.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Party Shoes

In light of the festive season I shall blog about glitzy party wear. We shall start with SHOES! has the yummiest selection.

Oversize Bow Glitter Shoe

Let's see, I have red heels and I have red glitter flats.
Still not stopping me from coveting this baby.

Snake Peep Toe Platform

I love love love snakeskin. Snakeskin can make any outfit uber glamorous.

Metallic Platform Sandal

I've always preferred metallics with a matte finish simply because they look less tacky.
Perhaps this time round the more reflective super shiny ones are great for festive partying.

Glitter and Patent Contrast Sandal

Because you gotta have patent.

Star Print Slingback Peep Toe
Not feeling glamorous? Then go quirky and fun with these electric blue slingbacks.

I am always up for wearing flat pumps for partying. Too cute and girlish.
The key here to making it more appropriate I suppose is that the flats have to "pop".
So pick a pair which cries for attention such as the jewelled glitter flats, or one in an outstanding colour.

Jewelled Flat Glitter Pump

Patent Bow Flat Point Shoe

Leather Over Knee Boot
Still stumped? Then your safest bet for partying this festive season is a pair of sexy heeled boots.

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Hello Kitty is LOVE

What is wrong with wearing Hello Kitty?! My friends contort their faces at the mere mention of hello kitty.

Hello Kitty is ultimate cuteness and I wouldn't mind wearing it without worrying that people would think less of me!

Now go and endorse Hello Kitty!

Wet Seal has some nice Hello Kitty wearables.

Hello Kitty Party Animal Tee
On offer at USD$7.99! I'd totally get this! If I'm not already broke from the excessive online shopping that I've done.

All Over Hello Kitty
On offer as well at $7.99.

Hello Kitty G-String
Cuteness is hotness at $4.80.

Sleepy Polar Fleece Pant
$16.50. Come on, surely you want to wear adorable comfy piece to bed. has the widest range of to-die-for Hello Kitty merchandise! Super Kawaii!

I've wanted a mini fridge since ever and this is just the perfect one.

A Hello Kitty mouse! I need a new mouse!

A Hello Kitty fender?! Freaking Kidding me!!!