Thursday, March 06, 2008

Thursday's a day from Friday

The best thing about going to work and not being able to wear whatever you want, is that you're forced to plan outfits. I like :) That way I reaaaallly don't become lazy and wear the typical woke-up-late outfits to work, like I used to to school.

What would make work perfect is if I don't snack all the damn time. My colleagues dub me the vacuum because I eat everything they throw my way.

Anyway, today's outfit.

Chiffon bubble dress, black cardigan, white belt.

I don't like bubbling of the hem in my dresses/skirts, but I didn't want to waste the dress [it was on sale -_-]so I balanced it out by wearing a cardigan over and belting the waist to create a defined silhouette.

Which is why I think outerwear is such a great lifesaver piece to have. It transforms the outfit, be it to hide it or enhance the look. So I'm still thinking about investing in that tailored blazer; now that I'm trying to be independent and not get money from my parents, I've come to realise that penny pinching is a great ability [yes, I am considering it an ability] to have.

Went shopping yesterday, bought shoes and a dress in... brilliant purple *surprise, surprise*.

The most fantabulous navy blue platform sandal wedges that make me wobble when I walk in them. LOVE. I was going to wear them today but it was raining and I would risk a lot of things when it comes to fashion, but not toppling over face first in a downpour.

Hope it rains again tomorrow, I have a cold-day outfit planned already.


Secretista said...

OMG. Awesome dress! The white belt makes it work. Although, it would still be cute without it. But, it' still cute!

Those shoes you bought look super comfy and cute.

Sorry for spoiling Project Runway for you, lol.

Shahida said...
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Sha said...

I love that it has a gorgeous print and that it's chiffon, but uggghhh the cutting and bubbling I can really do without. Flare rules forever!

I don't think my shoes will be comfy though, I really teeter totter in them. Ah well.

*runs off to find something to spoil for you*

Ma Petite Chou said...

Love those purple heels!

By the way, dear, could you please update my blog Ma Petite Chou's link on your side bar? I moved to a new URL, it is at Thanks a bunch! And keep those fab outfits coming!

felicia said...

EH i have the exact same pair i wore on the first day of new year!

c&k yes?