Sunday, April 30, 2006

Yahoo!SG auctions - Cheap finds

I was doing some good 'ol online window shopping at Yahoo auctions and deciding to celebrate my being a full-fledged cheapskate, began to look for great buys below $5.

First was the dresses. Who knew there were many dresses going for a DOLLAR? phwoar. They weren't lookers, I'll admit. But they can be awesome basic pieces for layering and crazy accessorizing. A belt here, a skirt over, a nice jacket, a shirt underneath, scarves here and there, brooches, possibilities are endless. Here's a few.

GS D12 - Casual Khaki Spag Dress
Creamy Yellow Dress
Schoolgirl Dress
BNWOT Rock Star grunge chick mini dress

Then there were those that were just crazy.

A black blazer starts bidding at a dollar
Green Corduroy Overalls
Freaky bug necklace
Madonna-like body suit!!! Now that's really crazy!

Nothing like a good auction, eh?

Saturday, April 29, 2006

Graphic Tee-Shirts

Yesterday when I went shopping top on my priority list is... A GOOD TSHIRT. Because I realise I don't have one and EVERYONE no matter what your style is needs a good tshirt.

It's the basic for the glam wardrobe but very helpful, useful, and comfortable. Dress them up - blazer and heels, or dress them down - over denim with braces for those lazy days where you still want to look... statemental [is that even a word? well it should in any case.].

As I was saying, I was looking for a good t-shirt and I saw a couple I like. I didn't get any because I wanted to look some more. And because I also spent my tshirt money on something which is not a tshirt. Hee.

Anyway, tshirts! My first stop was Mango. I don't usually like tshirts from Mango because most of the time they're... just... not nice/flattering. Plus the fact that you know somebody else on the exact same streets that you're walking on has the same shirt [IT girl shirt, anyone].

But this particular shirt is very very, here it comes, CUTE.

It's a PANDA, playing a GUITAR, with the words "Music is my FRIEND" splashed across the chest. Classic. Heh.

But, of course, what I covet would be very pricey tshirts by Junk Food. I love their perfectly vintage-on-purpose shirts.

Last time I checked I wanted a particular 'The Beatles' shirt that had this design...

But then I saw this.

A pink Blondie tshirt! I love Blondie! I can already imagine myself in it singing "one way or another i'm gonna getcha, i'm gonna getcha getcha getcha..." over and over again annoying the crap out of everyone!

Saw this from but I shall go back to Queen's Couture at The Heeren to check if they stock this first.

A more affordable alternative can be found in Forever21.

I don't know how to print screen on my laptop so I took ugly photos with my camera phone.

They have better graphic tees though.

The shirts really do look better on their website.

I'm too tired now. Browse these other worthy tshirt sites yourself.

Other tshirt sites: Threadless,, KarmaLoop, HotTopic.

Or you can go to ebay or yahoo auctions. I once saw a way cool darn cheap Pat Benatar tour Tshirt that I stupidly let slip.


I went for my long-awaited shopping trip yesterday and stepped into Topshop after the longest time ever. And I must say I am very impressed and excited with their shoe collection.

I didn't have a lot of photos because number 1) I was using my phone's camera and standing still with a phone stiff in the hands is not very glamourous, 2) I'm always afraid some burly security guard is going to come up to me yelling, "Oi no pictures! I will sue!" Can I take photos of shop items on display? I guess I'll find out in the later course of my Law module then :).

Awesome polka-dot slingbacks. The red one is especially darling while the navy blue one is a nice twist for the whole sailor stripe theme.

Cute! Solid coloured platform wedges! I've never seen anything like this before. Strikingly simple, I like.

I would get the green one.

I most definitely am going to get these. Yellow ballet canvas sneakers because they're i-miss-uniforms adorable and because they're affordable at only S$39.

There was also this nice pair of gladiator flats and if I could remember vaguely bright orange high-heeled pumps.

Topshop's shoe collection weren't the only thing that thrilled me though, they have a lot delicious dresses as well. Check out their store front.

Yes, I am well aware that you can barely see the dress designs but it was night already and it is only at this angle that the light can be captured *coughexcusescough*.

My favourite dress of the lot. Satin kimono design with the perfect cut, length, and ooh, imagine what my boobs would look like. *drools*

The other dresses that I liked would be the alluring flaming red one and the cheery cherry-printed perfect for that perfect Saturday picnic, heh.

Home Steam Facial

I feel so fresh because I've just done a DIY Home Steam Facial! Hence the title. After pestering my mom to bring me to a facial she told me try it out first at home because the procedure's more or less the same.

So guided by my mother's home facial wisdom I attempted it.

1) Cleanse. Wash it with your normal brand of facial cleanser to prepare the face for the facial.

2) Exfoliate. Exfoliate the face to remove further superficial impurities. Usually I would spend a good 5 minutes exfoliating while massaging but because I'm afraid I'll tenderize the face I did a quick exfoliate.

3) Steam. Pour hot water into a bowl. Just a bit will do, don't have to fill the bowl to the brim. Lower the face at a suitable level that doesn't scorch the face, duh. Use a towel to 'tent' over the face so that the steam won't escape and go right to the face. Close the eyes, relax, take deep breaths. Stay there for about 5 minutes, or when the nose feels clogged from water vapour.

Before you lift your head up I suggest you lick your lips a bit. Sexy lusciousness no lip product has ever achieved, I promise.

4) Extract. My mother says you can squeeze your pimples out or extract blackheads now that your pores are wide open. I skipped this step completely because I'm too afraid of damaging the face further.

5) Mask. Use a good mask to, uh, further the home spa experience I guess.

6) Tone. My mother says not necessary but I think it is to get the last traces of mask off.

7) Ice it. Take a solid cube of ice and run it all over the face. Tingly coolness is suppose to close off all pores that you have opened.

8) Moisturise. My favourite step because my moisturiser literally glides on the skin. Mine is the cream-type you see, so applying it normally is not always very smooth. But it was this time and you can feel it's goodness seep into the skin.

You're suppose to do this on a monthly ritual but it feels so good that I'll be tempted to do it again before next month. Inexpensive, fuss-free, supple skin - and you go for similar facials because...?

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Dang cute Straps!

So says, makers of pretty guitar straps. And they really are dang cute!

I am getting more obsessed with looking good playing the guitar rather than the ability itself. Hey, I need a break from 3 straight days of countless strumming and tender fingers too, don't I? [I know I'm only pacifying myself so shut up.]

Back to the glamour then.

The covergirl is carrying a Valley Girl guitar strap. It's a patterned strap of your choice with added tulles! Like a tutu! How darling!

The straps come in a lot of pattern and these are just the few that I love.

Whimsical rainbow stripes.

A lil' bit of Victorian vintage...

Good 'ol lace...

Hot pink polka dots!

For the sweetheart in me. teeeeheeeeeee.

Besides guitar straps they also have awesome belts, wide headbands, scarves, and other accessories that I'm not interested in!

Not cheap though - cheapest cost a hefty USD$35. Might as well anyway since they don't ship anywhere outside the US.

Perhaps I can attempt DIY. All you really need is a guitar strap, fabric and some glue. Right?

Nicole Richie pulls off the Kebaya

Check out what Miss Richie is wearing...

"Yea she's wearing and all-black ensemble with prints at the top. Nice, so?"

No look closer.

"Uh yeah... pretty flower prints. Right."


It's a Nonya Kebaya top! I have them!

The good thing about being in Asia [specifically Singapore and Malaysia] is that they are easy to find and quite affordable.

The bad thing would be that you have to wear them in a way that it comes off as street style or else you'd look like you're trying too hard.

And wearing this effortless street-style is mucho difficult. If anyone has any idea, be my guest.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

The Colour Grey

I love the colour grey hence the feature.

There are a lot of grey on the catwalk for Fall '06, and about time too. Grey is such an underrated colour.

Let's start of with the obvious way of wearing grey: All-over.

Vera Wang

An otherwise boring suit instantly freshened by the simple use of a bubble skirt.

That's the way to do it really, isn't it? If you HAVE to be boring, use either contrasting materials, colours or in this case unexpectable design. It'll immediately adds twist.

Then we move on to the most easiest and versatile way to wear grey. The sweater cardigan.

Adam + Eve

A. F. Vandevorst


Very spring isn't it? No, I am not talking about the see-through nipples, I'm referring to the use of a white floral dress underneath a grey cardigan.
Which proves that grey doesn't have to be a rainy day colour.

Next would be the look that I would very much like to own, but thanks to Miss Selfridge restocking, I am unable to and since then has not found another perfect one *grumble*.

Behold, The Pullover.

I know that by now you're probably sick of seeing the same sweater but bear with me. Like you have a choice :P.

Looky, similar design as the one from Akris' Fall '06 line, right down to the long wristlet.

Grey sweaters look great as long as the neck area isn't restricting. That means no round necks, more droopy casual or at least a plunge.

3.1 Phillip Lim

A. F. Vandevorst Fall '06

And then there were the dresses.

Adam + Eve

Marc by Marc Jacobs

I love this casual lux dress.


Who says grey is drab? This Versace is too glamourous.

The colour grey is like putty with other colours - which means to say it works well with every colour. Don't we all appreciate that?

Vivienne Westwood Fall '06

Pastels work surprisingly well with grey. I like the grunge sweetie-pie effect.

Vivienne Westwood Fall '06

Could never exclude the red, of course.

United Bamboo

Quirky adorable, I like.

Alexander Herchcovitch

Metallic satin grey with tropical green, interesting.

Planned your grey outfits already?

Monday, April 24, 2006

Tokyo fashion cheer me up.

I feel like I don't have time. I hate that. I've always been a "Honey, perfection can't be rushed" type of person, I like to take things easy.

Not a very happy note to start on but thankfully Tokyo Street Style just updated.

MY favourite was this granny chic lady off the streets of Shibuya. She's the brightest of the lot, if you'd go check the rest out.

I like that she looks so gaudy- i mean, bright and cheery, yet she's hardly smiling. Because if she was smiling ladeeda I would want to smack the nicole shades off her.

Oh, and cute sun hat too.

Another look that made me feel better would be this one of a sad puppy-dog eyed dude along the streets of Harajuku. Reminds you of a certain orphan, doesn't he.

"Please, sir, I want some more..."

Anyway, I like him because my next entry has something to do with him.

Lifts my mood to be reminded of what my next feature is going to be, you know?

Sunday, April 23, 2006

Leather Bomber Jacket

Before I tuck in, I want a leather bomber jacket like this one from except in black.

A rocker chick isn't a happy rocker chick without her good leather jacket.

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Go Preppy

I could've done this post last night but I was trying to be photoshop creative and make a collage of clothes that make a preppy look.

So far I've made only one, and I'm too impatient to make more[you try cropping items out of runway photos] which is why I'll stick to my usual style of copy and pasting and then telling you how much I love it.

When I think preppy, I think the Polo tee. When I think Polo tees, I think Lacoste, Ralph Lauren and they are exactly the ones I turn to for prep fashion inspiration, or as I like to call it, fashinspiration! Hyuk.


Lacoste Fall '06

I think we're all more than familiar with the vest over polo look, but how's about using a vest dress instead for a bit of feminine twist?
Of course, if layering over a polo tee, avoid having buttons on the dress. It is ironically clashing to have a continuity of buttons from under to over.

Tommy Hilfiger Spring '06

Layer a polo tee underneath the shirt and let the collar go over the shirt's collar and voila, pretty prep.
To go all girl, pair this with cute ballet flats or do sporty with sneakers.

Lacoste Spring '06

I would pick up tennis again just so I could wear this. It's so... happy. The print, the colour, and oh, the adorable socks and sneakers.
I've never actually envisioned myself in kawaii-jap socks. Hm.

Tommy Hilfiger Spring '06

Prep to work. Except I'd probably wear the shirt and cardigan with a skirt like this one by Veronique Branquinho, an ultra-cool Vivienne Westwood fedora, and pearls. Or in this case a spiffy square-edged Lacoste tie...

I couldn't resist and got photoshop crazy and created this.

Good eh? Both the result[minus the tights] and my photoshopping skills :).

There was a particular look that I am very in, ahem, love with.

Tommy Hilfiger Spring '06
A collared dress over the sweater! Genius. I prefer the first more casual otherwise slouchy if not for the fluid skirt brit student look.

I can already imagine myself walking in these. Well, not barefooted at least. Since I worship ballet flats I'll wear them with my coveted...

If I could have any polo logo I would probably pick Lacoste as opposed to Ralph Lauren horse logo. Crocodiles are way cuter.

We all know I cannot afford high-branded polo tees so for now I'll stick to Giordano and Hang Ten.

Thursday, April 20, 2006

The Miss Selfridge grey top.

If you've read my other blog then I think you'd already know how crushed I was when I found out that the grey Flashdance-y sweatshirt I wanted from Miss Selfridge was taken off the rack.

No it hasn't come back but I did finally have a photo to show what it looks like exactly courtesy of Catwalk Queen.


Aren't the low side pockets the coolest? And the long wrist stretch which may or may not ruch, loves it.

I would buy it at size 12 so that the fit's a lot more loose and baggy. Then I'd wear it with a cute lacy camisole that will peek through because it has a wide neck cutting. Pair it with skinny jeans, then bam it up with glitter dorothy red pumps that I shall get. Soon.

Let me have it, please?

Shoot, I wanted to do a feature on prep. Shall do that tomorrow because I want to watch this ghost mystery encounter tv show which is really crap but its my cheap thrill so taa!