Monday, January 29, 2007

Online Flea Markets? Where the hell have I been?!

Ugh, I am still unable to focus on studying. And I'm beginning to feel a little sick. I hate sick.

My many self-given study breaks have lead to 3 online purchases, and I sense more to come. Unless I focus on studying and completely stop any online activity. RIGHT.

Anyway, Yesterday I discovered a whole world of online flea market, and I am still pumped by the magnitude of items up for sale and how quickly the page updates!

Go here and here to be amazed yourself! And if handmade accesories are more your thing, go here.

I shall post my purchases only after I get them, I'm superstitious like that.

Unfortunately if you're not in Singapore you can't really get your hands on the stuff. It really is like a flea market. Check it out if you still want to though, perhaps some will allow international shipping, who knows.

Speaking of which, I want to get stuff from 80's Tee but the site is being a total bitch. Boo.

Bah, perhaps that's a sign I should really get down to proper hardcore studying.


One more tiny thing, Forever 21 online is selling shoes! Wondering when the outlets here will start selling shoes as well. Hmm.

Post with no pictures is not glamourous!

Saturday, January 27, 2007

Christian Dior Couture 2007

Say hello to my most favourite couture collection thus far:

Christian Dior Couture Collection 2007

If I had a gazillion bucks I'd buy every piece there is.

John Galliano utilised about every gorgeous colour combination ever producing the most gorgeous, surreal collection.

Galliano, you are one hand-crafted work of genius LOVE.

Now please excuse me, I need to kick myself hard in the behind because I've barely started studying for a superbly major exam, and then get down to the real studying!

Till my next study break, strong brows have never been sexier! OUT.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

5 Things You Didn't Know About Me

I was tagged by Ma Petite Chou so here goes.

1) On ugly days, I put on glasses, have my hair up in a bun, and I wear any zip-up jacket I manage to pull out with only a bra underneath.

2) MORE CLOTHES! Ok, that's not really a secret is it.

Ooh, I know. I really, really need to organise my wardrobe.

I have a lot of clothes that I've forgotten about, and a lot of handwash-only clothes to work on. Actually my room's kind of dark, so it's hard to really see the wardrobe in all its glory.

Which reminds me, my accesories are a complete MESS. I'm still deciding whether I want to use bowls or covered containers to store them.

Visit to IKEA soon?

3) I harbour a secret crush on Angelina Jolie. Meh, I bet everyone does actually.

My fashion crushes though includes everyone from Facehunter, and The Sartorialist. Or those from any other street style sites really.

Gorgeous photography and Street rules.

Celebrity-wise... Honestly, I don't really pay attention to celebrity wear unless it's bad.

3) I wish I could play the guitar, the piano, the drums, the bass, the violin, the turntables, the flute and every other musical instrument there is - not including the recorder. Hell, all I do now is sing like it's a big deal.

4) Unlike most people, I work better with restrictions. Sometimes I think I work better alone, other times I am thankful I work in a group. Maybe it's who you work with that counts.

5) I know I'm a really terrible cook, but I keep trying anyway. Today I attempted tom yam scramble eggs.

Note: a really, really, terrible cook.

Affordable boots galore.

There weren't any good sprees recently so I my shopping has been pretty dry.

So far for the month all I've got for myself is a yellow skirt. Which should be cool, since I've been wanting to get something yellow.

Until I found a yellow skirt with retro prints in my closet that I forgot all about. Bah.

Right, anyway, point of this entry are these boots. I dont own any pair of boots, but I do know boots don't come this cheap. seem to have a lot of pretty shoes at very affordable prices, and fellow friends who are big shoe fans say the shoes are very comfortable too.

These look fabulous, I don't usually go for brown, but this brown looks luxurious.
Love the heels, the pointy front and the length.
They look like over-the-knees eh?

I've always loved suede material, but am a bit cautious in wearing them because I don't want to look like a duvet, but they're almost foolproof on boots and in black.

Military-style platform boots with chunk heels couldn't sound any tackier, but these look great.

If you like these *shudder* ankle boots - I recall seeing them being called booties, now why would you waste such a cute name - then they're the cheapest at USD$ 9.99.

Lindsay for Miu Miu

I am sorry for the millionth time for the lack of updates! Finally after days of barely caring how I look like, I am finally free from the clutches of school-dom!

Well, not really, I still have major end-year exams to study for but hell, at least I'm free to study at my own time.

Anyway, first up, the new Miu Miu ads featuring the red dolly-haired Lindsay Lohan.

You know what, I absolutely love them. Everything about them is very Miu Miu.

Should the fact that Lindsay looks very unrecognizable in the photos be of concern? In any case, if I were her I'd be glad Louis Vuitton didn't want me now.

Friday, January 12, 2007

BadAss Chic

I just had a crazy project all-nighter and am very woozy, disoriented, skiving classes, not caring, but happy nonetheless because it's one less burden off the shoulders.

Just one picture for you to ponder on before I let my poor laptop [and my head] rest.

She is one wicked cool chick.

Ooh, wait a minute, there's another one.


Damn. Now I want to don a mysteriously cute hoodie trench and subtly accessorise in acid colours.

Monday, January 08, 2007

Still wants Yellow

Ok, I know I've been meaning to get something yellow for myself, but so far the only yellow thing that I've purchased is a toothbrush.

Now, the reason why I haven't gotten anything yellow is probably because what exactly to get? A no-brainer top? Dress? Skirt? Jacket? What?


Since the yellow thing would probably be worn once in a blue moon, perhaps it should come in the form of a gorgeous cocktail dress.

Paul Smith

But perhaps I may prefer something that'll come out of my closet more than once.
So maybe the dress could double as a tunic.
The yellow shoes might be cool as well.

Image from FaceHunter

Yellow tights? Now that's a fantastic idea.

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Of Flat Boots and Chuck Taylor's.

I want to get some footwear!

Boots with heels in sunny Singapore just feels pretentious, so I am loving boots with... no heels. Yeah yeah, clever much.

Engineer Slouch Boot

Cooler in an understated way.

Engineer Lace Up Boot

Marc by Marc Jacobs Shoes
Boot with Buttons up Side

I've heard a lot of good stuff about Marc Jacobs' shoes from lucky people who live in places that have winter.

If I don't get boots, then at least I want high-cut Chuck Taylor's. I don't wear sneakers very much, but somehow not owning a pair of Chuck Taylor's seems ridiculous.

So. If I hsve to get a pair, I'm getting a pair of awesome high-cuts! They're almost like boots. Heh.

Chuck Taylor® All Star® Black Unisex

Yes, I want it in black because I love black. Hmph.

FINE. If there's one in hot pink or some wicked cool design I'll get those instead, OK?

One more thing.


Paul & Joe
Short Boot with Tie in Back

This Proenza Schouler look rocked the boots, but I have not seen anyone who could pull it off in real life.

They always end up looking like they're trying too hard or *fatter*.

Off to bed!

Half-calfs are some cruel stuff.

And so I'm back!

I am beginning to really hate cropped leggings. Everytime I see teenage girls and sometimes even middle-aged women [egad] wearing leggings, I CRINGE. It hurts even more when these leggings have funny ends, like lace or stringy things.

You'd be surprise at the magnitude of locals who choose to stick half calfs under everything. I mean EVERYTHING. Skirts, short dresses, dresses that go below the knees, shorts, hell with nothing sometimes.

I understand the tendency to follow what everyone else is putting underneath their dresses, but please, NOT half-calfs. They cut your calfs in half and make you look more stout and short. Actually usually the overwhelming ugly will make me cringe until my eyes shut so I can't really notice that they do.

Suprisingly, I'm ok with full-length leggings. I even find stirrups cool in an 80s sort of way.

I'd totally wear this for days when I feel like prancing around wailing "Remember my name! FAME!!!"