Monday, March 03, 2008

Monday... Pinks?

Managed to squeeze in shopping time after work today. Well, not really, I was more accompanying equally shopping-crazy best friend so decided to try stuff myself.

I wear a whole lot of pinks/purples.

Dusty pink bejewelled tunic, black skirt,
pointy black flats [I kept wishing they were heels/silver snakeskin *pouts*].

I don't know if it's driven by some insane colour instinct, but I seem attracted to that colour pallete [spelling? :x]. When I try clothes, I don't even stray from the pinks/purples:

But the Preen for Topshop jacket feels lux. With it's heartstopping price tag, it'd better be.
Ah well, designer is still designer, even with a Topshop collaboration.

I also need a better camera. I'm thinking an upgrade to Canon or SLR.

[image credit: foto_decadent]
Pre-baby Christina Aguilera hopes your Monday was very pink and very gay as well.
I can't get over how flamboyantly fab this shoot was.

Nothing like an escaped terrorist to illicit excitement and buzz and a little bit of crazy paranoid fear. I'm just curious to know HOW. I think 5 days is too long a time to feed the public with "you'll know soon in time".
Anyway, a $1,000 reward is !@#$% considering this the largest manhunt ever.
Meanwhile beware of fashion-challenged limping people, ya'all.

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Your top is uber cute.