Thursday, November 27, 2008

Latest Addiction: MAC Lipsticks

I'm addicted to MAC lipsticks! They're the uber prettiest and come in all sorts of shades and types for every skintone. HAPPY HAPPY.

I suffer from the uneven lip tone, where the top lip is darker than the bottom so the Amplified range pretty much solves that problem. Unlike the matte it's creamy and not as dry, yum. Not that I didn't get colours in their other range though. If it looks pretty, it looks pretty.

Oooh, being juvenile here, but they look like tampons heeeteeeheheheeeee.

I took a break after 6 straight hours of being holed up in the room rushing my assignment. Couldn't resist trying on me latest haul. Blankety on the lips, the most perfect nude colour EVER. Happy :) And I like the eye make-up, I say experiment is a yes way.

I only have 5, but trust me I'm on my way to becoming a lippie addict. I wanted to get another one, but I couldn't decide the colour and our stomachs were calling for Canale macaroons or macarons whatevs - of which I now totally buy into the hype. It's like chewy ice-cream, yum.

On a side note, my dance instructor told me that you could die from doing work for 8 hours straight.

Thanks bestie love *hugs and slobers disgusting nude kisses all over* :)
L to R : Blankety (Amplified), Frenzy (Frost), Viva Glam IV (Frost).

Viva Glam IV is such a gorgeous frosty red that's very buildable.
It looks so naturally right on me, it's almost scary.

Oh, and MAC Fix Plus (Fix+?) is an awesome awesome facial mist thing. It's the best I've tried ever. Refreshes, sets make-up, eliminates that cakey look from powders/mineral make-up and it smells soo good; I mean the stuff has green tea in it hullo.

For a bottle of wtf "energised" water it's a little pricey at $25, but tons of benefits and it'll last a lifetime.


Holscrap lost track of time and am late can't be late bye.

OOTD: The Maxi Please-Don't-Step-On-It Dress.

The past 1 1/2 weeks I was holed up in my room working on back-to-back end semestral projects, very rarely sleeping before 5am, waking up by ten and repeating the whole process of staring into the laptop.

But I was not miserable because the one single day that I took a break of doing nothing school-related and making myself all pretty was the best EVER for a long long time :).

I also now smell like Gwen Stefani. Mommy is the best. Best friends rock the hardest too, I think I'd die without my bitch club :).

And I finally wore out my super duper long dress!

I have no wedges/heels (my heels are all bitchy) for it so I settled for flat sandals, and it pretty much swept the floor. It was stepped on about 6 times total. Didn't care, loved it.


Thanks to all for the wishes! Birthday prayers included all of you in them :)

Saturday, November 15, 2008

OOTD: School in Tiger Print

Didn't go school though *overslept*, but I did prepare the outfit for it so might as well.

Coolness effect from an SLR. I want an SLR too.

Haha, drunk face.

Underwater cam for the bestie who's leaving me for beautiful Borneo. *grudges*

I'm quite sad because my December trip to Langkawi is cancelled :(

Zouk's Flea and Easy 16th November, tomorrow from 2pm to 7pm.

But I'll be home to work on my major essay.

Kindly be careful around white tiger/big cat enclosures.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Doe Deere Blogazine

Where's Agathe of Style Bytes? I miss her outfit posts :(

Anyway, my current blog love is Doe Deere Blogazine. Doe Deere is Xenia (if that's really her name then freeeakin' cool), this super creative individual with a feminist streak now and then.

I love love love her blog for 3 the three most important things in the world; perfect makeup in every form, a genius unabashed use of colours, and the fantastic photography.

This make-up look rocks. It has that prominent line above the eye-crease, reminisce of the Twiggy doe-eyed era, doncha think?

Thumbs up for showing the old "toning-it- down" formula the exquisitely gloved finger.

[Image Credit: Doe Deere Blogazine]

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Going straight

So I was wondering what sort of torture to inflict onto my hair, curl losing mojo and all, and in a split second of none-creativity, I got it straightened.

From this...
Yea I know you can't really see the curls either but it's a nice photo HAHA.
Lomography effect rocks.

To this.

Oooh. Check out how my hair colour pops with silky tresses.
I was supposed to have straight eye curtain bangs, but never mind.
And my hair has never ever been this long, so I'm quite happy :)

Next plan of action is to Anna Sui SS '08 it up.

I really love the hair on Irina Lazereanu, with peekaboo colour in her fringe.

But a muted purply colour would look understatedly awesome too.
But this colour is pretty hard to find in colour extensions. Hmm.

One of my qualms was that red hair extension would be a bitch to dress up for, and that I'd have to abandon colours. Not so, fortunately :)

I wear tons of purple, bluish, green, pinks, and black, shouldn't be a problem for me.

Giant chunks of crazy colour, sounds good, no?

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

The Engagement

Fun week!


In traditional Malay garb!
I quite like. Mum should be feeling proud that I willingly let myself into a baju kurung on a day that's not Hari Raya-based, hah.

And pretty bouncy curls that took an entire night+morning to recreate.
No more curls, more on that in the next post.

On our way, rushing with flowers in hand.

The Girls surrounding the gorgeous girl in champagne :)

I be lookin' crraaaazy! But I like.



I'm addicted to that new Britney Spears song! Womanizer woman woman womanizer.

Well done America, you Barack-ed the vote indeed :)