Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Happy Blogging.

Surge of urge to blog!

For seemingly no rhyme nor reason, I simply stopped blogging.

I think it was because my laptop was creating hell for me. It was incredibly slow, and it stopped producing any type of sound. The only reason why I used it was to do work and check email and all the other non-fun stuff.

But since last week the laptop was fixed, and I'm beginning to like it a lot more. For starters I can continue my Gossip Girl dose. What is it about bitchy tween shows that I like. I'm only at episode 11 of season 1. I know, season 1, still? Uggggghhhh but I loooveee Vanessa, have you seen what the girl puts on?

In relation to something more fashiony, I FINALLY went round to going through the old magazines and ripping out only pages that I like and filing them. And I found out that I really, reaaaaalllyy enjoy doing this seemingly arduous task. Maybe I'll scan some.

I'm also going into 'green' mode. I'm sending stuff out to recycle, I'm not throwing out as much junk, I'm refusing plastic bags when I go shopping - much to my mom's dismay. Going green-er (I wouldn't say "green" because I'm still wasting stuff, unfortch) has also kicked in some sort of weird mode.

The anal-unclutter-er mode. I went through the entire room (except for an untouchable section which belongs to the mom) and sorted, organised, uncluttered everything possible. Now I'm happier because everything has a place and I don't lose stuff anymore. My clothes look a thousand times better when neatly organised and appropriately hung, I feel happier looking at my makeup stuff, and I no longer rush about the house looking for going-out essentials. Peace is good.

In other not-peace-inducing news, I lost my freaking iPod.

Maybe I'll post something more interesting tomorrow. Yeah.