Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Cute Crop Cape Jackets

Rachel Bilson is so cute and I want to steal her crop cape jacket.

No not really, I would only if it comes in yellow.

There was such a yellow cape jacket in Topshop a while ago. Liked it, went home without buying it, decided I loved it. When I went back with the intention of buying it it's gone. But of course.

I found other replicas online though, but they're not yellow. Hmph.

From Wetseal:

2 Button Cape Jacket

The only crop cape jacket from *sigh* Topshop:

Saturday, November 25, 2006

5.99 dresses!

One more thing: is having these crazy weekly super deals.

Dresses at USD$5.99! Go get them because I'm not :p

Yes, I'm still spree-ing :).

I am loving:

I have suddenly been plagued with projects all due next week x_x

Terribly sorry, but bear with me for the lack of updates.


1) Everything sapphire blue
2) Bright canary yellow tops

Karen Walker


3) Snakeskin
4) Platform Heels
5) Pink heels

6) Black
Yohji Yamamoto

Monday, November 20, 2006

Celebrity Urban Hiphop Wear


I just did a whole entry and then Firefox had to screw up. BPLFT.

*sigh* I'll cut to the chase.

Harajuku Lovers - Gwen Stefani

I can't stop yodelling to that new song of hers.

I love that woman, I love her adorable baby, and I love her super kawaii urbanwear label. I even love those annoying Harajuku girls gimmick.

Rockin kawaii tribute to Japan.

Baby Phat - Kimora Lee Simmons

Glam hip-hop, though I thought her accesories was always more exciting.

You try putting a cat figure on a shirt and see if it doesn't look cheap.

JLO - Jennifer Lopez

I personally don't like JLo because... well I just don't. But fine, I will painfully admit that her high fashion label Sweetface does sort of have nice stuff.

Her streetwear label, JLO, is by far the most trend-driven.

Apple Bottoms - Nelly

It's getting hot in herre!

What? Don't lie and say you don't say that line everytime you hear his name,

I love how the cute apple in the middle of the boob totally offsets the sexy top.
Brandwhoring shirts!

You can find everything you see here at

I feel a little woozy. Goodnight.

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Re-create: Marc Jacobs SS07

I miss high fashion!

Right. So one of my favourite looks for SS07 is Marc Jacobs' cool chic look:

Casual dress + hip belt/wicked cool pouch + sneakers = Absolute cool in chic.

Because I am currently browsing a spree opening for, let's use whatever they have at the clearance section to attempt to recreate the look.

Lace Trim Antique Dress

Pepe Jeans Rosalita Dress

T Bar Croc Hip Belt

Canvas Baseball Boot

If I'm missing an uber cool waist pouch, throw in an oversized bag for good measure!

I love Clearance pages. And I love Browsing through their regular items are giving me the shopping jitters.

Online shopping is crazy fun, but I do real proper shopping as well, like I did today. It's been a long, tiring day of this real proper shopping, so I'm off to bed now :)

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Threadless 30-day SALE!

Threadless is having their 30-day $10 holiday sale!

I love love love! And this time round they both come in small. $10 shirts that I love usually don't come in S. :(

Musical Meditation

The Fashion of Terror

Now I am forced to choose just a pathetic one from these 4 lovelies - these two threadless tshirts from the US, or these other two knit sweaters from Taiwan.

Yellow V-Neck Sweater

Striped Navy Blue Tunic Sweater

Which do I get?


Being broke stinks.

EDIT: I got the striped navy blue one. I am very happy with my decision and I shall move on :).

Monday, November 13, 2006

Toys tweens love


No, I did not just claim world domination in some other-worldly language, PYAGU is the name of this penguin-shaped water dispenser thingy.

I know for the life of me that I'd never purchase this because 1) i can't keep track of my 8 glasses by using an actual glass, 2) i have no space in the house - it's cute so it can't just be left anywhere right, 3) it's not like it has a filtration system or anything.

And yet, I stop to stare everytime I walk past a Action City Stores evrywhere. It is taunting me. Now it even comes in PINK. Good Lord.

I need something else cuter more worthy of my shopping stare time.

A Blythe, perhaps from that wicked cool toy store at Wheelock Place? *drools*

I should be studying.

I want that Rock Star Mohawk!

First of all, this video is funny.

Secondly, I love favourite Power98 DJ Rozz's hair way too much. I wanted to do that but failed miserably! Miserably!!! Hates much.

Would you just check out the more awesome profile?!

I'm going to cry in rage now because I don't have a bevy of stylists at bay. BPLFT.

Saturday, November 11, 2006

SPREE shopping!

I used to window web shop at US and UK shopping sites with nary the intention to actually buy something because with the addition of shipping prices and taxes I might as well sell my kidney for a decent top.

However, I have recently been exposed to a whole world of SPREE shopping! A bunch of us desperate Singaporeans buying stuff together and sharing the cost of shipping and taxes, genius.

The easiest way to search for sprees are from forums or just type keyword "spree" at yahoo auctions or ebay.

I also realise that the first thing people head to would be the clearance page, heh.

Each of these pieces are going for less than $20. I'd get them if I wasn't so broke.
Bandeau Maxi Dress - which I've come to learn is basically a long dress in UK lingo.
A vest is a tank top.

Halter Dress

Twist Neck Backless top
They always have interesting tops which has twists, cut outs, scoops, anything. And they never look crude.

Scoop back top - I've been looking for this everwhere. I wanted to get ballerina tops that have the sexy scoop at the back, but I couldn't find them.
Coolest wrap ever. I love love love the hood.

Gorgeous platforms.

All these pieces for less than US$20 each!

Now I'm feeling more dejected than usual because I've had to search for nice things to put in here and now I want them :( Get un-broke now please........

Other websites for you to check out and organise your own sprees would be Victoria's Secret, GAP, Mandee, Alloy, Delias, Old Navy.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006


So I'm back!


I recently paid a visit to newly opened shopping haven Vivocity. Because it's new half of Singapore's population flock there. We love our new shopping malls. Not too shabby at all. I think everyone delighted in the bigger Forever21. Hahaa.

The usuals - Mango, Zara, Topshop, Warehouse - were there. Spanish brand Trucco has a shop there as well.

The first GAP store opened in Vivocity. It was pretty cool. They had a nice collection of denim. I especially like their black denim. It's the perfect shade of dark with a slight sheen. Delish.

Another store spotlight would be Valerie - where I bought my dress for my Talentime :) Friendly helpful people there. I didn't want to look typical so I concluded to not wear dresses. But then I saw this one and I just had to have it. It's not typical, heh.

My super cool super sexy talentime group - ZIAR! They'll probably kill me for putting this up without permission :P but hey, faces are covered, heh. But yes, that is me in the red heels and silver dress that slightly bubbles from Valerie.

I'm going crazy going through sprees at taiwanese auction sites. I haven't even received my last order. But the things are so pretty - and cheaper. The catch: You wait a long, long time before you get your items. Usually that's a month.

Another early day tomorrow. Goodnight :)