Thursday, March 29, 2007

Pretty pastels and a sweater.

Wetseal is crazy love.

I am wishing someone owes me so that I can tell them to get me these:

Yes, I meant "these" because I want all three pretty pastel colours!

And this sweater as well, I love it to death.

Everything's on sale, come on now. I'm a size S :D :D :D

There's also a red glitter dress for a crazy $4.99, only one size available though.


I love the bags from retrodelic. I wouldn't call myself a bag person; when I go shopping I don't look at bags and I stick to a select few bags every time.

But these bags from retrodelic make me want to go out searching for bags.

What I really liked about all their bags was that despite them having a retro feel, it still is very timeless. If there's anything I'll fall for, that would be gorgeous timelessness.

Steve Madden Ballet Flats

Ok, I feel more normal because I feel my shopper's zeal is back. Despite me still being broke -_-.

Vogue featured these Picara ballet flats by Steve Madden and now I feel like buying a pair of ballet flats myself.

I realise I feel most comfortable and most, for lack of a better word, "myself", in ballet flats.

Actually I don't even think its comfort matters; I can wear sneakers or slippers even yet feel so wrong but put me in a pair of too small pinchy flats and I'd feel perfect.

Anyway, I'm thinking I love the pale pink ballet flats above but I can't even afford to think about the price [USD$99.95 *eep*] so I'm going hunting for much wallet-friendly ones, yay! I have a reason to live!

I also want pretty flowy skirts! But I think that's another entry altogether :)

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Blue Fur

Paris: How could you do this, Nicole?
Nicole: How could you wear blue fur?

I was going to blog about something else but their bimbotic antics crack me up, even if it's all really scripted.

I've never really looked at fur because I kind of hate them.

But anyhow, simply because The Simple Life made my day, blue fur.

Iselin Steiro

Monday, March 26, 2007

Wear File: Steamboat + Fashion show I never went to

Apologies for the lack of updates, been quite busy and a little tired out at the moment.

Anyway, my outfits seem to be the only thing I'm blogging about nowadays -_-.

I was suppose to go to a Dorothy Perkins and Miss Selfridge fashion show but we were late so we abandoned it.

But anyway I wanted to bring out my Dorothy Perkins clutch, so I pretty much centred the rest of the outfit to the clutch. That was the plan really, but my outfit turned out neutral so whatever will match I guess.

Grey sweater from Forever 21, Black slip with pretty lace at the hem, Yellow clutch from Dorothy Perkins

I was going to have steamboat so I had to wear fat-days loose clothing. I ended up wearing this batwing top.

Striped billowy top from Taiwan, Skinny jeans that still do not fit from online, Wedges.

I feel so fun in it. Wheeee.

Friday, March 23, 2007

Shop till you Drop @ Balcony

If you're in town this Sunday, drop by the Balcony Bar at Heeren to shop.

I got this in the mail, but I don't think it's exclusive, heh.

I kind of don't feel like shopping these days [gasp]. Driving school occupies my time. It's an understatement to say I'm obsessed with getting my license as soon as possible -_-||. Plus I'm broke.

But I have not been to the Balcony myself, and it does look pretty on the outside so I'll probably drop by.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

River Island Fashion Show

At the Cleo's Final Bachelor's Party, since River Island was an event sponsor, of course they had to force have some sort of River Island fashion show into the programme.

I've not been to River Island, which opened its first Singapore outlet in Vivocity, but I heard it's just a slightly more expensive version of Topshop or Forever 21.

I don't know whether it's because my attention was more focused on the guys [Bachelor party, HELLO] but I liked the guy's collection more than the girl's.

Which basically consist of typical outfits hoping to pass off as spectacular by distracting with a bunch of crazy hosiery.

I do love this look though.
Actually I think what I really love is the pair of luxe rich brown boots.

Right, the bachelors. I especially love the cardigan ensembles on the guys:

Yeah, they were workin' the cardigan.

The other looks that I liked:

My favourite of the lot would have to be this though:

Bad-ass leather jacket paired with preppy checkered pants. Very cool British.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Wear File: Virgin Club Wear

I was invited to Cleo magazine's Bachelor's Party at a club last friday. Which means it's also my first experience in a club. Actually come to think of it I did go to a club in Malaysia, but that was with family so it doesn't count.

Naturally, first thing that comes to mind: what to wear?!

The initial idea was to wear this:

Favourite wardrobe love Grey oversized sweater from Miss Selfridge, Satin Purply pink Nightie, Black stirrups, Silver snakeskin embossed [very] high heels.

My highest pair of heels so far. Got it for very cheap, $20. Yay-ness.

I was also planning to carry my mustard yellow clutch from Dorothy Perkins.

However, because my driver's theory evaluation test is on the same day, I decided to wear more comfortable things that I feel lucky in.

Hence I traded the heels in for my everyday Crocs Prima. Traded the clutch for something roomier as well.

So I was quite worried because while it is my first club experience, I do know that heels is mandatory in club gear.

But my fears were sort of assuaged because in the queue I saw some in jean shorts and *gasp* SLIPPERS.

Heeeeeeey, fellow Crocs Prima user.

Should I be worried?

Monday, March 19, 2007

Fall '07 Wrap Up: Hoodie Love

We all know by now that hoodies are LOVE.

These are my favourite hoody looks in F/W '07.

Zero Maria Cornejo


Stella McCartney


Yves Saint Lauren

Matthew Williamson

No reason why hoodies can't be luxurious too, eh?

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Wear File: Driving School

Sheesh, I'm taking photos of myself for no occasion at all! Like yesterday when I went down to the driving centre for my basic theory lesson.

I knew I wanted to wear my Abercrombie and Fitch tshirt. I don't know/care if it's authentic, but it was damn cheap and it fits very comfortably [If you live in Singapore then email me I'll tell you where!].

I also wanted to give my Martina Pink skirt some airtime. I got the skirt at a flea market, by the way, at such a good deal.

But eventually I didn't feel like wearing a skirt. And I figured that since I'm taking both basic lessons in a day, it's going to get quite chilly so I'll probably need a thicker cardigan. Good call, it rained in the evening.

Yeah yeah, very creative combo not. I'm only going to driving school :p.
I still felt the pink though, so I accessories pink-ly.

Cute Disney necklace my best friend got from Beijing, [that's also a handphone strap thing, but I screwed that part so it no longer holds phones -_-] and my favourite $1 pink headband.

This was what I wore today to take my practice tests:

Rock Star top, Grey Gauchos, Black hoodie from Giordano.

This time I wanted to wear my Rock Star tshirt that I forgot I had.

Yes, I am holding my stomach in the whole time I'm taking photos x_x.

My green bag from Dorothy Perkins is what I carry around all the time these days.
I'm hoping my cute furry heart black pumps would offset the whole rocker chick thing going on, heh.

H&M, Meet Singapore.

Swedish clothing chain H&M opens in Hong Kong! Unbelievable.

Hundreds of trendy Hong Kong-ers queued for 24 hours outside H&M before its grand opening, which was last Saturday. H&M even brought forward for two weeks the launch of its M collection designed by Madonna just for the opening. Phwoar.

The branch is H&M's first expansion into Asia, with Shanghai and Tokyo being their next shop targets.

I think their refusal to step foot in Singapore is just baffling. I read somewhere before that the reason is because the market here is not big enough, though that never stopped the likes of Topshop, Mango or Forever21. These brand names even proceeded to set up more retail outlets all over the island.

And if there's one thing I know about Singaporeans, we're always hungry for more brand names, more so if they're an affordable range that H&M is well-known for.

Meh, all the more reason for me to go Hong Kong.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Wear File: Balenciaga emulation

Unknowingly I emulated Balenciaga when I went for a nice high tea session over the weekend.

Aubergine purple Larry Gwen blazer, Mucus green velour flower print [sorry for the imagery], green cargo capris, Patent pink kitten heels from Charles and Keith [though I did switch the heels for flats just because I felt like it].

The real Balenciaga:
Not bad eh? No wonder my current love for Balenciaga.

More pictures of me because I'm prrreeeetttttyyy. Haw haw.

I'm not an accessories person at all I realise, but if there's one accessory that I always seem to reach out for, that would be for hoops. Like the gold ones I'm wearing in the picture above. The bigger the hoops, the better, I'll always say.

Goofy yes I know. But that's the bag I carried.
Hot pink leather, I totally love.

Monday, March 12, 2007

Fall '07 Wrap Up: Favourite Collections Paris

1) Christian Dior

There's just one word to describe this collection: Gorgeous. The collection has this old 40's glamour feel to it that I love.

I am also loving the platform footwear.

2) Louis Vuitton

It seems Marc Jacobs is really adamant about sleek lines, as he brought it out in the opening pieces.


I would kill for the headgear, and the very pretty tie-dye pieces.

3) Elie Saab

I love this collection because of the very flowy dresses amidst the rigidity of other several other collections.

The cocktail dresses are cute and flirty yet glamorous at the same time, the way it should be.

The jewel tones rock as well.

4) Miu Miu

This was an interesting collection. The pieces are not blatantly cute, but they are still youthful.

What appeals to me is the various material used. There's tweed, leather, and chiffon. Mix-match my materials? Pssh hell no.

5) Balenciaga

Thank you because blazers are not dead! I love blazers, and mine still remain as wardrobe staples.

Pockets in pretty cocktail dresses are still in vogue, it seems. Perfectly fine by me.