Thursday, January 31, 2008

MAC Me Over

Ok not a particularly fashionable post, just a review of some new cosmetics I indulged in. Now when it comes to cosmetics, well, I just use whatever brand's my mom's using. In fact sometimes I even use her mascaras and eyeliners.

I've been using my Body Shop foundation for close to 2 years now and I decided I need a change.

So I got MAC Studio Fix, since a lot of people seem to recommend it.

No big deal to me, the one notable thing about it is that it comes in a wide array of shades so there's no problem in finding a shade that's most suitable. In terms of oil control, well, my cheapo $5 pressed powder does a better job.

I definitely prefer it to Body Shop though, which is why I'm sticking to it for now.

I like the concealor. It's quite light and doesn't cover as well as I'd like, but it does make my eye makeup stick like glue which means no creases, yay.

Ooh, I tried L.A.M.B fragrance as well! The scent is OK but I super love the bottle design.

And come on, even if it smells like crap I want it because I'm an impressionable young person and I want everything Gwen Stefani endorses! Oh, Oh, she's pregnant as well, hooorraaaaah!

Anyone, pretty please, as an early birthday present/from that time you owe me for that thing? :D :D :D?

Here I am

While every hot-blooded young person I know out there let their hair down and party away at hip spots in the likes of Zouk, I party at... the Night Safari. -___-

Anyway, photos. I'll try harder to be less lazy and whip my camera out more often.

Yeaaaaaaa I finally got the book.

Till the next proper fashionable post, enjoy your midnight frothy iced milk tea :)

Monday, January 28, 2008

Meow meow


Sha is currently getting her life back on track, having crazy fun, running all over the place but still feels like she's gradually gloriously rotting, and basically doing whatever the hell she wants.

She promises she'll be back with constant updates and the next post should have personal photos, yay.

Meanwhile, enjoy this picture that she's infatuated with.

It reminds her of two things she's in love with/looking forward to :)

Sha's Personal Assistant,
The Harlot Cat

P.S. Apparently she's broke shopping+pigging out and "didn't have enough" to get Salmon Pepper lunch for me. !@#$%. I'm so pissing all over her new wares.

[Image credit: foto_decadent]

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Imitating a not-high Fashion

Yea I know, I disappeared for a while!

Anyway. This is a Billabong hoodie sweater.

And then there's this one from Forever21.



1) 2 more days!

2) I am resigned to my fate -__-

3) 2 more days! Heeellllll yeeeaaaaahhh!

More consistent updates soon enough!

Thursday, January 17, 2008

More of this a week from now.

Who the hell wears shades indoors?!?

ME :)
'Cause I love my pretty dress so.

And 2 new beanies, yeeeeaaaa.

6 more days, baby!

Monday, January 14, 2008

Bowls for my Junk

My study table turn dressing table is extremely messy and I've finally began feeling irritated by it. So I'm going to do something about it [Mom: *rejoices*].

I'm unsure how to plan it out proper yet, but I do know I want bowls to contain all the mess in. I tried jewellery boxes, but that failed miserably because I'm too darn lazy to store them in the right compartments.

I've narrowed bowl decorative ideas down to these 3.

1) Graphic bowls.

Straight forward, just get bowls in differing designs.

2) Get bowls from the same series.
Bowls from the same line like these Confetti bowls look fun and put-together.
These confetti bowls are made from recycled plastic too, yay.

3) Get plain bowls from dullsville and arrange them on a funky tray.
Fuss-free white bowl on...

This one seems to appeal more to me because plain bowls are cheap, and a pretty tray/plate keeps them in line while spicing it up.

[Image credit: UrbanOutfitters]

Nine. Days. Left. To. Breathing.

Friday, January 11, 2008

Not a fashionable post

This is going to be a barely fashionable post because I honestly don't know what to write about.

I'm only blogging because I'm a happy bunny. It's Friday, hello! This week has been one of madness, having to stay back for work - except for today, whoopee!

So! Happy happy things!

1) 2 online shopping items came in the mail on the same day! One is a Debbie Harry shirt I got from Hot Topic, the other is my slouchy beanie from F21.

2) One more item coming in the mail within the next few days! If another item is coming in then I'm going to be super broke so I shall stop. For now.

3) Karaoke again, baby! Woooo.

4) Bubble tea was exceptionally yummy :)

5) 2 more freaking weeks left!

6) TGIF, need I say more?

Sunday, January 06, 2008

The Robot and I

I've not gone shopping in town on weekends for a long while now so has the service always been that horrible on a Saturday? Poo.

Anyway at least I did get some fab buys that even my mom is gushing over - and she usually hates the clothes I buy -___-.

Vogue Girl Korea studios the most gorgeous photoshoots ever. I especially love this particular set.

How is it that the giant robot does not steal one's attention away from the model and her clothes? Pure genius. Their other photoshoots are equally breathtaking.

Anyone know where I can get a copy of the magazine in Singapore? These would look more gorgeous on print.

Tomorrow's a Monday? Already?!

Thursday, January 03, 2008

Skin my iPod Pretty

Personally I like my iPod looking its original naked sleek black and reflective mirror surface form, but these are very cool-looking protective skins from GelaSkins.

Don't they all look so fabulously not-tacky?
That's because the skins are designed by real artists, nice.

MJ Created Something Not Entirely Impractical

I crazy love this:It's from the LV Spring 08 collection and it is by far the only bag from LV since Marc Jacobs took its helm (note: spongebob squarepants lunchbox bag thing *shivers*) that I'm truly enamored by.

It has this quirky bubblegum pop feel but the vivid yellow offsets the pastel pink and green nicely, avoiding an otherwise cloyingly sweet silly bag.

My MOOLA has Arrived!

Did not think this would happen, but it did:

My MOOLA has arrived!

Weird/freaky/superbly cool.

Thanks Nuffnang :).

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy 2008!

Happy New Year!

A lot of things accomplished in 2007, a lot of things yet to be accomplished in 2008.

Half of my resolutions are embarrassing, so I'll keep them to myself :)

Here's to more pretty dresses and fashion escapades.


Bestie back, much love *pinches cheeks*
Who wants kickass tom yam paste for home steamboat, seriously ask me.

I have tried and tested several, and I finally found the best.