Sunday, March 02, 2008

One more Mag, then I'll Stop. For now.

I know I should be getting to bed but my iPod hasn't been fully charged yet.

Annnyywaaay, I've been splurging on Japanese magazines a little too much recently.

I've gone through Vivi and JJ twice at least, and I can still get more out of them if I flip through now.

I was going to get Cancam [hey, at least the names are easy to remember -_-] based on recommendation from my friend, but its latest issue is all sold out.

So in frustration I got the Japanese issue of Seventeen instead because it had a free gift! I like free stuff. I don't really like the magazine itself; finished it in 30 minutes and was hardly impressionable.

And an issue of fave indie fashion mag Nylon. I can now purchase them with a discount, hoorah.

Mmmm, I love floral-infused tea.

Night! For real.

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