Thursday, May 31, 2007


Quick post now, I have a couple of tests tomorrow that I have barely prepared for.

Anyway, I think I'm going to start featuring local online shops more often. Yes, I know, it's about time.

The thing is though, I don't just notice these sites for having great stuff, but also because I find they have a great business marketing model. But that's another post altogether isn't it.

Should I be a little worried that schoolwork has integrated itself into my fun time?

Anyway, I present to you Candypulp.

It's an online shop livejournal thing that sells mainly accessories that I'm not fascinated about and specially imported clothes.

They bring in great pieces in verrrry limited quantities from Hong Kong. Needless to say their pieces fly off the shelf. Seems as though everytime I check them out, they're sold out.

I love looking at their collection. They're obviously hand-picked, and are very good runway versions that won't make the wearer look like a trendwhore.

I love that every piece, and I do mean EVERY piece looks exclusive.

[Source: CandyPulp]

Another giant plus would be that the items they bring don't look cheap at all yet the prices are relatively affordable. I'm thinking I'd rather buy something from them than go down to the likes of Zara or Mango, hmph.

I should probably do a whole interview and research and all that journalist junk, but that would be letting more work integrate into fun time. HAH.

Speaking of work.

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Colour Splash at Uniqlo

Yea ok, so not exactly designer [though I'm sure some would argue], but I really love this fashion editorial in Uniqlo's online newsletter.

It supposedly features active wear so it's all dynamic and fun yet gorgeous at the same time. It's sooooo full of crazy colours, LOVE it.

Hoody spot! I've gotta get me some of those short-sleeved hoodies! Next post!

Sort of fits my mood now. For some reason I'm feeling hyper - even my dad asked "why are you smiling to yourself so much?"


*Don't feel like dancing, dancing no sir no dancing today......*

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Blouses are new love

I've never paid much attention to short-sleeved blouses. Probably because they remind me of a teacher I once had who always seemed to wear such blouses.

However my recent swimming trips have not only developed the muscles on my legs[i could seriously feel them after swimming for 2 hours!], but also my appreciation for those blouses.

They're short-sleeved so it neutralizes the formality the collar would have brought. They're so darn easy to get into and out of as well. Now being the sale season and all, you know that becomes quite an important issue :)

These are from Forever21:

From Taiwan auciton sites there's quite a few of these super pretty chiffon see-through blouses that I really, really, reallllllyyyyyyyy like.

[Source: XiaoMei]

[Source: Cutie Fashion ]

You know what else, I kinda miss looking at designer wear. Next post perhaps?

Friday, May 25, 2007

T-shirts for the week are FUN

Today is a Friday, I have no school today, it marks the beginning of the GREAT SINGAPORE SALE, and guess what I'm doing now? Rushing assignments! Oh JOY.

Anyway, besides having affordable dresses, Forever21 has a nice selection of tshirts as well. I'm not really a tshirt person but I do enjoy looking at them.

I picked one for everyday of the week because it's fun.

For the day I feel like pissing people off.

Remember my griping about bad spelling?
Thank you Forever21.

For the day I go thrift shopping, of course.
Or when I feel cheap.

For the day I drool on myself.

For the day I stop believing in unicorns.

For the day I feel like a STAR!
Which is everyday anyway. Hmm.

For the day I... feel like twisting and shouting?

Well hello, it's Hello Kitty! You don't need a reason to wear Hello Kitty.
Look, she's [it?] mulatto, half white half black! Hahahahaaaaaa.

For the day I feel like Angelina Jolie.

You want to make a difference, wear a damn shirt.

For the day I feel like Britney's children.

Monday, May 21, 2007

Relax, take it eaaaaassssyyy.

You know, I really like the message of this shirt. I don't abide by the phrase all the time, but I do hope to one day anyway.

Then Mika also did that song, "Relax, Take it Easy". And any song by super talented Mika, will make you just sing along [i try to be like grace kelly, hmmmmm mmmm]. So now that I have a mantra song thing, I can also have a nice shirt.

[Source: Cutie Fashion]

Sigh. Too bad for bad spelling.
Sometimes I wonder if they do it on purpose.

Black, White and Jens Laugesen

Because when it comes to monochrome, severity rules.

And Jens Laugesen understands this.

I love that every piece looks interestingly structured, so severe don't have to be boring :)

Sunday, May 20, 2007

I'll have it in black, yellow, blue, pink, red please.

How many same pairs of shoes but in different colours can one own?

[Source: Candy]

Ok fine, so there are a couple of blacks in there, but the outfits were pretty.

You may think that this post is solely dedicated to nothing deeper than different coloured same pairs of shoes, but really there's more to it than just that. You see- ooh, Ugly Betty is on!

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Hello, I'm a blog whore!

Why is it that Xiaxue gets approached to do editorials? Which is the fashion blog again?

Oh right. Because she gets 12323232482472749 hits per day so who cares if her blog is solely dedicated to the bowel activities of a baboon. Pssh.

Please continue being a regular here though, I promise I have more taste than her although I've never ever met her and am being judgemental for the sake of keeping readers on my blog *holds wide smile for 10 seconds :D*

Anyway point of this entry is... I WANT FREE STUFF. Hello?

Because Xiaxue says if I don't ask I don't get and I worship the ground she blogs on.

Actually come to think of it, I'm not a blog whore. I just want free stuff hahahaa.

Ok fine a picture.

[Source: FaceHunter]
I've always wanted a quirky bag. This one is soooo safe Bjork.

I don't think I've ever mentioned my love for Facehunter have I? It's the only street style blog that I frequent. Love it to death.

I feel perky because tomorrow's morning class + test has been cancelled! WHEEE!

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Model Behaviour

Hello, I am uninspired.

Besides school, regaining much-needed rest and perving on hot talented korean superstars has occupied a lot of my time.

But hey, let's all look at genetically-blessed models and wait for my fashion mojo to kick in because, you know, models dress like on the runway except street style so it's more inspirational and junk. *coughs*

I love Agyness Deyn. No I do not know how to pronounce her name either.
She was all neon on this month's Vogue's cover, also the most indie cover I've seen Vogue do.
Yay for making leopard print jacket non-tacky.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Kate Moss dress

The Kate Moss Topshop line will launch in Singapore on 17 May :).

Evidently from the pages of FaceHunter this particular dress is coveted.

Back to work! Not pulling off another late-nighter, hmph.

I have no life but I have extreme high-waist jeans

I've been so bogged down lately. As I'm typing I'm procrastinating from finishing a report.

I did manage to squeeze in shopping time last weekend though, and even that was after a project meeting. Happy Mumsy's Day by the way.

Right, so popped by Topshop at Marina Square and one section was dedicated to clearance items! One thing though, no sizes for me.

I've always wanted to get paperbag wide-leg pants, and a lot were on clearance. They didn't have it in my size but I still tried some on for kicks.

I did spot ONE pair of jeans in my size, and I grabbed it immediately without bothering to look at it.

They were Ann-Sofie Back [pardon my ignorance but who?] for Topshop line and they were crazy high-waisted jeans. Now high-waisted tight things are one trend I'll never understand.

Basically it does nuts for the figure.

And gives me the longest and widest butt EVER.


It does have nice tapering, and I like the wash.
And like my friend said, "no need to worry about ugly buttcracks."

PLUS, it was bloody cheap. Hell, it's even cheaper than cheap jeans, heh.

I went home happy with good company and a pair of jeans, and ate some early mum's day cake with my mother while watching a horror movie. The week is salvaged :).


Peter Jensen