Thursday, August 31, 2006

Devil wears Prada

I finally watched Devil Wears Prada earlier today.

I thought it was... just ok. The movie itself didn't pack a punch. It started out hopeful but ended up flat.

Andrea Sachs (Anne Hathaway) is a college graduate who lands herself a job as a to-die-for assistant to tyrannical fashion editor, Miranda Priestly (Meryl Streep). She was thought to be a portrayal of notorious Vogue editor, Anna Wintour.

Anyway, in terms of fashion sense, yes, I thought they were impeccably dressed but it wasn't that exciting. I suppose I was expecting more because they had engaged Sex in the City's Patricia Fields as their costume designer. They're mostly decked in black and white prissy suits. Oh and of course, killer heels. Do fashion people really dress like that all the time?

Here are my favourite looks though.

I think you meant "Leggings WERE back"

According to two local fashion magazines, leggings are in. Excuse me? I thought they were in last season, so this season they're out?

I'm telling you, flipping through these magazines, it's making me think that the fashion journalism world is in a rut.

Come now, surely you don't have to wait for designers to spew out their creations to set what's hot and not?

But you know what I was into last season, and still am now? The colour grey, the colour red, layering, and pretty dresses.

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Shopping trip!

I'm in a bit of frizz now because I have some chalet business to worry about. We couldn't re-schedule it nor cancel it so we have no choice but to go. But never mind, we'll just have to make full use of it. Now I'll have to plan what to bring and wear.

Haven't been able to look fashionable, so by golly I will look fashionable no matter what occasion! HMPH.

I brought my mum out for shopping yesterday! We went crazy for bags. A total of 3 bags, for only $150! And two of them were leather!!!! LEATHER!!! What a bargain.
St. Louis at #02-332C Marina Square is having a 40% storewide offer.

If you don't really fancy their bags then go into the shop after it, Hansa Jaeger, they're having 20% off. From outside it looks quite chi-chi, but the prices of their bags are affordable.
Hansa Jaeger #02-332B Marina Square

I also got myself 2 pairs of girl boxers from Topshop, and the Devil wears Prada book that I'll read only after I watch the movie. It's on 20% discount at MPH so of course I had to buy it. I mean, get my mum to buy it, heh.
Other books available at MPH at Citylink Mall going for 20% as well.
Topshop/Topman #02-109 to 114 Marina Square

My mum wanted to get shoes as well and we stopped at Charles and Keith. Too bad they didn't have her size but they were having up to 50% discount on most shoes.
Charles and Keith #02-108 Marina Square

She did manage to find a nicer pair at U.R.S & Inc. They have no discounts, but their latest shoe collection is much more prettiful. I have my eye on a pair of espadrilles...
U.R.S & Inc #02-333 Marina Square

Oh yes, on Friday I went back to Bugis to buy the shades, but guess what?! Both the aviators and the animal print one were sold out!!! Of all the sunglasses and of all the shops in that huge shopping place, why'd mine had to be sold out!??!!! The same thing happened to the "Michael Jackson" aviators! And in just 2 days too! And they weren't all that gorgeous too. They're normal, with that extra something that suit my liking.

Unbelievable. I swear there's a conspiracy going on. Or maybe someone was stalking me. And they bought anything I touched, yes, yes.....

Bah. At least EXAMS ARE OVER! Woo hoo!

And next time, seriously, if I love, I buy immediately.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Easy Breezy Summer Printy

I am on the search for a top that is, well, easy breezy. A top which is pretty enough but can disguise a bloaty tummy.

Another criteria: pretty summer prints! So, a pretty, breezy top, like these:

I like the floatiness of this top.

I hate the print, but I like the ends of this top... it's so frilly.

I'm supposed to be studying for my last paper on Friday, but I'm already in the holiday mood. Can't wait to go shopping!!!

Aviators or animal-print...

I'm in a bit of a fix. I went down to Bugis Village yesterday with the intention of buying very cool-looking, what my friend described as "Michael Jackson" aviators I saw ages ago. Unfortunately it wasn't there anymore.

I tried the rest, but they were either too small, or they just look so.. not-cool. Unhappy, I looked at other shades I could buy instead to compensate. And I did found a nice pair, very chic animal print ones.

The next place I tried had decent aviators, similar to the "Michael Jackson" ones, and now I'm spoilt for choice, fortunately or otherwise.

Except with those silver reflective lenses you see on police dudes.
Wish I could afford these Valentino's though.
Except more bug-eyed than retro.

Or I could just buy both, they're cheap :)

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Animal Prints.. again.

I know you're probably sick of this but it shall be screamed into your faces one more time... ANIMAL PRINTS!!!

I don't cower in fear of it, but I wouldn't be one to wear animal prints. The key to wearing animal prints really is subtlety. Too much of it is overkill and makes the whole outfit look plain tacky.

If I get sucked into wearing animal prints then I would stick to having animal prints on my shoes, and my tiny clutches.

Vicky, darling, cute tube top, really, but why'd you have to ruin it by having reptile skin on the pockets of your cheap-looking mini?

There we go, much better. A leopard-print clutch says more.

Or have them on shoes like Nicole Richie here. How about animal prints in other colours beside the classic tan? I kinda like the pink ones and giraffe prints are pretty cute.

Accessories would work too. I like this scarf.

Friday, August 18, 2006

Fall '06 Favourites: Chanel

Karl Lagerfeld rocks for making the whole pretty young bride look work without losing its trademark classic factor.

Fall '06 Favourites: Marc by Marc Jacobs

I've been long gone, haven't I? Today I'm taking a much-needed break from studying, I went shopping earlier and bought Crocs Prima in black :) Like walking on air indeed.

Anyway, I've always wanted to do a wrap-up sort of thing but I always forget.

My first favourite is Marc by Marc Jacobs. His specialty is his always chic layering techniques. Photos for your viewing pleasure.

Saturday, August 12, 2006

I want: Arm warmers

I knew I wanted arm warmers the moment I saw this:

It's a photoshoot by Style magazine for homegrown label alldressedup latest collection.

I love love love the dress, but I stared longer for the arm warmers. Ok fine, they're really gloves but the other photos had arm warmers. I would scan those in as well but my computer's a little wonky at the moment and I don't wish to trigger something.

It's tough enough to get decent gloves in all-year summer Singapore, what more arm warmers. But I did encounter this US site, Sock Dreams, that offers international shipping :)

Long black cotton arm warmers that can ruch, yay! Looks mighty comfortable to me and slouchy cool to me...

They even have satin gloves! Hot red ones at that! Phwoar!

What if I cut off the ends of socks?

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Crocs Prima

For a while Crocs have formed a bad image in my mind because there is just so so many people walking around with fake crocs.

I love them for being so confortable but I can't bear using them fearing that an old uncle across me is wearing the fake ones.

But I am slowly gaining my love for crocs again because they have gone very pretty! Yes!

I've been waiting for a less bulky ultra pretty, very wearable one and boy did they finally step up.

Check the Crocs Prima.
Ballet-inspired prima is slip-resistant anti-microbial, odor resistant and has non-marking soles. It's made with the same croslite the other Crocs are made of, so you'll still walk on clouds.

I like that they're ballet slip-ons, and we all know I love ballet flats. I can wear them anywhere, rain or shine. Especially useful on travels! Yay!

I'm torn between the black, the pink and the gold ones... Hmm.

They cost a reasonable SGD$47.20 with GST.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

The red and the white

A few more hours and it's Happy Birthday Singapore!

So everyone with an inkling of loyalty to Singapore must wear red and white!

I'm going for the National Day Parade tomorrow so what to wear what to wear.

It'll be very crowded, and it'll be hot. I'll probably go crazy and dance to all the cheesy songs so I must wear comfortably.



I would wear this skirt, it's pretty, it's breezy. Of course, it has to be in either red or white.

What if I want to wear a dress?

Mischa Barton
Kate Moss

Happy National Day Singapore :)

Friday, August 04, 2006

Street Style Fashion blogs

I posted an entry last week but it didn't register I suppose.

Anyway, in a nutshell it was about street style blogs. I love love LOVE street style blogs.

1. The Clothes Project
A Singaporean fashion blog! SUPER COOL :)

2. Meet Cute
From Shanghai. They show very diverse styles. My favourite.


4. Facehunter
Paris' popular street style fashion blog pays attention to the wearer of the fashion as well.

5. London Street Fashion
An interactive site, though in my opinion it gets a tad annoying because I want to immediately see the photos, instead of having to look for it. Besides that, a lot of material, variety and well-dressed people.

6. Hel Looks
I like this Finland street style blog for having big photos.

The other more popular ones that I constantly feature here would be Tokyo Street Style and TheSartorialist.

Get inspired now.