Wednesday, April 30, 2008

My next Threadless?

I was browsing favourite tshirt haunt Threadless and now I want this!

Wolf being all David Bowie-ish!

And I wish I was as any good in sewing as she is:

It looks even better as a skirt.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

The Ugly Vintage Sweater

The song was: Mercy - Duffy.

The supposed other Amy Winehouse with Aretha Franklin influences. Despite that, I like how she does not come across gimmicky.

The mood was: APATHETIC.

My solution for days that I don't care about would be to open my lookbook folder and eeny-meenie-mynie-moe-d one look while praying it's some crappy black dress, and then attempt to re-create it the next day.

This time it landed on this.

Betsey Johnson FW '08

The reason why this was in my lookbook folder at all was because I've been looking for anything with gun motifs, and since I can't find any, I intend to keep any photos I come across that reminisce of it.

So let's see, what do I have that can constitute as an ugly vintage sweater?

The inclination was:

Purple vintage blouse, black tank top, striped pencil skirt, giant white hoops, green pumps (no duh which are obviously unseen).

Mom's sweater blouse with a missing button.

Whoops, head and butt cut off. My usual photographer refused to be interrupted from her dramas.

Break it down now, yeaaah yeaaah yeaaah.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Hello Kitty + Dior

So annoying, I have been scanning stuff since just now. Blasted primitive scanner technology of mine. And Blogger won't let me upload images somehow.

So I'll just feed you with this little bit of news.

Hello Kitty is going to model in Dior with John Galliano. Fashionologie expressed their horror, but I like my doses of Hello Kitty now and then. Besides it's only a fashion spread restricted in the confines of June 2008's Vogue Nippon.

I'm just thankful it's not an entire runways of Hello Kitty-s. Which, come to think of it, may just be Mr Galliano's next venture.


I pray not; John Galliano's couture shows are the only ones I routinely look forward to and I know I'll always be blown away.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

My Lomo Obsession

With regards to the lomography post, of course digital photos can be manipulated thanks (or no thanks) to Photoshop.

Obsession: Vanity and Lipsticks.
Chanel so delicious but so un-affordable.
Found an alternative for the shade I wanted though, yay-ness.

Obsession: Luggage.
Ok this is too tiny to be considered luggage, but I love it's vintage-ery.
Holiday, holiday, holiday.

Obsession: ... Goofing off?
I miss my goofy friends so.

But hey, what's the fun in not being able to lug around a big camera?

My brother's flying off to Thailand for 3 weeks for National Service tonight!
Off to send him off! Bye! Off.

Random Midnight Shopping

I was over at Mustafa Centre last night for some nowhere-else-opens-24h midnight browsing.

Adorable quirky evening clutches!

The bundle I was sooooo tempted to get.

I didn't, because I knew they'd be for unnecessary home decoration only, since I already have one for such a purpose -___-.

Big bags I still love :)

I also chanced upon these suits for boys!
I'd totally force my spawn to wear these everywhere.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Lomo Cams

It's a few days till the Songkran festival in Thailand and I can't believe I'm missing it. Just a few months ago my friends and I were seriously planning to make the trip, that is until we all got jobs [or stopped contacting me altogether *rolls eyes*].

I want to get a lomography camera, so I can have artsy, unpredictable, blurry [hence better-looking me] to scrapbook holiday trips.

I see a lot of stupid silly people who buy these manual analog babies just because of the hype and eventually sell them off online probably because they can't be bothered to trudge down to certain photo shops to develop and such.

My heart is pretty much set on the basic Holga that can be easily modified to my liking once I get used to its most primary form, but I wish it came with an underwater casing. Then I bring it along when I go caving/snorkelling. The underwater version thus far would be the frogeye but it's not modifiable.

Pink holgas would be so cool though, too bad it doesn't come in the super basic version.
Anyway, t's really huge, I like :).

DSLR what?

Fisheye - can purchase the underwater casing from The site is quite un-user friendly hence didn't do link-ups from there.
Nice site though.

I'm still researching on the Diana cam though.
It takes soft, dreamy photos I think.

Hmm hmm hmmm.

Wasn't this such a waste of your fashion-blog-post-expecting-time?! Anyway, I still don't understand why polaroid films are being discontinued. Boobooboobye.

[Lomo cams image credit: UrbanOutfitters]

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Floral, electric green, deep burgundy red.

The song was: Ooh La La - Goldfrapp

The mood was: having to nurse a fever, throat infection, severe cramps, stomachflu. And a funeral. Sombre, apathetic, and in need of mood lifters.

The inclination was:

I'll be back.

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

"Once upon a time..."

[click picture to enlarge]

Swedish fashion in the likes of Filippa K and Nudie Jeans, what's not to love?

Night x_x