Saturday, April 28, 2007

Lulu's Fashion Lounge

The first thing I did when I got the laptop was listen to all the missed music.

Anyway, I still have things to re-download into the laptop but at least internet connection is up.

Right, right, as promised Lulu's Fashion Lounge! I especially love their dresses and the accessories department.

I should probably be more comprehensive but I'm tired out. Sooooooo I want these!

Prairie Tunic Tank by Flying Tomato in Red

Lush Follow the Rainbow Skirt in Turquoise

Lucy Love Pencil Skirt in White

Lucca Adorable Heart Tunic

Scarlett Fifi in Paris Pink 60's Dress

Lush Life Is Beachy Yellow Balloon Dress

B.B. Dakota Overall Jumper in Powder Blue

Chica Boom Aphrodite's Purple Pleasure Dress

Again you can type in "fashionable" at check-out and you're entitled to a 15% discount. Couldn't get any better than that. It's good till June 1st 2007.

Do tell if you bought something, happy shopping :)

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Go shop!

Apologies, apologies!

I know how annoying it is to not update but I can't blog! I have no access to pictures and junk and blogging is uncomfortable because of the blurry monitor.

Glad to hear my laptop is ready for pick-up so I should get it back soon.

To make up for my absence head over to and buy stuff because the good folks there created a coupon code just for thefashionable readers, heh.

Type in "fashionable" at check-out and you're entitled to a freaking awesome 15% discount. It's good till June 1st 2007.

I've seen their items from the school's computer and they really do have a wide collection of adorable clothes, shoes and accessories. Price-wise it's quite inexpensive.

I shall do a more comprehensive post on them when I get my laptop back.


Thursday, April 12, 2007

I said I would update less just a few hours ago but here I am.

I'm kinda bored. Today I was suppose to indulge in some serious slacking at home. I think I'm so used to being out almost everyday that it feels strange to just do nothing. Which should be good for me, since school starts next week. Yuck.

Anyway, I love dresses. Especially these from American Apparel.

What is it about dresses? A post-fiminist thing? True convenience of a whole outfit in a single garment? They just make you feel pretty? True love?!

Whatever the reason, dresses are here to stay and I am going to be on the lookout for more :)

I'm suppose to work on a sack dress during the holidays but... I don't think I need to explain do I? Heh.

Yaaaay wetseal!

I think my updates are going to be more sparse than usual because the laptop is being serviced.

I'm using my big ass old bulky desktop computer that can't play music because I can't be bothered to extract it's bigger ass sound system from the crevasses of my storeroom. Also, besides being 800x600 the screen is distorting what comes out making reading tiny texts a pain.

Anyway, I finally went for it and got stuff from Wetseal! Never mind that I now have no transport money, at least I'm getting clothes in one whole looong month's time. I love being young, I'm suppose to do stupid things.

If like me you're also a sale lover, a lot of sale items have been reduced further, go check it out :)

If you read this humble blog of mine regularly then I suppose you can already guess what I bought.

It's so funny that I've spreed quite a bit yet I haven't shared my purchases in this blog, have I? Hmm. Eh well, can't upload photos at the moment anyway.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Yet again I stalk Wet Seal

But they have dresses for less than USD$10!

They're sweater dresses so being spring and all they're on clearance. Yeeeeaaaaah. Like wearing warm clothes in the warmest weather possible matters to me, heh.

These are my favourites and I really really really want them :(

Henley Babydoll Sweater Dress

This is so spring, I love it.

Pleated Front Babydoll Dress

Because I do not have an off-white babydoll dress.

Kabuki Cowl Sweater Dress

This one's my fave of the lot. I have a thing for batwings, or butterfly sleeves whatever you call them. Cowl neck is a plus, because I have no cowl neck in my closet.

I want this so bad I even have picked the perfect shades for it:

Oversize Plastic Circle Lenses

Very early birthday present anyone?

Heh, I say that like it works everytime -_-||

Friday, April 06, 2007

Shady business

Happy Easter!

Shades shopping is a bit of a chore for me because my bridgeless nose makes a lot of shades rest on my cheeks instead. However if it looks pretty damn good then to hell with comfort, I'm wearing the shades.

Which brings us to today's post, sunglasses from Fred Flare! I wonder who actually uses the word "sunglasses" nowadays. Anyway.

I am loving all their shades! I really mean ALL of them.

I am fighting every ounce of shopper's instinct in my body to not get them because I am saving up for another spree a friend's organizing soon. They are pretty affordable at USD$9. Plus shipping and stuff, about SGD$20?

Jackie O sunglasses

doctor octagon sunglasses

heart sunglasses

Actually, you know what, it's good then I can't spare some cash to get them. It would break my heart to choose which one to get x_x

I'm really tired. Night.

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Guess Summer bags

I've always associated Guess with being, very loud, maybe even slutty. Subtlety is NOT their trademark at all.

Their handbags at most times just overuse designs and plonk everything nice onto one bag, thus making the end product trashy looking.

Which is why sometimes I do wonder at my fascination and constant attraction to want to look at their bag collection everytime I walk near one.

But hey, occasionally they do do good also, such as with this bag:

Perhaps it's my girly instinct to embrace anything in pink, perhaps I just like the fact that it's a straw bag because I currently do not own a nice straw bag.

But yes, I love this bag and I wouldn't mind having this as a nice school bag.

This one almost made it into the ugly list because of the match of animal print, pucci-like inner print and the scarf, but the straw bag somehow saves it.

Remember how I mentioned before that I'm not that big of a bag person? Yeah, well, now I'm thinking I am :).

Sunday, April 01, 2007

Fall in love with Falls

I think my love for outerwear has been made quite apparent, so if there is a collection that makes beautiful cardigans in all sorts of shape you can be sure I'll be bought.

Falls is that new knitwear brand that infuse a healthy dose of sexiness into the usually staid category of knits with mini dresses, oversized cardigans, and cashmere playsuits.

The designers behind the line, Leong Ong and Philip Lemming worked at Ralph Lauren and Kenneth Cole respectively. They decided that the sweater needed its own identity and Falls was born.

Indeed, the pieces are understatedly edgy and exude just the right amount of sexy.