Monday, May 26, 2008

Kitty Tees

Oh yea, I got a flu jab today! Needles don't scare me that much anymore!

Why is it that I can't find any of these cat tees around?!

Curses we don't have a thrift shop culture here.

Facehunter Rocks.

This by the way, is a great great photo. She has this soft focusing about her that's perfect for the backdrop. Click to enlarge.

And I love her haircut. I think it's the heat that's making boy cuts so appealing.


1) I got the shock of my life when my iPod froze and wouldn't turn on. Thank goodness for Apple's online support.

2) I was going to transfer a bunch of images from my camera that I could post of, until I realise I haven't downloaded Photoshop yet. How am I suppose to re-size and crop my images? Frustrating.

Technology sucks, can we stick to like, magic or something?

Get-Away Styles #1

How can I NOT think of holidays?!

According to GAP's designer, Patrick Robinson, these are the must-haves in your luggage.

1) Maxi dress
2) Classic shirt
I love these button shirts for shopping trips because they're easy to change out of and into.

Only one thing though, I have yet to find one that does not require ironing -__-.

3) Floral print Cami
4) Cargo ShortsGAP said they have a slim as opposed to a bulky fit. Really? Hmmm.

And throw in your swimmies, a weekender's tote, lightweight scarf for chilly nights and flip flops.

Heads up, a lot of online sites are having swimsuit sales! My bestie and I splurged on them for our confirmed yet not confirmed holiday trip. Can't wait for them to arrive *rubs palms together*.

I have about one and a half more months to make my plans concrete! When I told my friends I get only 2 reactions: sceptical ones and enthusiastic I-wanna-tag-along ones. For now the sceptical ones are reaaalllyyy beginning to prove their point -__-.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

A little bit of Gingham on my Swimmies

Long story short, laptop was sent for servicing, fully re-formatted, now in the process of uploading things - mostly iPod matters, so troublesome tsk.

Recently I've been having quite silly little arguments with my parents, mostly over the issue of surviving versus living. No duh which I was strongly advocating.

Tsks the generation gap.

Anyway remotely relating and because of the unbelievably humid + hot weather nowadays, I really like these retro gingham swimsuits from ever-faithful UrbanOutfitters.

Plaid is getting a little tiresome, but I still like them on swimsuits :)



I am so bored of work! I mean I'm kept very busy and all, but it's very dreary! I don't know how people can stand working in one place for 10 years unless they're their own boss.

And the most awesomest dinner with my girls, it's been a while since ALL of us could make it :)

Friday, May 09, 2008

Yes alive! I've been indulging in new hobbies like watching funny Korean variety shows on my iPod and crystalling as well as old ones i.e. movies and shopping.

Anyway, I'm a few trends too late, but I want animal print stuff. Not like animal skin print, but like real animal prints. Something akin to this:

I really like this top, I shall hunt for a similar looking one when I go shopping.

By the way, have you gotten something for your mother for Mumsy's Day? Cause I haven't and I'm all out of gift ideas!