Friday, September 29, 2006

Sleep has never looked better

I want an eye pillow to wear to sleep! So recently I embarked on a small eye pillow making project.

Obviously it's not done yet seeing as how I am lazy have absolutely no knack for sewing.

Then I came across Pillows for the People, which has the prettiest pillows ever, the kind that you'd probably use as display only. Their eye pillows were so funky.

Ok I'm inspired. Back to my eye pillow project. I'm using black and maroon pink satin and because I'm kind of into bling at the moment, so I want rhinestones in front! Whoopee!

Because freaky oversized heads are waaay more realistic

If I had $200 I'd buy... A Blythe doll!

I've always wanted them but never actually considered getting them for real because I though it'd be another of my collectible craze that I'd grow out of (my TY beanie collection are stuffed somewhere else because now they irritate me).

Awesome N.E.E.T magazine had a Blythe doll editorial and once again I am wishing I had a Blythe doll I can dress up and model.

In case you want to crazy for them too, these are some cool Blythe doll sites.
Puchi Collective
Puppy Love Blythe Fashion
Bon Bon Blythe

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Marni SS07

Yet another very predictable collection. A lot of volume, leggings, and neutrals. Sur-prise. But I do like the last look though.

Not so hot about the sports tights, but I love the arty tank, the structure of the jacket, the lovely apple red shoes and the hat.

Prada SS07

Prada was disappointing.

The show opened with a too-short-to-be-flirty early christmas present of an outfit and, gee, they forgot pants.

I don't get it.

Let's hope Miu Miu is better ok?

Patches are sew adorable

Ever since I learned how to make that darn skirt that is still not finished, I've a small obsession with these babies...

Sewing patches!!! It's almost impossible to find cute sewing patches here in Singapore because usually they just look tacky. I did manage to get a couple at Arab Street.

The above pattern is from Sublime Stitching. They have the coolest sewing patterns. Fine, they're not exactly no-fuss iron-on patches, but hey, they let you make your own patches.

Not that I've done anything with the patches that I currently have. I don't know what to stick them to. Meh. They're prettier to look at alone anyway.

I now have cyan nails! So freaking kooky! I LOVE!

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Giorgio Armani SS07

Giorgio Armani's show opened with, not very surprisingly, wide pants. The difference perhaps is that theirs were made of luxurious silk, and come off looking more sophisticated.

The other thing that caught my eyes were the fabulous headgear.

I feel Isabella Blow-ish. Anyone have outrageous hats?

Burberry Prorsum SS07

It's Milan's Fashion Week and the beginning of the new school semester. I am lethargic. Let's start of Milan with Burberry Prorsum, yes?

The range of material used was extensive. Leather, chiffon, jersey, even knit. I'm a big fan of mix-and-match, especially with the fabric used, and this is one collection that has successfully done exactly that.

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Erdem Moralioglu SS07

Erdem Moralioglu had the *yawn* monochrome and the neutrals, but it's more different this time round, because he incorporated gorgeous lace and floral prints. It all amounts to become the prettiest collection by far.

Plenty of lace, plenty of satin. Pretty and prettier.

This season it's all about the trapeze dresses.

This is such a perfect outfit.
I'm a big fan of pockets in dresses, or in any top really. And the dress is so lovely.
The trenchcoat balances the softness of the chiffon and the lace.
Is that a cap made out of lace? Wild.

Genius. Without the shirt this would be just another drabby vintage-print long dress.
Edgy gorgeousness, I so love.

Friday, September 22, 2006

Kate Moss designs for TopShop

You heard? Kate Moss is going to fashion design!

Meh, you probably have. But I'm going to blog about it because... well, I haven't. She will be creating a line for high stree fashion favourite, TopShop. The collection will debut in spring next year.

Very cool, cannot wait to see them in Singapore.

Here are the more covetable looks from Topshop Unique SS07 runway.

Zandra Rhodes SS07

Thank you Zandra Rhodes! In all my niceties, I honestly thought that this season was going to be absolute dullsville. Yes, I do appreciate the classics and the neutrals, but come on, give me something else to talk about.

The looks were colourful, interesting, quirky, yet somehow wearable. The prints were fantastic, and I thought the kaftans were lovely. It accessorised well also, with the giant dragonfly necklace being my favourite.

Emma Cook SS07

Emma Cook has gorgeous prints and neutrals. I'm kind of in a rush now so less talk, more pictures, ok? Ok.

Paul Smith SS07

If there's anything I love from Paul Smith's line for women, it would be the simple classics and relaxed androgyny.