Saturday, June 21, 2008

Of White Tights and the Missing Red One

I promised myself I'd go all out and post a few things that I thought about but let's see. Woke up at noon, lazed around, stepped out of the house for a moment to look for DIY stuff (more on that in later posts).

Sooo annnyyywaaaay. I've had my eye on white stockings, but they always go out of stock so fast.

Another thing to envy: the tuxedo shoes! Darn my no-money-ness-ity.

News flash I am ass broke.
In not splurging on clothes I made up for it buying make-up that accumulated to a lot :(

I'll probably get the baby pink ones if I stilll can't get my mittens on the white.

What happened to my red stockings?! *pulls apart wardrobe*

[Fab photos from FaceHunter]


Lord of the Rings marathon on the tube later on I am soo excited. Only movie that will ever fangirl me up all over hot elves and takehometomummy hobbits. Which explains why I've cooped myself at home for the weekend. Ciao.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Pattern Pandemonium

I'm sooo upset right now because I can't seem to download Photoshop. I have officially stopped photographing simply because I can't upload them onto my laptop. Upset.

Rants aside, I didn't realise how far I've been gone from blogging until I looked at my last post which was almost 2 weeks ago.

I miss patterns.

[photo credit: foto_decadent]

Fantastic shots and the chaotic arrangement is inspiring.

Those hand-painted tattoos makes me want to draw up random sketchings on my stockings - something I saw from someone's blog a looonng while ago (can't remember which, uber sorry). But then again, my relationship with DIY has never been smooth.


Off to watch Kung Fu Panda now! Yaaay I like Pixar/Dreamworks movies! I actually mistook the name for "Panda-monium", because of some mag article title, so imagine my friends' perplexed faces.

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Dizzy is Threadless Sale!

I've become so lazy to blog! I have ideas in my head but I'm always too tired to put it on a post. Plus, I'm trying to make it a habit to switch off the com and get to bed by 11pm, so that leaves me little time to construct posts.

But this was too awesome and pretty effortless, so... THREADLESS SALE!!!

I'm realllllllyyy trying darn hard to resist because I just impose a strict shopping diet on account of my online blowouts and the Topshop sale. and the sales from here and there everywhere, Great Singapore Sale wheee!

I wanna I wanna I wanna!