Sunday, July 29, 2007

First and Last day of work

The title sounds a tad negative I know. But really I was only temp-ing so it was my last day at work.

Oh, oh, and of course, my first day as well. I can finally tell people I've worked a proper job. Although I don't see why people don't seem to want to consider my tutoring as a 'proper' job. Hmph.

Anyway, work was FUN! Tiring, but FUN.

Right so I was temp-ing at the Naf Naf boutique at Vivocity.
They needed people because they were doing a fashion show the very next day to launch the new line.

I would have gone for the show if I did not have school that I've already skipped countless times. Basically our jobs were to do stock clearance and, uh, replacing.

The boutique, almost empty with barely any clothes and zero customers, was closed earlier that usual.

As we await for the new stock to arrive, we decided to do a little of, uh, consumer behaviourism ourselves.

The dress was verrrrry low cut so my bra was showing hence the dorky pose -_-".

Basically Naf Naf is the french, more expensive version of Topshop with much less variety.

It was tough finding things I liked, except for this ultra luxurious white blazer jacker.

The purple tiered dress made for an interesting combo that I liked.
Very lux resort, yes?

My bestie's pumps were made out of this gorgeous black velvet that you just want to caress.
I loveeeee.

Back to work.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Gwen Stefani - The Sweet Escape Tour

All-time rock idol Gwen Stefani is coming to Singapore!!! !@#$$%^&*()_+!

And I'm pretty certain I won't be able to make it. I seriously doubt I could pool enough money before 14 August, which is the date of the concert, of course.


I miss her Harajuku posse, no matter how gimmicky they are.
Maybe she'll be looking for a new posse.
The Jurong West Posse! No?

Mama Gwen and Baby Kingston!
He probably hates getting dolled up like that but he'll grow to love it.

Aww maaaannn. Get your tickets at Sistic, hmmph hmmph whatever.

I worked for the first time in my whole entire life. More about that in the next post.

[Photo source: Getty Images]

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Hilary Duff is Dignified

Admittedly I was a little sceptical about this album, because, number 1: she is Hilary Duff, number 2: and come on, "Dignity"? Right. and number 3: she is Hilary Duff.

I could possibly lose my street cred after this review, BUT I really like her album, so I'm willing to risk it, ya' dig me shizzle ma' fizzle hommies? *coughs*

Anyway, the album has a more electronic dance sound, and no more of that annoying crappy pop she was doing before.

Hilary Duff also co-wrotes most of the songs so I'm glad it's not as cheesy as I expected; in fact I thought the lyrics are quite mature.

Her vocal range, however, was mediocre, though that probably shouldn't matter seeing as how the electro-pop sound is the crux of what rocks this album.

My favourite songs are Stranger, Gypsy woman and Dreamer.

For the purpose of this blog, I hunted for photos in hopes of capturing her style. Or her stylists' style. Whatever.

She looks best in one-pieces that she pulls off in a no-frills way.

My favourite, thank you. The red dress is adorable and her shoes rock.
Next on the shopping list: nude killer heels.

[Image source: Getty Images]

I wouldn't look up to her as a style inspiration, but hey, I do love her shoes.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Creative Zen Stone, well, rocks!

I officially need an mp3 player.

And I'm really really liking Creative's Zen Stone. As a self-proclaimed local brand advocator I am ashamed to say that I was once an Apple snob, preferring its clean and minimalistic design over Creative's features.

But this time round, the Creative Zen Stone, probably made to combat the iPod shuffle, wins. It's so cute!

[Source: CNET Asia]

I'm planning to get the Creative Zen Stone Plus. Apart from me preferring it's design over the iPod shuffle, I also like that it has a screen and FM radio.

Oh and have I mentioned that it's unbelievably affordable? It retails for SGD$99 for a 2GB size. The Creative Zen Stone one, which differs because it has no screen and FM radio I think, costs about SGD$60 for 1 GB.

I'm currently awaiting a review from favourite geek website, CNET Asia. Whee.

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Cloth-shopping and amateur-ish photography in Chinatown

I went cloth-shopping today and I came home satisfied. Chinatown is officially my favourite place to go cloth-shopping.

Perhaps more like it houses my favourite shop to buy cloth. It's a tiny shop with an amiable granny who tends the shop alone. She could have made me buy the whole shop if she wants me to because she was sweet and not-crabby and old. I can't refuse an old lady, come on.


I bought 3 pieces of cloth: off white cotton, hot pink cotton and linen, stripy cotton. I loovvvee.

My mom nagged because she's certain I won't make something out of them.
My friends rolled their eyes because they too are certain the cloth will end up under my bed untouched.

I shall prove them wrong!
Uh, make that I shall attempt to prove them wrong.

I almost cried as well because I accidentally deleted all the pictures in my digicam while trying to make space. So to stop my whining we made up for the lost pictures by taking some more.

Outfit for the day: White oversized shirt, light blue eyelet skirt.
I could've worn a belt for a neater finish but I simply didn't feel like it :)


Animal instinct on my hands

I like animal-themed jewellery pieces. And I mean only those that have gold and jewels on them.

Like these pieces by Kenneth Jay Lane from Max and Chloe.

MY personal favourite is the golden lizard encrusted with rubies and clear stones that I'll tell everyone are diamonds, and the adorable jade turtle.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Naketano - My Favourite Pieces

Naketano is an independent 2 year old streetstyle fashion label from Germany.

The concept they adopted is "Lieblingstile" which translates to Favourite Pieces for the rest of us non-german speaking folks. They understand that essentially, you have to like what you wear, so much so that "your piece changes your mood positively".

Very cool.

The collection itself interprets their concept beautifully, with just enough bright, vivid colours , always against a neutral background so nothing looks gaudy and everything looks timeless.

Which is a curious feat for Naketano, considering timeless-ness kinda goes against the bit of Flashdance vibe I'm getting from viewing their collection.

And ohh, the hoodies. How could I ever resist the hoody? Nakatano sure picked the right person to send their press release to this time.

Oh yeah, I'd feel positive in all of them.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

I'll be on fire tomorrow! Promise!

Hey check me out, I'm on the laptop and it's not for schoolwork! Yay.

Sad I know, I've been extremmmmeeely busy, with last minute stuff so I apologise for not noticing you like I always do.

Anyway, I remember having a lot of things to blog about but as always I can't remember all of it. I'm going to do some much-needed online shopping that I've been deprived of past weeks and then get some early shut eye.

AAAh! Blogger is irritating! So I have this blog and another personal blog and somehow or rather the image uploading got crossed so I have to re-upload all my huge ass image files. Bah.

Tomorrow, I promise!

Just to remind myself:
1) Site feature
2) Miss Selfridge Sale
3) Transformers
4) Looking for outfits

Anything I missed? Probably. Meh, it'll come back. I hope.

Monday, July 09, 2007

Final-freaking-ly GOT IT

Guess who got hi-tops!!!??

Guess who's broke once again!!??!

A nice dress slip, pretty please thank you.

I'm looking for one of these summery dresses.

Some people would confuse them with pinafores. What with the recent pinafore trend and all, I think the definition of what a pinafore is is realllllyyyy being distorted. Just because it can be layered does not mean it's a pinafore, thank you.

Therefore, dear readers, I am looking for a light dress/slip. Something extremely simple and minimalistic that I can wear on its own, or if I feel like, uh, spicing things up, I layer it.

Haven't found the perfect one though, the ones I've come across have too much things going on.

Saturday, July 07, 2007

Pretty accessories in Little India

A week of crazy-ass project work rush does nothing but paves way for another week of crazy-ass project work -_-

But I'm taking a break today, shall sleep earlier having gone through an all-nighter and planning to watch Transformers tomorrow because everyone's telling me how good the movie is.

Moving on.

My first and only visit ever to Mustafa Centre was a while ago, when my friends brought me to Little India area for some kick-ass fish head curry. The shopping centre was quite obviously tourist-targeted so I thought it was no big deal.

That is until I was at their knickknacks section.

I'm not much of an accessory person much less a bangle lover but these are worth getting.

Fake jade bangles!!! At merely a dollar each! Crazy.
And its not plastic, its glass I think, so it doesn't look nor feel cheap.

Many many many rows multi-coloured fake jade bangles!

There were also quite a number of these big colourful hairclips. Don't remember the exact price but it was pretty cheap as well.

Fish-head Curry crave anyone?

Sunday, July 01, 2007

Shopping for the Head

A couple of friends have expressed their desire to have one of these:

Sorta loose Rastafarian-kind beanies.

Now, I got myself a beanie a while back because I thought it was cute, but the weather here realllllllyyyy limits the number of days I could actually wear them out.

I lent it to a friend who's going to freezing cold China and she's returned it to me but I have no idea where it is -_-"

Anyway, Urban Outfitters has some:

Apparently they're called berets? I thought berets are those painter caps like this:


Anyway, I myself am going to get me a cap that fits! My mom tells me not to waste the money because I just bought myself a grey cadet cap. And I do have a cap.

But, a cap cap is different from a cadet cap. And the cap I have looks funny :(. Fine, it looks funny on me, whatever.

On a random note, I was shopping with my mother today and she kept asking me if there's anything I'd like and I actually said NO. At one point she even showed sincere concern and asked if I'm really really sure -__-|||.

Either I'm going mad or the current shopping scene just isn't doing it for me. I keep seeing better AND cheaper things online.