Saturday, March 15, 2008

Of Gladiator Sandals & Animal Prints

Navy blue trenchcoat, chiffon dress, gladiator sandals.

I wore it for 3 days straight!
The last time I wore the same pair of shoes on consecutive days was when I was schooling and didn't bother [aka always late].

A few of you asked where I got them from: GoJane.
If you need sizing help, just drop a note :).

Should start showing my love for my other shoes though; heels come Monday!

Animal skin tshirt dress, white cardigan, gladiator sandals, red *Balenciaga-inspired* motorcycle bag.

I like my new dress! I predict a lot of wear from this.
Bought it from ebay, and it being vintage it's too long so I got it tailored to update it into a shorter length.
My tailor was very surprised at how much this and other dresses I brought in cost.


I drove and am freaked!

Brother: If I didn't feel like puking all the time, my heart would be in my mouth the entire ride. *hands patting heart to punctuate point*
Father: Slow down! Juction! Watch for cars! Ohhhhh goodness. Turn left! HERE!! Slow down!
Me: I wish this was auto, I wish this was auto - hey look! a fellow on-probation driver, HI! - I wish this was auto, I wish this was auto...


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I love Gojane!!

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