Saturday, August 23, 2008

Ratchada-Lat Phrao Night Market

My number 1 highlight of the trip was this treasure trove of a weekend night market.

1. Thai youth dominated, awesome. Barely any foreigners, except the occasional white dude. And us, but we can pass off as Thai so.

2. Wonderful vintage galore! And plenty of new stuff also.

3. Cheap. At the legendary Jatujak Weekend Market one vintage dress = 500 THB. Ratchada Night Market = 150-250 THB. Bargain bargain bargain, 110 THB. That's about SGD$5/USD$3 to you. I don't even mean the ratty raggy funky-smelling vintage, I'm referring to brand new vintage.

1. Dim lighting or none at all. One of my cheap tees had a teeny tiny hole. If you're really anal, bring a torchlight.

2. Apparently only opened on Saturdays.

3. Getting there is quite tricky. Because of the many night markets in Bangkok, even taking a cab won't guarantee you'll get to this particular one. Sure-fire way to reach, take the subway, known there as MRT (confusing I know). Alight at Ratchadaphisek station, get out at Exit 2. When you emerge, you'll see nothing but buildings, chill. Turn left, walk straight ahead for less than 10 minutes. You know you've reached when you start seeing a line of parked vintage Volkswagens.

I should probably take photos of what I got instead, but urrrgggghh laaaaazzzzzzy i haaaavvveee beettteeerrr thhhiinngggsss tooo doooo bye.


Just when we're dying to yank off gladiators off the next pair of guilty feet and burn them in front of its sobbing owners, the jellies makes a return appearance.

Orthopedic shoes jellies! These are cute.

I actually miss my jelly slip-ons. Mine are broken.


Back. 7 days is not enough. We got stalked, but all in fun for two girl travellers right? Haha haa hmm *swallows throat uncomfortably*

Friend: How's your first day!
Me: !@#$agggasoankss I didn't go. Overslept.
Friend: That is soooo YOU.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Just to get into the mood of things...

This is boboniaa and she lives in Bangkok.

Oh yeah, can you say supercharged?!

A couple more hours to go and it's hello to the Land of smiles, pretty ladyboys and mango sticky rice!

My attitude towards packing has been nothing but flippant - I'd rather blog ;p. Can always get supplies there what.

Till next week!

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Simply Natural's Mineral: Swatches

Back to make-up HAAA.

Makeup of the moment: mineral makeup.

They have very minimal ingredients so it's supposed to be good for the skin, environmentally friendly, they come in all crazy array of colours, and they are so so cheap.

Essentially they're coloured powders with multiple functions, most commonly used as eyeshadow, they can also be packed on the lips, brushed across cheeks, body shimmer, nail colour etc etc.

What can I say, I love them. These are from Simply Natural's, and they give entire FULL 5g jars, not sample sizes.

Pretty pretty. My first purchase I only got Jessy Black, Butterscotch, Egypt and Primrose. I liked them so much I ordered the rest.
Primrose: I would call this glitter with pink and gold shimmers. Had to pack on a lot to get a pink shade.
Rose: Primrose with actual colour. This has more pigments and wearable on the eyes.
Butterscotch: Fave of the lot. This is a basic neutral everyday colour. I put this on the entire lid, line eyes, mascara and I'm ready to get out.
Bittersweet: It's under the Orange category from the website, but it comes off pinkish corally.
Midnight Blue: Intense Navy Blue, loves it.
Blue-Bell: Very pretty in the jar, but comes off sheer. Baby blue basically.
Egypt: Green with blue shimmer hilights. Unfortunately I had to pack a lot of this on to get the nice colour out.
Gem: A much better Egypt. More pigmented and a nice deep green colour, another love.
Purple Grape: Flat purple. Loves it again.
Wine: A very nice purplish raspberry colour. Matte. Very very pigmented, I washed the colours off my hands and this one had the most vibrant stain.
Jessy Black: Black with low shimmers, nice subtle change from the usual flat mattes.


From L to R: Bittersweet, Gem, Egypt, Midnight Blue, Blue-Bell, Purple Grape, Wine, Rose

Swatches with Flash (more true to actual colour)

Swatches of Jessy Black, Butterscotch and Primrose.

Downsides: On the eyes they crease like mad, so a good eyeshadow base is essential.
Too Faced Shadow Insurance, Urban Decay Primer Potion, MAC Paint Pots should do the trick.

They are also very very messy, so be sure to get these sifter things. It will control the amount of product that comes out and prevent spillage.

If you can't get your hands on these, cover your vanity space with a piece of tissue prior to working with them.

Because Simply Natural's gave such full jars, they are bound to spill and spill they did.
This happened in the process of fixing sifters onto the jars.

Though admittedly I did sprinkle a little pink to make the tissue look prettier heh.

Anyway my spending has officially stopped, because I'm going to blow it all off on my holiday trip next week, and then I'm starting school so imma be so poor again. I'm going on holiday HAPPY EXCITED !@@##$%

It's 4 already?! I gotta get ready! Ciao!

Not that kind of ring but still.


A midnight chat with a girlfriend who's getting engaged/married soon (hello i am your bridesmaid/door reception bitch :p ) reminded me of these photos I took a long while ago of my recently-hauled rings.

With the exception of the last finger, bestie went nuts for me for the other rings at Topshop.
My diamante nails rock :)

Name rings!
Madonna's bling "M-Dolla" ring was waaaay out of my league so I'll settle cutesy kitschy ones.

Speaking of which... *thinks up a super cool hip hop name*


Life's extremities leaves one girl wandering in the middle of nowhere, with tens of missed calls and messages. It was oddly satisfying.