Saturday, March 08, 2008

The Boyfriend Blazer

I saw this boyfriend blazer on Urban Outfitters.

I'm torn between this US$30 boyfriend blazer, and the close to US$100 but more coveted tailored blazer.

A little depressed + worried + insane need to tell people I am a little depressed and worried.
Leaving it to fate.


Anonymous said...

Hey SHA! i can't believe that you are from singapore...

(i dunno why. i just can't believe it. heheh.)

im sheryl and i'm ALSO from sg, only 13 but also LOVESSS to read magazines!

they really fascinate me. really.

ViVi mag is really nice! (it costs 8 bucks,right?) which is expensive for me, counting that i'm still a student.

my cousin from australia helps me buy magazines from aussie like erm. girlfriend,dolly? heard of them?

anyway. i have teenvouge, nylon [the mary-kate issue only. :( ], and some other random mags.

i also kinda like seventeen magazine. [no offence, but i prefer the US version then the SG version of the mag.]

i can't wait to buy ellegirl,elle or vogue when i have enough dosh to buy them all... since you seem to like them, right? [looking at your links.]

CanCam is a pretty heavy book, eh?
the models is ViVi and CanCam are really pretty.. RANDOMM.

well. i hope you can reply me via my email:


P.S: nineteen's a nice age.

Secretista said...

Depressed about the Jacket? Or, something else? Feel better hun.

I would go for the $100. Just because a blazer is something that can last yearsss and yearssss. And if it's tailored right and you don't get bigger, it'll be worth it.

Fashionasia said...

i heard of the boyfriend shirt but not bf blazer...i think it suits skinny n tall ppl....

Sha said...

sheryl: emailed ya :)

secretista: nervous about my driving test! thankfully, it went fine! I've decided to go for the $100 one, thanks! Not now though, BROKE T_T

fashionasia: Yea I guess, it feels very Agyness Deyn to me. Meh, I'm getting the tailored one anyway :)

Euro Tailors said...

Everyone need to have at least one tailored blazer.