Wednesday, November 28, 2007

The Asian-ified Mullet

Months back, the ugly mullet found its way into Asian shores and we were lapping it up.
Strangely I dig it as well. Especially ever since I saw this image a couple months back.

This hair rocks because it has the choppy shagginess about it that I really love.
Who knew spikes and soft curls could look great together?

That's Mika Nakashima, some famous Japanese singer apparently. I was trying to describe her to my friends but I really couldn't remember her name. When I got access to my laptop I was trying to figure it out and it was not until some time later that I realise her name is stated clearly at the top of the photo -_-. Blonde moment, much.

Anyway, while trying to describe Mika Nakashima, one of my friends thought I meant Boa.
And then I remembered her fierce do in the Girls On Top video.

Sigh. Again I wish I have a bevy of hair stylists at my beck and call.

I dyed my hair last week which led to pretty disastrous results. Because I felt like I had no life I decided to blondify myself. I don't think I need to go on, do I?

Off to find a more practical hair-do/not-ugly hair colour.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

I, for one, am Enchanted.

Watch Enchanted!

Just when you think fairy-tale movies can't get any fresher Enchanted comes along. It's a feel-good movie with subtle jokes and even subtler adult references make this a great movie for everyone to watch.

A great movie that had me memorise the costume designer's name becomes a fashionably great movie. Mona May is the costume designer by the way.

Gorgeous turquoise blue frock with delicate details.
As if the gorgeous costumes weren't reason enough, you should really watch how Giselle [Amy Adams] makes the dresses. Hilarious.

The same dress but with a pretty paper umbrella accessory.

This was the most perfect feminine and flirty day dress that stopped at the knees, too bad I couldn't find a full photo of it.
It's a kind of dress you'd want to picnic in, but you never will because it's too pretty to be blemished.

A more modern aubergine "real world" slinky dress.
I love that it's not expectedly modern black.

Comic relief comes in a strangely charming package of Prince Edward. James Marsden aka Cyclops of X-Men is hilariously entertaining every step of the way. The human form way at least. He can sing as well, awesome.

I don't know why but suddenly I'm paying attention to make-up detailing. Susan Sarandon's eye make-up is the gorgeousness and I like that crown thingy on her head as well.

For the purposes of this movie post, I also caught Beowulf.

I don't quite like it.
Watch if you want to see Angelina Jolie almost naked in animated form *yawns*.

*Off to cut out dress shapes from bedsheet*

[Image Credit]

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Make me Over, Kylie Style.

While reading Pinkisthenewblog the other day I came across this gorgeous photoshoot of Kylie Minogue.

When I saw this particular look, I felt all sorts of inspired.

I literally sucked my breath when I saw this particular look.

I'm unsure if it's the glam rock vibe, or the eye-makeup with the K.I.S.S.-like lightning bolt and unusual orange, or just the gorgeous bold red of it all that has such resonance with me but one thing's for sure. I have to do this look someday, HAVE TO.

Which reminds me, I have a hair post to do and I need to blog about the movies I've been watching.

Needless to say, I'm getting addicted to Kylie's latest single, 2 Hearts.
*warbles and claps to the beat* I'm in love, woooooh! I'm in love, wooooh!


Saturday, November 24, 2007

The iPod Classic has Bought Me.

Woo alright, feels like ages since I last blogged. Busy, busy week, as always. My birthday thingies are such nice affairs spent with the people I love and I took a tiny break from work :). I'll try to post up photos asap -_-.

Meanwhile I have been trying to catch Threadless sprees! So far since the last post, there has been at least one spree that opens everyday, and I've been missing every single one of them! Boo. By the time I do manage to catch one, I get the feeling sizes would have run out.

ANYWAY. I am getting myself an iPod.

Yes, I have finally been sucked into the dark side that is the iPod legion.

But I can't help myself, iPod rules. I used to think of it as nothing but a mere fashion fad. As a gadget, I thought other mp3 players were bound to knock it off it's throne.

But it has remained formidable and Apple has even shamelessly called the original iPod the iPod classic. And you know what, I am buying it. The iPod classic is truly a classic.

Too sleek and stylish.

The latest version has such a large space capacity of either 80GB or 160GB, talk about endless music and video entertainment!

And if I order it online, I can engrave the back of my stylish iPod! Coolness.

I'm already spending my pay, I mean allowance [-_-] before I even get it! Gah. I should really take care of my LV bag fund first but I cannot stand another day in the train with other bored commuters without a stylish gadget.

Of course, I would love to have the iPod Touch as well. Just the fact that everything is touch-screen is sexy as hell. I mean, you pinch photos to zoom!


Sorry Creative, I tried to love you, I really did.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Threadless Holiday Sale

Threadless $10 holiday sale is back!

My favourite designs, as usual. It's good that there are no Threadless sprees so far because I can't choose to get anyway.

"Teddy Band"
Cute and rock 'n' roll, two of my favourite things yeeeaaaah.

"Movies: Ruining the Book Since 1920"
I agree totally yet I can't stop going to the movies, hmm.

"International Translation"
Just about the only shirt you could ever need in a foreign country.
I wonder why I'd need a caterpillar bitten leaf when I'm in Japan though.

"Music Snob"
Hilarious. This is the perfect shirt for pop slaves everywhere.

"Queen of Paradise"
For something a little more ethereal yet quirky. Queens of paradise all evolve from psychedelic goats, you didn't know?

Too many choices, how does one decide?

Sunday, November 18, 2007

The Importance of Looking Important


Why the Motorola Q9H?

1) Its spokesbunny is this adorable character my friends and I kind of collect on MSN Messenger.

It's real name is Tuzki but we call it Phoebe after our equally ditzy friend :P :P.

Also one of the icons has an Happy Birthday on it, which is very apt because my birthday is approaching very, very near.

What? I'm just shameless like that.

2) It comes with 3.5G connectivity which means I can surf the net, check emails, instant message, and best of all, I could BLOG.

The Motorola Q9H would be perfect for me now especially since I've been griping about not being able to blog because I can't be connected. It would give me something to do on the train too, my old-school Gameboy just don't cut it for me anymore. Besides I don't think I can stand another day of facing other bored-looking people.

Speaking of entertainment, it can also play music and videos on dual stereo speakers. Dual stereo speakers do take the experience to another level.

I'm not quite sure how the office functions would come useful to me, but I suppose they could be helpful in the future.

3) Most importantly, of course, it has form.

Despite its width, it still retains this sleek look. When it comes to gadgets, I've come to the conclusion that the best colour to have them in would be black and red.

And this baby comes in beautiful black.

I like that it's not of the typical phone shape. Blackberry-styled with QWERTY keypad and colour wide screen, it would no doubt make me look really important, heh.

Then I can play Puzzle Bobble on it and still look important and busy, a good distinction from the rest of the crowd :).

Off to bed, tomorrow is a Monday and we all know what that means for me T_T.

The Pretty in Nature

Nature makes the best colour and pattern combination.

Check out this pretty little thing. It looks like it belongs to some cloth pattern.
Its transparent wings makes it look more fragile than it already is.

The not-so-dead butterflies. The more colourful ones were hard to capture, ah well.

Even the monochrome butterflies are pretty.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

I Make Uncool Glasses Cool. Coughs.

Aaaaaaaaah weekend, how I love you so.

I'm thinking I'm developing some sort of obsession for uncool eyewear.

Yeah, we so fly.

ANYWAY, real point of entry:

Grandpa reading glasses! Yet another gem find at favourite waste-time haunt, Daiso.

They're not exactly what I've been looking for, but they do have charm :).

Another Daiso find, the Caramel corn is my new snack obsession! The one is the foreground is condensed milk flavoured while the one at the back is coconut, which is surprisingly very very delicious.

10 more freaking weeks to go. Suck it up.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Life Thus Far

Hellloooo blog! I'm always tempted to blog whenever I'm at work, but of course because I'm paranoid I don't. Work is also paranoia when you panic thinking your boss has added you on Facebook. It's was just another person with the same first name and similar last names, go figure.

I overtime everyday, so even when I do get home I'm too tired to blog. Darn it because I have a lot to blog about.

Hey look, I have a bit of life after all.

F21 Vest, cheap singlet, grey gauchos, 2 layers of warm scarves. Workplace is extremely cold.

Uhh yeaaah I know this is such an annoying posey shot but I had a lot to talk about and less time to direct outfit photo shots. The rest of the photos involve various narcisstic angles so for your benefit I'd leave it at that. They are really cute though, are you sure you don't care..... Fine.

Here's where I go a little nuts with headgear.

Me wants FEDORA! I stole this off my friend for a couple of photos and ended up wearing it for a couple of days -__-. Think she was annoyed but she loves me so.

Fedora love and paddle POP!

Dorky helmet artistic shot!


Saturday, November 10, 2007

Hello Much-needed Weekend Getaway!

But I reallllyyyy need to blog! It's been a while.

Things for you to do because my boring blog is not entertaining enough.

1) Watch Stardust!

I caught the midnight movie yesterday - godsend considering the fact that I stayed until 10pm at work! !@#$% - and I loved it. Even if you think fantasy movies are bullshit because they all seem to ride on the popularity of Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings [eg. me], you should just catch this one anyway.

Because! Robert De Niro was extremely hilarious! Claire Danes was gorgeous, the actor who played male lead Tristan was dorkishly cute, and Michelle Pfeiffer [spelling?] was good as a villain. Is it just me or does pfeiffer seem to be getting a lot of evil roles recently?

The outfits were only mildly captivating. Actually I could only remember a certain clingy silver dress and a royal blue gown.

The graphics were, as expected, mind-blowing. Subtly funny, and I could take the not-too-overbearing heroics.

2) Shop at FredFlare!

Heh. Cause I'm definitely having fun now looking at all the quirks offered.

Align Center

Project runway champ, Jay McCaroll's bowling bag!

A book on how to make soft toys, waay cute.

Because kittens are waaaaay more fashionable. Hmph.

Googly Eye rings, uh, yeah! -_-

Bye gotta pack! Whee!

I love my girlfriends!
Have not met my school ones though, it's tough to set a proper date because ALL of us have overtime and not getting paid for it. Girlsss! Steamboat dinner!