Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Scarlet Red Stockings

I had a little dilemma because I didn't really know what to do with my horrendously red stockings. Facehunter proved to be of some help yet again.

This would be the closest colour to my stockings, except a wee bit more scarlet.

I could work with something like this...

And I love, love, love this:

Dowdy secretary with secret life as a *theme music* superhero with a stylish oversized vintage bag that I must steal.

You know I was narrow minded enough to want to pair my red stockings with only black, because I thought that would make it pop without looking clownish.

But the above looks proved red-on-white does not equal Ronald Mcdonald's un-chic, and red-on-red surprisingly doesn't look overbearing. And red on red and white, looks fab.

I think I'm going to try low-key for the rest of my outfits, and then do a red stockings peekaboo.

I had milk tea with supper earlier on, how do I sleep now x_x. I'm watching the Academy Awards now, maybe that'll help?

[Image source: Facehunter]

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Tshirts for Work

Remember when I said to want to attempt wearing a tshirt to work and see if I can get away with it? Well.

Debbie Harry tshirt, white fleece cardigan, black satin skirt, nude pumps, red motorcycle bag, Japanese magazine Vivi :).

I kinda cheated. I wore a tshirt, but I formalised it with a cardigan and a black skirt. Whoops. But hey, at least I figured out a way to wear tshirts to work.

The skirt is new, by the way, and I loooove it. It is satin, has nice detailing on it, and has pockets! I love pockets.

And I'm thinking I'm a Japanese magazine convert. I don't understand a word in it [except for the occasional Engrish] but the amount of photos inside makes up for it.

Night, striving to start turning in earlier.

Red, White, and Youth Olympic Hosts!

I'm sick! Again! Boo. My colleague's also down with something, don't know who infected who though :x.

Outfits! Oh yeah, YAY Singapore won the bid for the 2010 youth olympic games! COOL! In support of it, I was determined to wear mostly red. I know, how very patriotically uncool of me -__-.

Light pink Nafnaf top, green paisley print skirt, black cardigan, pointed black flats, red motorcycle bag.

Green blazer, striped dress, ballet flats, red motorcycle.

I even ordered red tights online which came a little too late but it's ok because it's so horrendously scarlet that I don't know what the hell to do with it.

I need more shoes.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Mary Jane my Pumps

I've been extremely busy! Work + driving after work + mandatory meetups with people I must share my work stories with + uni application rush = no time for anything else! In fact I couldn't even clock in enough sleep :(

Meanwhile, I am obsessed with candy-coloured pumps! I'm absolutely enamoured by the shoe collection over at GoJane.

Next on my shoe list: Mary Jane pumps. I need to try them out at stores first though, straps don't look good on everyone (short and stumpy, helloooo.)

My absolute fave; baby pink double strap pumps:

I'm surprised that I like the baby pink, I'm usually more comfortable with brighter and deeper pinks.

By the way, I really like my work: seemingly mundane, but can be very engaging.
Can't wear jeans though. I'm going to push a little and wear a t-shirt tomorrow. I went crazy with tees a while ago and it's a pity if I leave them alone. Anyway, iIt's only my first week, I can afford mistakes.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Purple and Green

I'm the worst daughter ever because I forgot my mom's birthday -___-||. Note to self: buy flowers and cake tomorrow to surprise her.

Anyway, for some reason I was struck with purple and green the past couple of days.

To total chillfest lunch with the girlfriends.

Baggy purple top with green singlet layering, white shorts.

Lazy Saturday out of not knowing what to do. I seriously wish I could pass the coming driving test, then we can venture more inaccessible places. Town is becoming so, so old for us.

Men's V-neck shirt, pencil skirt, orange heels with silver details, new Marni-inspired bag :).

It's been a while since I last wore heels out. I love my sneakers, but my feet needs some good ol' torturing once in a while.
Next on the shopping list: pink, red and green heels.
Or a little metallic purple or snakeskin blue can't hurt either. And one of those mary jane pumps.

My new rings.
My new pair of boots.

I start work tomorrow?! So soon?!
Egad. I have yet to apply for uni and I have less than a week!

No time no time no time.

Missing these times already.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The Week thus Far

I was not lazy with the camera! Photos for the week thus far!

Job interview outfit + new haircut today!
I wanted heavier bangs but the hairdresser said then my hair will look flat or something :(.
By the way I start Monday T_T.

I like this candid shot of me being all girly.

I realise I have worn out my beret and beanies only once.
Sad, really. I should really try to utilise them more.

Creepy place to do a shoot. The lights exactly right above our spot decided to go on and off the moment we parked ourselves there.

Paddle POP! The ultimate childhood lolly ice-cream for me, and the chicken pox best friend.
Yes, the idea of chicken pox is so funny to me that I decided to draw angry red dots on her poxes [if that's the right word]. I'm sure she gets my humour.

We're planning to go on an infection tirade on Valentine's day tomorrow so that couples will be miserable. Yes, we are very bitter singles.

I need to get a nice full-length mirror and another wire basket storage thingy! IKEA!

I'm too lazy to flip through fashion week.

Ooooh and part of the day's shopping loot includes boots! I don't even care if I don't ever wear it out. Though I'm sure I will. Right? Yea of course I will. Hmm.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Happy Year of the Rat!

The past 4 days have been crazy crazy crazy! Work was fun but it was tiring as hell. I've never known work to be as physically tiring as it had been the past weekend. Now I think of escaped animals when I hear crickets and random unidentified sounds.

And now I have tons to catch up on; steamboat, lunches and dinners, wakeboarding session, hair appointments, new dresses to tailor, planning study routes! Oh, and days of doing nothing but bitching with best friends, I miss them all!

Happy Chinese New Year!

[Credit: foto_decadent]

Bye! Off for shoot now! Will come back with more constructive posts!

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Bringing Lazyback, yeeah.

Whenever I go out, I'll tend to put some effort because I'm excited I'm not going out to work, and then add in a little extra effort to look slightly less glam. Like throwing in a comfy cardigan or wearing non-fussy flats.

You know, to reflect how my mood, which I've come to realise is always lazy. Ludicrous, I know, putting in extra effort to look lazy *rolls eyes*.

Anywaaayyy, I found lazy inspirations. Imagine that. I should probably find another word for lazy, it's getting way too repetitive. Meh, too lazy. Lazy lazy lazy.

I know her feet are covered by the copyright mark but I think you can tell she's wearing slippers. She managed to pull off slippers with that dressed-up outfit. And strangely enough, I think she wouldn't have exuded that same effortless feel if she was wearing anything else BUT slippers.

I secretly think she's mocking slippers-abhorring stuck-ups.

Though I am still against pairing skinnies with slippers. Don't do that, please. It's just sloppy.

Soooo Angelina Jolie. Casual, laidback with a punch of posh with foolproof Chanel handbag and oversized glasses.

[Image Credit: MCC]

Spring Cleaning!

Anyway seeing as how everyone's in a spring cleaning mood because of near-approaching Chinese New Year, I'll post some photos of the results of my own spring clean.

First stop to IKEA to buy junk for my junk. Bowls and plates and mugs for $0.90! *faints* Had to stop myself from buying a whole box of them just because they were cheap.

No more all-over-the-place jewelry. By jewelry I refer to only earrings and a watch I keep forgetting to have its batteries replaced.

Yay, my eyewear now has its own place to call home exclusively.

Another treasure I bought at IKEA, storage metal crates! I was planning to get nice cloth to cover it up, but I kinda like it in its naked charm.

I use them to store my other clothes which were left on the sofa, so now I have an entire wardrobe PLUS the metal crates as storage. The sofa is now outside, ready to be thrown out, which left my shoes exposed:

Eeeeeks, eyesore.
The other shoes that I wear more frequently are in the cabinet outside, by the way. I'm getting myself another set of metal crates to store these in.

Apart from the shoe mess, I still feel like something's not complete in my room. Hmmm. I shall fuss about it soon.

Ooooh! I threw out a whole year's worth of lecture notes! Wooo!

I miss flea markets.


Harry Potter Madness

I just finished reading the last book and I'm in awe.
If you have not read the books, PLEASE DO. And do not pass it off by saying you can just watch the movie because it is absolutely not the same feel! I feel genuinely sad for people who refuses to read the book.
Besides the new director and Dumbledore who took over don't seem to understand the book. I kept complaining about the movie weeks after watching it because I was truly disappointed.

Spoiler ahead, don't read if you have not read the book [shame on you].

I can't believe Snape was one of the good guys! And I can't believe he had to die! And Dobby! Poor sweet Dobby, dead! The ending was fuzzy-ingly warm and nice, though I was really expecting Harry and Voldemort to die together.
When Harry called his son Albus Severus, I clutched my heart! I'm such a sissy!
Too many moments! I love.

Can't believe Deathly Hallows is the last of the series. Well, at least Harry's not dead, maybe JK Rowling will pick up from there.

Monday, February 04, 2008

Rag & Bone Fall 2008

It's Fall season? So soon?

Anyway, one of the labels I always look forward to, Rag & Bone.

They dictate blazers and vests are making a comeback. Make it look this season by pairing them with tailored bermudas and sheer stockings.

I'm actually bored at home. Shall go make spaghetti or something.

Sunday, February 03, 2008

Be a ScholarFlip

Before I forget and hate myself for it later on

Oh yea and it has something to do with scholarships so I can empathise, bla bla. I think it's only open to those in America.

Flip.com, a unique Web site that encourages teens to create "electronic scrapbooks," has created a contest where teens can enter to win a $5,000 scholarship to be used toward their education.

So... Go be the next scholarflip! Basically you create and submit a flipbook that showcases your interest in music to animals to sports.

I like this Flipbook!

I think I'm going to set myself a nice flipbook soon actually, looks kinda fun. After I finish my book of course. I'm such a sissy, I almost cried!

P.S. I absolutely had to post this because 1) the email doesn't involve marketing of some jewelry a celebrity apparently wore and 2) it was personally addressed to me AND my blog specifically as opposed to the others I get that are very obviously mass-emailed. Emails like that usually always get featured :)
P.S.S. Great PR, I'm very impressed.
P.S.S. I don't really know how to use P.S.'s

So WAYW today, SG?

Seeing as how today is the first full day I'm at home completely free, I went about reading all my favourite fashion blogs. Fashion Nation featured a local street fashion feature site that I never knew about and I am loving it.

[Image credit: wayw.sg]

Awesome photography + banging styles = a very inspired blogger.

All this while I kept pronouncing 'wayw' as 'wheywa' in speech and it took me a while to figure out wayw refers to What are You Wearing. It's a lazy Sunday and I'm hungry, don't judge me, hmmpph.

Technicolour Sneakers

Un-emofied, thank goodness!

Recently I've been witnessing the technicolour plague.

First there were the skinny jeans that would look prettier in the wardrobe if you buy a whole array of them and hung them together, then there were mineral make-up pigment powder that you can use for apparently everything, and then the dresses with rainbow stripes and artsy-fartsy patterns.

Then there were the sneakers. The bright neon splashed sneakers have a more retro old-school era to it.

[Source: UrbanOutfitters]

They look like clowns threw up all over them and I am strangely attracted to them.

Is it a little foolish to buy boots for only one occasion?

Saturday, February 02, 2008

What Do I Do Now?

I just spent the past two hours cleaning up my room! I am amazed at the amount of space it has now.

I went for a job interview last Wednesday and had another one this afternoon. I know, my earnestness surprises me even. I'm currently looking for non-permanent jobs, just some work to do to tide me over the break before I step into University *crosses fingers*.

Which brings me to the purpose of this post. Bear with me for a little while, I just need another outlet to sort my thoughts/life out.

I'm admittedly a little lost when it comes to what I want to do and the courses to take. I sort of made up my mind to go overseas, but now a part of me wants to stay here in Singapore as well.

I'm geared towards advertising and writing, but even then I'm unsure which, and will I like doing it full-time?

I thought designing was an area worth pursuing since I was in Year 2 of my studies, and based on the grades that I had for creative modules, I was more than sure it was for me. Then I tried it full-time and found [disappointedly] that it was not my thing after all.

So I'm back to square one. Where do I go? What do I do? How much money will I [more like my parents] have to invest further? I think some of my other course mates are facing the same predicament as I am right now too, based on my conversations with them.

So let's make it easier. Do what you love. Let's talk about this thing called 'Passion'. I have a love-hate relationship with this 'Passion'. Hell, if it's that easy then we wouldn't have miserable people in the world then, would we?

My most obvious passion is with fashion. I want to buy it, analyse it, decide for it, style it, WRITE about it. I want to start as a fashion journalist, moonlight as a stylist and end up chief editor of my own cutting-edge online magazine, and retire a millionaire.

This probably explains my intense hunger to just do something. Since my break period is a mere 2 to 3 months only, what I could do that could prove helpful [like another internship] is very limited.

So now I'm helping out a fellow friend who wants to explore fashion photography and I'm hoping to secure a retail job for now. And of course, more fashion-related posts I hope. So anyone who wants a hungry freelance fashion writer please approach!

Regarding getting a degree in fashion management or the like, I probably have to draft up a lengthy, super convincing speech about why it isn't a folly decision to my parents who will be horribly aghast at the mere mention of it. I think I'd also feel more secure continuing to a mass communication degree, or even one in journalism. But then again, who knows how I'm going to decide later on *shrugs*.

Then there is that other passion. I tried pursuing it, but things didn't always seem to go my way :s. We'll see how.

Trust me, this is rare. I think it's the period talking.

If you read this far, here's a photo.

Does a moody, spaced-out, looking-out-because-I'm-deep-in-thought Lazareanu shoot seem too cliche?