Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Style Arena Japan - 22-25 May 06

Nothing like a bit of weekly Japan fashion to unwind.

Innerwear as outerwear

I have a couple that I have yet to wear out because I keep forgetting but these are great ways to pull it off.

The ever versatile white nightgown. The jeans always work in dressing down/up(?) the night gown.

Layer it over a printed graphic tee.
Good tip: To create the illusion of curves wear a cardigan over the lingerie.

Hippie Bohemian

I'm sure we're all more acquainted with the bohemian look. The trick for wearing them now is to go dull instead of the usual bright garish colours. Incorporate plenty of browns, blacks, and greys.

A more cleaner weekend look.

Tie-dye always spells hippie. I love the beige jacket. It nicely neutralises the outfit.

My favourite look of the lot. I love those slouchy baggy cargos that look too darn comfortable.

The Men

I like the selection from this week's style arena.

I like his t-shirt but he could do with less accessorising.
He's got the bitchy model look down, loves it.

Tough but not intimidating. The ruched vest shirt, cargo pants and the boots totally work.

I want to kill men who use tote bags because most of the time they look like they have their girlfriend's purses on their shoulders. But I most definitely will not scoff at him.

If you're the male who likes toting bags, your best bet would be to pick something in black, and have it in leather.

"Don't mess with the pretty boy! Rowr!"
Sorry can't help myself.

He looks so cool.
Just piece together a blazer, giant headphones, a beanie and a nice goatee.

The Rest

Love this high-low look. The blazer and silk scarf is appropriate for work, while the tailored berms and sneakers dresses it down.

I commend their choice of hatwear. Especially her newspaper boy cap.
I still don't have one because I can't find one that fits my head without breaking my budget.

Saturday, May 27, 2006

Mango Summer '06

I still don't know how to print screen pages on my laptop so I'll put up catalogue scans of Mango's Summer catalogue instead.

Pirate-d out.

I've never been fascinated with the Alexander McQueen scarf.

I did see a lady wear a read one on her neck around town last week, and it did look nice, but not nice enough for me to want to blow big money on.

But then I witness this great enchantment in the form of Johnny Depp.

Dang. Now I really, really, REALLY, want an Alexander McQueen Skull scarf.

But seriously though, POTC 2 is coming out pretty soon and I have no outfit. Initially I wanted to wear a nice skull top but now I see them everywhere and usually of the same label *coughZARAcough*.

So I'll turn boho ala Cap'n Jack Sparrow.

Easy enough look to pull. All I need is a floaty white blouse, a vest, a lot of scarves for the head and the waist, and straggly hair.

What if I decide to feel girly but have a deflection reaction towards the boho skirts?

Then it's time to go shopping for a similar dress as the one Kiera Knightley's wearing.

Can I still have this Luella top, though?

I love the pirate for being cute and quirky instead of scary but chic.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Great Singapore Sale

I know it's getting annoying because my current posts do not have photos, but this is the one article that cannot wait till later!

Great Singapore Sale will start on the 27th this month and its already the 24th! Although other places have already started.

Anyway, here's some very helpful tips to garner the best GSS shopping experience. Some I gathered from articles, others I came up by myself.

1) Very important: Do not shop for a whole month so that you can blow the money off during GSS! Though I know that's a bit too late now, even for me, heh.

2) Wear easy-to-take-off clothes because you will very probably be trying out more than a couple of outfits.

Button blouses are the best, or if you're really aiming for hassle-free comfort, a zip-up cardigan with nothing inside!

Bottom-wise, stick to skirts than pants.

3) Wear flat slip-ons! The feet will tire from all that walking/running/competing. They're also easy to take off for when you try those cute, ultra cheap shoes.

4) Go crazy the first few days of GSS, to get the best pieces in your SIZE. During the middle slow down a little. The last few days are fun, the prices really slashes but the downside is that there are hardly any sizes, of course.

5) Carry a large tote bag. It has to have enough space to stuff in your shopping bags and free the hands for more shopping. Anyway ugly shopping bags are rampant during sale season.

Use a TOTE bag please, while it has enough space it is also flat, so you won't annoy other shoppers. You need space to maneuvre your way through the crowd so bulky is a big no-no.

6) Shop early when the shops just open and during the afternoons. Go in the evening, and you stand to face the fierce crowds. Weekdays are always more tolerable than weekends, of course.[I recommend skipping school or work, heee]

7) A lot of the articles that I read said to carry a bottle of water because apparently shopping during GSS will leave you dehydrated.

I say: carry a bottle of water because its good to drink water all the time. But if you feel thirsty or "dehydrated" during GSS, then simply stop for a while, take a seat, and have a nice cup of latte.

8) Have your measurements in mind. That way, should they disallow the trying on of clothes, then at least you can take its measurement. So yes, bring along a measuring tape as well.

9) If you like it, BUY IT. It's on sale, what more do you need?!

10) Shop with girlfriends! Because its more fun! And they can stand in line at the dressing rooms while you grab every garment in sight, heh. Never bring the boyfriend/husband though, unless you can stand incessant whining and guilt trips.

Take note also that there are pre-GSS sales, as well as post-GSS sales.

I think that's sufficient.

Shop smart, my pretties.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Fashion Exhibition

The National Museum of Singapore is going to hold its first collection of fashion history!

I quote from the site:

Stylo Mylo

A Selection Of Men's Fashion in Singapore
A Preview Season Event Co-presented by the National Museum of Singapore and Style

Stylo Mylo is a unique donation drive spearheaded by the Museum in search of iconic pieces to build up its fashion collection. Look out for the interesting display of men's fashion by key international and local designers from 1960s to the present.

Venue: Old Rotunda
Date: TUE 1 AUG 2006 - SUNDAY 10 SEP 2006

Fashionably cool, I am so there. I'm hoping to see designer pieces by Roland Chow and Thomas Wee, then.

Ok fine I have no idea who they are, so sue me because I only know *coughworshipcough* Ashley Isham.

I doubt you have an inkling who they are as well so that'd be my next feature then. Local fashion designers... Who made history.

Local Magazines

I swear, my favourite local magazine hates my guts. Its price keeps jacking up!

A month ago an issue of Her World cost $6 and today it costs $7! Infuriating! I hope it stops there or I shall stop patronising it and buy Style or Elle more regularly. Well, ok fine, not really.

I suppose I did see it coming. As compared to other magazines it is much more comprehensive. And thicker as well.

Yes indeed I think that Her World is the best local magazine to get the best fashion scoops. Second to that would be, well, Style and Elle.

Occasionally I enjoy perusing Seventeen, for light reads. Their fashion spreads are not always as exciting but sometimes they work.

Cleo, I avoid. Fashion-wise it lacks miserably and it just... bores the hell out of me. I buy it now and 10 minutes later I'm done with the magazine. I've always thought of Cleo's readers as seventeen-year-olds who think they're grown up.

I haven't gotten around to reading Harper's Bazaar yet... I'll buy that next.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Cardigans for Comfort and Style

I'm irritated by the fact that I am not updating. The flu, the school projects and th coming tests are simply tiring me out and taking up too much of my time.

I'm taking a break from studying as we're speaking.

Anyway, because I am sick I shall do a feature on cardigans. I tried on a friend's cardigan and the warmth and comfort it gave me was a pleasant change from my usual blazer jacket. So yes, that means I'll be getting one pretty soon.


Slouchy cardigans for me, naturally. I'll have my cardigans with giant stripes and deep pockets at the sides like this Chanel one also, please.

Bottega Veneta

The girly cardigan with printed bows at the neck.

Vivienne Westwood

Sweet not for me? Alright then, a vivacious cardigan with loud prints.

Marc Jacobs

I like the idea of a structured cardigan. Except I'd get one that fits as opposed to it engulfing me.


A fur-lined cardigan equals extra warmth and extra glam.

Yves Saint Lauren

Repeat after me: Because it's GREY.

Sunday, May 14, 2006

The Perfect Travel Shoes

I have found the perfect travelling shoes! Pretty, comfortable, compactable! Check this out:

It looks better in real life, trust me. It is colour reflective so when you walk people would be entranced by it an wonder what its real colour really is. At least I would.

You see! It's murky green-wait! no! it's deep purple! Oh no, wait - bah, who cares, let's all stare and drool...

It's dark coloured, so you can match it with anything you choose to bring on your travels, it's comfortable because it's made of soft rubber, and also because of the same reason you can fold it and ta-dah! saves space! Loves it!

It comes in this mystical colour, silver and gold. I'd be getting the gold ones because Piz already bought this one. Retailing at $39.90 at Novo.

There were other quirky awesome shoes as well, the brand is Melissa if I'm not mistaken. I saw candy coloured rubber heels, gold gladiator slippers and wicked heavily structured wedges! Go crazy!

I, on the other hand, shan't go crazy. Still too sick x_x

Saturday, May 13, 2006


I feel so under the weather. I'll be lazy this time and not comment so much.

I've been meaning to do a feature on berets but i just keep forgetting! Style.com beat me to it so it seems, heh.



Sonia Rykiel


I saw one at Topshop that fits my head perfectly. I'll wait till the GSS to get it.

Not berets, just hats in general from ELLE.

I think the fedora hat is tres chic. Is that Cameron Diaz?

Sometimes all you need is a newspaper boy cap. And the wicked body art helps too.

Friday, May 12, 2006

Red Glitter Pumps


Take me home! *click click click*

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Kate Moss and Nikon CoolPix

Check it out, the new ad featuring Kate Moss. Oh, and the Nikon CoolPix S6.

We all know which digital camera I'm coveting for now :)

Monday, May 08, 2006

Tailored Bermudas

I am getting myself... tailored bermudas!

Funny story, I wanted them so much I actually thought I had those all along! Talk about delusional.

Anyway, I think everybody should own a pair of tailored berms because they compliment every body type. You have ugly legs, it skims right off!

Dries Van Noten

Get them cuffed...


Or patterned. Plaid is a great pattern to carry.

Anna Sui

Or cuffed and... It's grey, ok, I like it because its, repeat after me, GREY. Thank you. I think the grandma top is so babydoll vintage chic.


But I think I'll just stick to plain, versatile, extra flattering black, please.

Or perhaps white? Hmm.

Hong Kong, anyone?

I am now very very tempted to go to Hong Kong because of this article.

I do feel bad at times because my other classmates are considering going to Myanmar for humanitarian missions and here I am convincing them that HK would be a better destination.

Why? TO FUCKING SHOP. And visit Disneyland while we're there. I'm a horrible person, I know.
Go Hong Kong la!

Tokyo Street Style 1 May 2006

I browsed through Tokyo Street Style and so, uh, here are my favourites.

It proved to be the return of the jumper indeed. On the streets of Omotesando, at least.

The typical jumper, the one that I doubt I can pull off. I attempted making myself look less like a lost child but didn't work. Perhaps if it was a skirt then.

Aah, this sort of jumper I'd be able to wear better. The floatiness of it is a nice change.

It really is the return of the jumper! According to this article from Style.com anyway.


3.1 Phillip Lim

Right, right, back to the streets of Tokyo.

From Shibuya I picked her because she is layering dresses! And the best part is that they're all monochromatic, flexible neo colours of black, white, and current fave, grey! Love her boots also.

Notice that its a grey jacket, proving my point that grey outerwear is an excellent investment, heh. I'm still searching, by the way.

Saturday, May 06, 2006

Topshop Summer Dresses

I went to Topshop yesterday and finally tried on a few of their very winsome summer dresses.

Love this quirky adorable dress. My size wasn't available though. This looks like it fits because I gathered the loose bit and "pinned" it at the back with my arms.

The more clingy jersey but still comfortable dress with cherry prints.

I love the colour combo for the cherry prints. Hot pink and navy blue.

This dress was from the Topshop Boutique. I hate myself for not remembering which designer collaboration it was with. Lulu, Lula something? Or was it Zandra Rhodes?

It has patchwork on the bottom right side. Somehow that emits a very
Vivienne Westwood-esque vibe.

Thursday, May 04, 2006

GSS 06

Brace yourself ladies, the much-anticipated Great Singapore Sale (GSS) will run from
26 May to 23 July.

Vintage McDonalds Tees

Look familiar?

McDonalds is doing a JunkFood.

My opinion? I don't know, they're very pricey at $56. But because I'm in a good mood for vintage tees, I'll let this pass.