Thursday, March 06, 2008

I want to be a Fafinette

The problem I have about MAC Cosmetics is that it's purely functional, it lives mainly to colour the face. Don't expect benefits like extraordinary oil control or having a moisturizing effect.

That said however, they do do some mean collaborations; most recently with Ah Mei and
now Fafi. Fafi is this cool french chick who does graffiti painting with brushes and has collaborated with the likes of adidas and Sony.

I looovee her graffiti characters that she affectionately calls Fafinettes, and I needed something new for my lips, for cherry tint is getting too old. So I got this.

Pretty pretty pretty packaging. It took a whole lot of self-control to not go nuts and get the Fafinette limited doll that does nothing but stand pretty by itself.
Fafi created characters for MAC by the wa; Eriko, Ermine and Monoka.

Prettier tube. I get the strangest feeling I'm going to be paying another visit pretty soon.

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