Tuesday, August 28, 2007

threadless Back To School Sale

Threadless $10 sale!

I still want the same ol' designs as the last time and maybe a few more.

"Diodes Are a Girl's Best Friend"

"Gay Pride"

"The Communist Party"

Wanted this last time, still do:

"No more Bento"

Haha. Funny t-shirts rock.

Hurry, before they OOS.

Irregular Choice should be MY regular

The past couple of days I've been nursing myself from a movie marathon all-nighter that was fuelled by junk food! On top of that it's that time of the month so needless to say, the next morning my face looked like it got attacked by deranged mosquitos.

Anyway back to the things you care about, SHOES! Irregular Choice shoes!

They have just about every type of shoe a girl could ever need and more! They're also gorgeously lusty so your friends might have to kill you for them.

At least I'd kill for them, especially if they look like these:

Blythe doll shoes! Yum.

According to Seventeen magazine, you can get them from Surrealist Love Scene. According to them Gwen Stefani is a fan! Well then sign me up!

Surrealist Love Scene also has Hellz Bellz! Coolness, should pay them a visit some time.

When I'm not terribly broke -______-

Saturday, August 25, 2007

My Luxurious Wishes are Simple

If I could have any luxury bag, my choices are...

*sigh* incredibly boring. I'm a sucker for the classics.

1) Louis Vuitton Monogram Speedy

Aaah, the true classic. This is the bag I'd want to pass down to my child. I could travel with it, I could shop with it. So versatile, yet so chic. What's not to love?

2) Prada Logo Jacquard

I don't really care what type of bag, as long as it's a logo jacquard. There's just something attractive about letting the whole world know the trying-to-be-subtle label of your bag.


That's it. I'm very easy to please like that -_-.

I did think to lengthen this list but then again if I had to think up of more bags to be placed on the list beside the two choices that were immediate responses, then that wouldn't exactly be a favourite favourite, would it?

I do love the more dated Marc Jacob's quilted Stam and Balenciaga's Motorcycle bag, but somehow seeing the overwhelming number of replicas is dulling the desire for me. Perhaps in the near future I'll grow to love them again.

Eyes are barely open now, goodnight.

The Quirky Purse that Deserves More

Is it post-about-bags day today? Because my next post that I did half-way and forgot all about is also coincidentally about bags.

I have quite a few bags that haven't been getting some airtime, like my mustard yellow clutch, and my Harajuku Lover's clutch.

I finally brought out my vintage-y purse that I'm ashamed to say I forgot all about.

This was the outfit...
Purple butt-clinging dress, Chuck Taylor Hi-Tops.

And then the gorgeously quirky purse.

This was a gem.
It was a steal, and at that time I was feeling quite eclectic.
I absolutely love it.

Curse my bigger love for bigger bags.

Friday, August 24, 2007

The Seventeen Tote

Thanks to Fashion Nation's tipoff, I bought this month's issue of Seventeen! Just for the fabulous tote. So now the entire population of Singapore probably owns one and strangely enough I don't really care.

It has the most adorable print, it's not of shoddy quality, and more roomy than expected. Hell, my laptop could fit in it! Not that I'm confident enough to lug my laptop around in it anyway.

I did want the other design though, which is Tamagotchi-like but I couldn't find it anywhere. Meh, I'm quite content with my owl.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Getais, anyone?

881! I love it!

Before I watched the movie I read reviews and people were gushing about how they're now going to lug their whole family to the getai.

I pish-poshed, thinking that while I expect a good movie from Royston Tan, I for one wasn't selling out THAT easily. Let's just say the idea of warbling old tunes for the dead in the gawdiest getups isn't going to cut it for me.

But Royston Tan did it. He made me want to sing in getais! ONLY if I get to wear whatever the movie's protaganists, the Papaya Sisters were wearing:

I even loved the performances of MTV VJs May and Choy. They were annoying as annoying can be, playing whiny rivals to the Papaya Sisters. They didn't annoy me though. Their concept was space age techno gear, I guess.

[Image credit: Zhaowei.com]

The getai performance final dramatic showdown was fun to watch because of the many costume changes both sides went through. I'd gladly watch this movie again and appreciate not only the elaborate, decadent, pleasingly gaudy costumes but the heartwarming storyline.

FYI, '881' sounds like 'papaya' when said in chinese (pa-pa-yao), cool eh?

One more thing, I'm hereby putting myself on a strict fast. No more shopping, no more junkfood, no more shopping, no more going out, no more shopping. Being broke stinks. I really really wanna go for Womad this weekend, but I can't even afford the student price :( If anyone would send a ticket my way I'd love you forever :)

Monday, August 20, 2007

Uniqlo Mixplay

This is waaaayyyy cool.

I spent the past hour playing around with it.

So parkas are now cool. I love these ensembles.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Who's the sexy librarian now?

A loooonnng while ago I liked the sexy librarian look on Kirsten Dunst and also mentioned that I wanted to get nerdy thick black-rimmed glasses. but I never got round to buying one because I simply couldn't find one.

Most of the ones that didn't make the cut wouldn't sit on my bridgeless nose. Others were not pure black and had funny motifs while the rest were not within my budget.

Well, goodbye days of relentless pursuing because I finally found the perfect ones.

I'm finally getting their lenses fixed with ones that actually has a degree, yaaay. Wearing them around for no practical reason was kinda feeling silly. Though they did distract from major dark circles.

Oh yeah I'm the sexy librarian.

FashBash and Baylene hoody is LOVE

Today was a typical lazy Sunday and it's cold and it's been raining all day. I love it.

Alright FashBash! I was suppose to post this yesterday right after I got home but I reached home pretty late.

I wanted to be there early for the goody bag but big surprise I woke up late -_-.

I bought this hoodie by Baylene. At 70% off its original price, it was still above my budget but I loooooveeee it.

I want tuxedo shoes.

Now leave me to enjoy the rest of my lazy Sunday.

You know why friends are useful? They treat you to North Indian food when you can't eat your hoody :p :p.

I don't know half the names of the dishes but I'll just call them delicious :)

Friday, August 17, 2007

Event: FashBash

Oh yay, FashBash.

18 & 19 August 2007
11am to 6pm

Curiocity Gallery, NAFA Campus II
38 Bencoolen Street, #A1-02

Head on to Fash-Bash.com or click to enlarge for details:

click to enlarge

I should be more excited except I'll probably be there witnessing the great buys and probably crying too. I'm extremely broke!

You know what, I'll just go without food for the next few days, no big. I can always eat my $5 Hermes scarves.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Vivi: Shoes

Another Vivi magazine installment!

They love their shoes!

It was obvious that this month's shoe spotlight belongs to the booties. There were more pages dedicated to them. I still don't like booties, but the ones they featured looked bearable. Or at least the models wearing the booties looked good.

I wouldn't mind owning the oxford booties which really actually just looked like oxfords with heels. They are the bottom pair on the left side of the page: click to enlarge [though a little blur, didn't seem that blur when I took the photo]

Yeah, well, I'm thinking my mother is wrong and that I do not have enough shoes.

Hilarious korean variety shows are taking up the bulk of my time :)
I'm beginning to watch korean dramas as well; it's crazy that my uncle watches them -__-.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Green-liness is Party party!

YAAAYY!!!! FREEDOM! Yesterday I slept for more than 12 hours! Which should be heavenly, but it really isn't all that. I woke up lethargic and unhappy because I missed breakfast AND lunch -___-.

Right, back to things you care about, updates! That I hope will be more frequent now that I have nothing to do for a whole month ^_^.

Right right, overdued post!

Birthdays!!! Party party!

I wore this to my best friend's whom apparently I know nothing about birthday party :P [I love your brown heels sweets :)]. The theme was lime green. I love themes! They're FUN!

The pictures that I have are ugly so I'll wait for nicer ones to come my way.

It's kinda strange that I don't take pictures of myself, so I'll self-cam more!

I was doing photoshop work for one of my projects so on one of my many self-given breaks I decided to be all arty farty.

My lime green-liness:

I call this piece, "Unfinished Finish".


fyi: the most proper shot i.e. the last one was taken by my mum because obviously I cannot self-cam for nuts.
But hey, it makes for a good art piece. Almost. Yeah.

Excuse the un-pedicured toes.
It's sick that I'm slowly getting used to exposing my un-pedicured toes. NOOOOO.

Other best friend's party! No theme but ok la, quite fun :P :P. Wore green again!

There were quite a lot of cameras around so I didn't take a lot of pictures myself. Still waiting for them to come my way [hint hint helloooo...]. I should wait for those photos but I really can't so here's a photo where you can at least see part of the dress.

Yea I know, my head looks gigantic.
I love the dress but the shoes killed it for me.
I wanted to wear sandals but I lost them -_-. As a last resort and because my friend was rushing me I wore whatever was near the door.

Our present was far from roadkill though.
Hope you love the killer heels that are super gorgeous that are from your two most cherished friends that you should totally treat :P :P!!!

I got home at 6 the next morning and in a daze of exhaustion I remembered to take a photo of the pretty chiffon dress - AFTER I took it off.

Jumbled mess of a dress. Oh well.

Pretty material and print though.

Whee! Already typed out half of the next post! *cartwheels*
Do my emoticons annoy you? It's beginning to annoy me o_O

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Vivi Magazine: Oversized Blazers

Why is it that I have not bought Japanese magazines before?

I borrowed a friend's Vivi magazine, with super cool Namie Amuro on its cover. The number of clothes in there in incredulous! Pages after pages of clothes, shoes, bags, even hair and make-up tutorials!

It doesn't matter that I can't understand a word in there, the pictures are enough to keep me hooked on to it. I wanted to get the same issue but it was sold out, so I got JJ instead.

I was planning to do a collage of the things that I liked but since I don't have the time, instead of featuring the magazine in one post, I'll just do multiple posts, yaaay.

Namie Amuro on the cover.

My favourite out of her photospread, because of the jacket and the corset thing.

I really need an oversized blazer. I've been meaning to get one a long time ago but I simply could not find one that looks decent. I even went as far as to wanting to get a men's one instead, but the shoulders were waaaay too broad.

I'd kill for one of these perfect oversized blazers featured.

Speaking of all things Japanese [fine, so only the magazine, whatever] I also had a bit of a Japanese food invasion.

Cold Salmon Don.
For some reason I've been craving for Salmon. And I don't even like Salmon that much -_-

Salmon rice thingy at Pepper Lunch. Love it. This was after a movie and I actually left my wallet in the theatres.

Concerned friend: Let's go back now, maybe it's still there. We'll tell them to cancel our order [or something to this effect]
Me: Meh, let's wait for the food instead.

Fyi, went back after enjoying the meal, got my wallet back :) Like my wise *coughs* bestie aptly puts it, if it's meant to be lost, it's meant to be lost.

Uzumaki ice-cream that's overrated and over-priced. $4 per cone? I'd rather get gelato.
The bubble tea ice-cream doesn't taste like milk tea at all, the green tea ice-cream was better, but still not enough of the matcha taste.

Oh yes, Vivi even featured the Creative Zen Stone! Totally my sign to go get it now now NOW.

And helped switch me back to Singaporean mode, which is good because tomorrow is National DAY!!!

I should totally do a red and white post..... IF I could afford to deviate from crazy-ass project.