Sunday, March 30, 2008

I really like Leather Jackets

You know, I prefer my leather jackets only two ways: the classic biker, or the corny red Michael Jackson version - that's right, bling and all.

Marc by Marc Jacobs AW '08

It's gone soft, brilliant.
I'm very taken by it's silhoutte [or lack of it], adorable bubble sleeves and quirky collar.

Too bad I don't think I'll find a good-enough knock off.


heather said...

if it's the red MJ (michael jackson, not marc jacobs) your into then you should totally check out the betsy johnson fall 08 collection. it has the bling your looking for

sha said...

really? i remember berets but can't seem to recall any MJ jackets. Hmm. Shall go have another look, thanks for the heads up!

Nicole Then said...

I LOVE LEATHER jackets too! think when i get my big pay, I'd get one :)

Sha said...

I also want a big pay! SIGH.