Sunday, February 25, 2007

Floor-sweeping Pinafores are not Kinky

I love this long pinafore dress by Erdem.

This is a little surprising for me that I take a liking to the look because I think I hate pinafores. I find myself cringing at the thought of a pinafore. I'm thinking the whole idea of looking like an overgrown schoolgirl is just unappealing.

But anyway, because of the length this pinafore has an elegance about it that I love.


You know what, actually this may jolly well be a long skirt with braces :x

Fall '07 Wrap Up: Favourite Collections London

Pardon my lack of commentary for this entry! I am feeling a little sick because I had the craziest Chinese New Year feast with friends :).

I know! It's almost the end of Milan Fashion Week and I still have not covered London Fashion Week.

Truth is, London Fashion Week is not as exciting as New York. But nonetheless, I tried hard but I could only honestly say these.

1) Nathan Jenden

Easily my most favourite out of London Fashion Week.

While the pieces alone aren't that spectacular, the concept of the whole show is refreshingly different.

I love everything about the collection; the pretty prom dresses, the pouffy hair and veil, the platform shoes that you'd usually find on cosplayers.

2) Marc By Marc Jacobs

Not totally impressed, but the genius layering makes up for it. No more bag lady chic, this time the looks adopt a more luxurious feel with its material, cleaner lines, and neutral colours.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Locher's is Sugar and plenty of Spice

I absolutely love Locher's!

I got to know of Locher's from an email so needless to say it was with much scepticism. But from the introduction page onwards I was hooked.
Basically, Locher's is a new fashion label from Paris. It's designed for "those women that have come to terms with the little dirty pervert that resides within all of us".
The designer, Nicole Locher, created these tops to meet the needs of a woman that wants to be subtly noticed and recognized when someone gets close enough to read " the small print".
And how indeed. You see a top with a pretty cut and beautiful delicate Grandma-worthy embroidery, then come closer and read the print and BAM! Not so sweet after all. I LOVE.

One thing though, it's pretty expensive.

"Cute Little Fucker"

"I Love Porn"

They even have accessories:

"Petite Salope" sounds very romantic but really it means "little slut".
Go figure.

Do check the site out, at the very least you'll laugh yourself silly.

Yay! is no longer email invites only!

A while ago I received an email invite to join this online fashion community. Checked it out only because I was bored and surprise, loved the place.

It's easy to use, has cool features and a neat clean layout. But I think what really got me was this high techy system whereby you click on body parts to indicate what type of thing you're putting up! Cool, yes?!

Anyway, it was because it was email invite only that I found it pointless to post online.

"TRENDMILL is a social network based website designed for people to interact with each other through fashion and art.

TRENDMILL is a profile based website that allows members to:
• Show off their style
• Sell their clothes and accessories
• Tip people as to where they buy the threads that make them so stylish.
• Help determine the next trends in fashion by rating what others upload."

My own page is empty though, hee. But I'll go do something about that soon enough.

Gorgeous snake on my arm please!

I've always had a thing for snakes. Hell, snakes, crocs, turtles, even lizards; I just love my reptiles.
Which is why I'm going nuts over this:

Extreme gorgeousness.
Ok fine, a replica more like. Off to scour ebay and yahoo auctions!

Monday, February 19, 2007

Red is Rad

Gong Xi Fa Cai!!!

Apologies for the lack of updates! Not that I celebrate Chinese New Year, but it's my mom's birthday! So for the whole weekend I was her personal slave, heh. Loads of fun still.

Now, it's almost customary to wear the colour red during the Chinese New Year season because it's fierce and stuff so represents prosperous things in the year.

But I always prefer looking a little less flashy so I've been making full use of my red shoes, headband and necklace instead.

Central Saint Martins

But of course, don't overload on red accessories unless you want to look like you're trying too hard. As a personal rule I always stick to 2 accessories at most to be safe.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Fall '07 Wrap Up: Favourite Collections

Is it just me, or has the internet connection been on a fritz?

Right, it's a little too late but I said I'd do it so I will. Favourite designers for New York Fashion Week!

1) 3.1 Phillip Lim

Apart from the no-brainer neutral colours, there is a sort of effortless ease and comfort about the collection that I absolutely love. It still has the all-important element of lux about it in the mixture or materials used, such as silk and chiffon.

I don't really fancy the footwear choices but the tophats make for a damn fly accessory and totally makes up for the shoes.

2) Matthew Williamson

Can you say hoodie?!!! Alright, so the only reason why this line is one of my favourites is the hoodie. But hey, I'd kill for this silver dress.

3) Rag and Bone

Maybe because I'm still a sucker for very good androgyny and layering. It also has cleaner lines.

4) Betsey Johnson

And to prove I am not a boring person who only looks at neutrals and gorgeous hoodies, I enjoyed Betsey Johnson.

Cute, colourful, fun retro - just the concoction to make you feel all happy without being overly irritating.

5) Yigal Azrouel

I like the whole laidback rock n' roll plus librarian chic feel of the collection.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Cute and Useful

Fred Flare is known for being a cute fest, but I didn't know they have a lot of wicked cool gadgets as well.

video iPod karaoke system

I'd kill for this if I actually owned a video iPod.
No more forced-to-stop karaoke systems! HA!

Peeps marshmallow maker

A really real marshmallow maker? Seriously?

red heart measuring tape

If I were some fashion designer wannabe I'd carry this around to measure cloth and stuff!

pink ladiez tool kit

Not that I'd actually USE it, but still, every household has to have one toolkit.
Besides this one is in pink. PINK!

Just because :)

N.E.E.T. Magazine's latest issue is out!

Fall '07 Wrap Up: Favourite Looks

Right, I'll do a wrap-up of New York Fall '07. I didn't know whether to do a favourite look or label catergorisation, so I think I'll do both. Heh.

1) Shirt Dress over Dress Shirt

It is simply the layering of a dressy shirt, under a shorter sleeved dress.

3.1 Phillip Lim

Anne Klein


Rag and Bone

Fine, this is really a cardigan not a dress, but I love the look anyway so ha.

2) Grey is here to Stay

Surprise, surprise. Although grey is practically everywhere, I'm still not sick of it.

Costello Tagliapietra

Rag and Bone

Tory Burch

Yigal Azrouel

3) Purple Reigns

Flashes of purple were aplenty. Go bold with an all-purple ensemble or subtle with purple tights.



Zac Posen

Michon Schur

4) Hoodie is Love

Because I love hoodies! But hey, at least I'm not the only one, the hoodie made plenty of appearances on the runway.

One thing though, they all made actual use of the hood. Usually hoods just flop at the back of your neck.

I love this look though, I shall attempt to do this next time without feeling stupid. Althought the fact that I'm even worrying it'd look stupid should tell me enough. Bah.

Zero Maria Cornejo


Matthew Williamson


Zero Maria Cornejo