Saturday, December 29, 2007

FashionPhotog Pervsite


I have been slacking the whole day, alternating naps with mindless tv programmes. Nice :)

Anyway, because I'm feeling quite lazy to do a proper post, I'll just feature a really super cool pervsite. This is foto_decadent and it's a livejournal community where users post gorgeous fashion photography.

Reminds me much of Amy Winehouse.
I strangely think it's so sweet that she's becoming a wreck because she can't be with her husband. Not that I'm condemning... uh what was his crime again? Anyway just let him go already, I want Amy to live.

4 words, L-V Monogram Speedy.
New wallpaper, much? Delish.

The site is truly gorgeous, and I hope the contributors continue, uh, contributing.

Time for a nice movie.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Hot Topic Sale on Sale

My Threadless tees are here! Well, not here here, they're in Singapore at least -__-.

Anywaaay just thought I'd let you in on a little sale.

Hot Topic is having a further 50% off the clearance rack, coolnessess.

The shoes are dirt cheap! Makes me think how much (or how little) the labour making the shoes are being paid :s Anyway, the shoes don't look like crap.

These vinyl totes are tres adorable.

Oh looky! Hello Kitty! For the sake of my own sanity I resisted getting it.

And then there were t-shirts, but of course.

I was tempted to go nuts but eventually I got only one Junk Food tshirt; Debbie Harry wins over David Bowie yeaaaaahhh :)

It's near new years but I'm broke! Eeeps.
What else do you do when you're still suffering from bouts of cough and a very runny nose despite getting so many days of rest + gallons of water + medicine + bitter chinese medicine brews? Help.

Monday, December 24, 2007

Merry Xmas Eve!


Quick post because I have holiday beezynazz to attend to!

Love love love these hoodies from Forever21.

Hence concludes this I WANT HOODIES post.


Thursday, December 20, 2007

Smell like L.A.M.B.

Have I not emphasized how much I love this woman?
Gwen Stefani's high fashion label L.A.M.B. finally has a fragrance line.

I'll probably drag my butt to the nearest fragrance counter to have a whiff.

Delicious-smeling or not, I still want it because, helllooo it's Gwen Stefani-approved and I am impressionable! Whee!

Yay, today's a public holiday. Curses because I am sick, mucus and all.
Blllleeeeaaarrrgh. Not ready for work :(

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Rings are the new Hoops?

When it comes to accessorising, well, I don't. The most I'll go is a pair of hoop earrings and I'm off.

But maybe I should be less lazy and get a ring. And since I'd still be lazy, I'll probably invest in one statement ring that I'd wear over again.

[Source: Urban Outfitters.]
I love the stripey details at the side, and the gemstone does not overwhelm.

Forever21 has some nice rings as well.
A modern-looking ring. When I see this ring I think 'art snobs' for some reason. Hmm.
I've always like the vintagey asian flavour jade/gold combo.
Another nice alternative to the atypical gemstone ring, a wooden one.

Go watch Golden Compass! The action sequences are amazing and I don't know why some people said it was draggy. The only thing that frustrates me was that there will be a sequel and no review I've read mentioned that. I hate it when movies have second parts. I like it a lot nonetheless.

Are there no bad movies anymore?!!!

I want to get designer bags, gimme my pay already!

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Looking Toasty


I thought I could get better by now, but apparently not. The weather has been so miserable and cold and the perfect brew for a flu.

Anyway, I just feel like wrapping layers of scarves and other winter-ish junk all over me right now.

These winter-ish accessory pieces from UrbanOutfitters look so darn, uh, thermally covetable.

Painter's beret, I have :) Minus the weird-looking sparkly thing.
I'll probably don this tomorrow.
Comfy loose beanie, I really like.

Based on past experiences with the headband this is so going to annoy me, but hey it's pretty, hence.

And then the scarves:

Aah, the hoodie scarf. Favourites rolled into one.

Weird thought, but I hope tomorrow's another cold day so I can dress myself toasty.

Bed now, the only reason I'm still awake is because I'm waiting for my iPod to recharge.

Sunday, December 09, 2007

Very Short Post.

Another fab flea market by FashBash.

Huh, what's FashBash? What's FashBash?

15 DECEMBER 2007
at Bellini Room & Gallery Bar, St James Power Station
retail hours: 1pm to 7pm

I am in a fix and I feel very unsettled.

Saturday, December 08, 2007

More Cool than Sexy: The Deep V Tee.

I love these deep V neck tshirts from favourite online pervsite UrbanOutfitters.

I can't even decide which one I like best.

Cupcakes! Can't bake 'em, but at least I can wear them.

Cobras on electric blue? Cool.

Spiderwebs because spiders are gorgeous.

Sakura aka cherry blossoms are pretty.

Kissy kissy. A little pop art appeals anytime.
Speaking of pop, I finally bought January's issue of Nylon! It rocks that my workplace is near Ann Siang road, which is so far the only place I know that has Nylon.
I miss magazines.

In other news, I am screwed because my driving test is very very very near and I foolishly cancelled today's final lesson because I woke up late and tired. And then I found out a lot of the remaining dates and times are allocated to work. I'm screwed screwed screwed. Screwed.

Stylish Storage for Stylish Shoes


It comes in 3 easy colours.


This time round conventional silver wins for me.

Freaking cool design marries practicality = sexy love.
Up to 30 shoes can be stored, and each shoe pocket are easily adjustable to fit all sorts of shoes including heels, flats, and sneakers.

But oh, the price.
It use to be $99 but now its $129.

I asked my mom and she went into this humongous super long lecture about the importance of frugality... and then about my having too many shoes... and then for having such a messy shoe section and then for having a messy room in whole... and then about my lack of resourcefulness.

And then I iPodded -___-.

You can get the Shoe Wheel here.

My last post was 5 days ago?! I hate it when I don't update.

Monday, December 03, 2007

Beautiful iPod Come Back!

My beautiful iPod is now covered in a disgusting silicone casing.

I freaked out when I thought I found a scratch on it and there was absolutely no decent protective case suitable for an iPod Classic. Why the hell are there so many iPod nano casings but none for the iPod Classic?! Hello shouldn't the mere inclusion of "classic" mean something?!

So yes, desperate I got the ugly silicone cover that will at least protect it from scratches and such and now I feel like I'm holding an extra protective unsellable hot pink condom -___-.

I finally found some decent iPod cases from gerbera designs though.

Anyone out there who knows where I can get any kind of good casings in Singapore, do tell!
I know I could get them at iPod online, but you know, cheaper alternative, heh :).

I feel the desperate need to impress :( or at least be more useful.
I brought work home, I'm just hoping it'll turn out fruitful.

I also seriously need to curb my spending.

Sunday, December 02, 2007

iCandy for the Asian Culture Enthusiast

I realise I don't post that much about clothes anymore and was kinda hoping noone would notice, heh. Excuse: WORK *beams and wishes am getting away with it*


I really love these asian-inspired pieces from online boutique Asian iCandy.

Now I'm inspired to desperately yearn for a regional holiday. Take me to Thailand, China/Hong Kong, and Korea. And Japan, of course, everyone wants to go to Japan.


Sleep easier on gorgeous sheets

Besides their clothes collection, I really enjoy looking through Urban Outfitter's apartment section.

This lantern is such a great home decorative piece to have.
I don't know how practical this could be but hey, great design wins anytime.

Just recently I was frustrated that I couldn't find the bedspread that matches my quilt cover. So I've had to live with a stripey rainbow bedspread and a modish swirly monochrome quilt cover. And now I've grown to really like the awkward clash.

I suppose when it comes to interior decor I'm just not anal about it. I've always thought a little mess and some personalised mis-coordination has plenty of charm.

Saturday, December 01, 2007

Who's a happy bunny?!

Me, me, me!!!

This week has been pretty laidback, the entire office is soo much more calmer and for the first time since I'm there, some of my colleagues are leaving earlier than me! Cool. Then I got stuff!

Perfect wayfarers that do not fall off my nose/rest on my cheeks!

I think I should really go and get the book now.

And bestest best of all...

It looks even better than I imagined.
I've just about uploaded my whole iTune playlist into it and I still have A LOT of space.

Now I'm just looking for a decent casing. It's ridiculous how tough they are to find online.