Monday, October 29, 2007

I'm learning how to Knit... soon.

What happened was one day I was waiting for some people and wandered around by myself. I found myself in a knitting shop and impulsely bought a pair of knitting needles.

So now I'm trying to learn how to knit.

Weird-looking knitting needles and just one of the balls of yarn that I bought a loonnng time ago because I thought they were pretty.

I always imagined knitting needles to be those long wooden kind you see grannies use on tv, but I asked the shop and these were the only kind they have. "Everyone uses this kind nowadays," says the shopkeeper.

Friend patiently trying to teach me.
I gave up after 10 seconds mumbling something about needing to do work.

Oooh yes, I now also officially know where I'm posted for my internship! I knew a while ago already, but not on black and white. I got into the creative advertising industry as wished and my lecturer told me they're nice people :).

Anyway, I'm really glad though it crumbles me to know that my friend gets to assist in picking outfits for magazine shoots :( I didn't choose magazine journalism as a choice because my writing modules grades didn't go beyond a mediocre B *grumbles*.

Off to further hone my photoshop and illustrator skills. And pick up some flash skills as well >_<

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Cheap on Halloween

Boo. I really wanted to go to a Halloween party tonight but my mom didn't allow me to, as usual. I probably shouldn't have gone out in the day -_-.

I even saw some costumes! They were verrrryyy cheap over at Bugis area, especially in this one store in Sim Lim Tower. I didn't buy any though, I thought devils were cheesy and I'm not going as some ugly monstrosity... literally. I thought the fake claws were so cool, though! But in a club setting... maybe not too practical :s.

But eventually if I could go I would have gone as an 80s dancer sans tube socks - nobody seems to stock them anymore, hmm.

I'm not going so the only reason why I'm even bothering to write about what I would have gone as is to make myself feel better.

Is it working? Not so much.

I did get myself... jelly shoes -_-.

See, I already own a pair, lemme dig for a photo...

So yes, those are the jelly peep-toes that I got and my nude pumps from Charles and Keith.

They're not platform like the gorgeous Christian Louboutin ones but with my budget of $50 they're the best I could find. They're surprisingly comfortable, so yay for that.

The umbrella is another gorgeous find from Daiso, hence only $2. My friend thinks it's sad that I've never owned a transparent umbrella. Never owned? Hell, I've never even seen this in abundance before!

Anyway these were the ones that I exactly want!

The ones that looks like the Urban Outfitters one.

It came in two shades of, uh, transparent. One is clear the other is tinted black.
The tinted one looked nicer but I opted for the clear one because I wanted it to look as outrightly cheap as possible.
Everyone knows they're dirt cheap, so let's just go for the most unassuming one.

First the tube socks... now jelly shoes... what is happening to me! Revert to less tackier self now! *What less tackier self hurhur.*

Just so you know, I still don't know when Halloween is.

Simplicity in Halloween Costumes

I slept for 17 hours yesterday!

Anyway, I like this Halloween lookbook put together by American Apparel.

Nothing garish, extravagant or elaborate, every piece can be easily found. So if you're stumped, no more renting tacky costumes.

Hey big spender!
Cabaret dancer look rocks. I think I like it because it's all black.
What a feeeeeling!
I've always wanted to wear the 80s dancer look out, but of course I've never dared to.
Because I embarrassingly admit that tube socks are cute.

Thriller!! The thriller night or something like that.
All riiiiiiiight Michael Jackson before he went... never mind.
She doesn't have some sort of theme song does she? Another look I love because of it's sheer straightforward simplicity yes very effective, don't you think.
Let's groove tonight! Share the spice of life *clap clap*!
Slutty roller disco girl, yeahh! Would look better with an Afro.

Come to think of it, probably anything looks better [for Halloween] with an afro.
Be a Disney Princess... with an afro!
Be a kinky schoolgirl... with an afro!
Be emo goth person... with an afro!
Be a vending machine... with an afro!
Be Britney Spears... with an afro!
[Actually this looks quite plausible ever since she shaved her hair off. What is wrong with her again?]

Scooby-doo-be-doo, where are you!
My favourite Mystery gang detective! What's her name again? Velma was it? She so smart.

Damn now I wish Halloween here extends beyond watching 'scary' cartoons and movies on tv.
It's not part of our culture so we don't celebrate it, unless you're in the clubbing scene.
When is Halloween by the way? Tomorrow? -_-.

Anyway, American Apparel now also has vintage eyewear.

I really really like this pair.
But they're pretty expensive even though they're "vintage and deadstock" *capitalist jerks :(*

Thursday, October 25, 2007

My Purse the Lunchbox

I want Lunchboxes!

I think they make such wacky yet fanciful hand purses. They'd make good conversation starters, which would be an ice-breaker for when I go for my internship.

No I am not inventing excuses to get them.

These from WickedCoolStuff are so so so so adorable!

This is my favourite and that's the biggest image size I managed to get -_-.
I miss Betty Boop cartoons.

Another Betty Boop favourite.
I like this sort of tin shape, it's so reminiscent of those glamourous hat boxes meant for travel.

I love the shape of the tinbox and the comic-like images.

I was going to put a corny joke about Superman's tight clothes, but I think I'd better not.

I am absolutely indifferent towards CareBears but these are on sale, hence.

HELLO KITTY! I see you rolling your eyes.

A non-pink Hello Kitty lunch box in a cylinder shape.

Question: Do I get a quirky lunchbox, or that vintage leather sling bag?

Or I could walk away and contribute it to the LV Fund.

Impromptu Shoe Shopping

Yay, I feel awesome today despite not sleeping for 2 nights straight. Napping for 1 hour is not sleeping.

Anyway, all the deadly projects are done and I should be catching up on some sleep right now but I just had coffee. Plus I wanted to catch up on some online shopping and blogging and Facebooking, heh.

Happy as I am, I decided to get new shoes on my way home.

Floral wedges!
Currently I have no outfit in mind to wear this with. Meh, I'll think of something.
They're slightly big, but I'm hoping the strap will won't make my feet slide too much.

Turquoise round-toe pumps!
I was choosing between this dotted pair or another turquoise sharp-point heel. I really liked the sharp-point faux snakeskin heels but the heels didn't look streamlined to me, which was why I decided to get the cuter round pumps which are sure to hurt as hell.

Trying a little trick at the moment:

Wear thick socks, or wear layers of socks and walk around the house everywhere.

The trick is supposed to stretch the shoes a bit so that it'll feel more comfortable because of the expansion.

When I asked for advise, the shoe shop saleslady said that sharp-point heels elongates the legs while round toe pumps makes the feet appear smaller.
Interesting, I didn't notice.

Friday, October 19, 2007

More Classic Monograms

Just a couple more classic monogram Louis Vuitton bags.


I didn't like the Ellipse initially, but after looking at the ad with Uma Thurman in it I'm thinking it's really not bad.

An earlier version of the ellipse, I don't know where I got this photo from though.


Just about the most adorable slingbag EVER. I'm considering getting a sling bag instead simply because they're practical for those constantly on-the-go. Plus it's such a youthful selection.
[Source: eLuxury]


I was thinking of getting the Speedy 40 instead of the 30 because, well, I like my bags big.

But from what I've read on forums a lot of people advised against getting the Speedy 40 because it looks awkward on a person. They suggested the keepall with strap instead. And I'm thinking I really like the smallest keepall in the series, 45.
[Source: eLuxury]

I'm not superficial, just very self-indulgent :).


A registered mail came in today and no one was home to take it. So now I'm left wondering what the hell did I get because I honestly do not remember what I bought recently.
I am finally on Facebook. I'll probably get bored of it in a week like I always do, but I have to admit, so far it's damn entertaining.

I'm now a vampire, a werewolf, a zombie AND a slayer and I still don't know what they're suppose to do -_-.

Thursday, October 18, 2007


Uniqlo is the coolest site. EVER.

You will now click on the following link.

Downloadable quirky screensaver Uniqlock.

You will now copy and do strange choreography with your hands and dance like you mean it.

After you're bored doing that, read the latest issue of Uniqlo paper.

I stayed up till late last night finishing up on work and doing some other nonsensical things so I'll be wasting half a day to nap now. I'm such an old person.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Ms Universe Can Do ANYTHING

Including using her sash as an ID. I know this is not fashion-related but I have to put this up. I came across this video via TokyoMango


"You can Google her." <--- CLASSIC.

Patterns and Dresses

I was complaining to my friend the other time:

"Sony T10 sucks! I can't take close-up shots for nuts! It always ends up blurry and out of focus *whine complain whine*..."
"Did you remember to switch on the macro feature each time?"
"The mac-what now?"

And now I like my camera and taking close-up shots! Yay! An SLR camera is still very covetable though. Wait make that a DSLR.

Anyway, now that I have discovered the macro function, taking photos of patterns have been fun. I read somewhere on Stylehive before that likened patterns as dangerous boyfriends you can't resist. You always bring home the safe types aka solid colours but you always look at the dangerous ones aka patterns. Or something like that.

Right, right, my point. I love patterns :)

Went shopping a few days ago and I bought happy happy stripes.

This was the dress I wore, forgot to take a full photo of it because I was rushing to catch America's Next Top Model on tv.
Yes, ANTM is my guilty pleasure, so sue me.

Excuse the theatre screen forehead and the cheesy thumbs-up sign please, I really liked the sesame paste.

The dress had a granny feel to it that I really really liked. Didn't intend on getting this one initially.

I bought a similar dress initially and it was bright and cheery as opposed to the sombre quality the granny dress had.
I happen to pass by the same shop the other time and I knew I just had to have the granny dress one or else I'd die.

This was the cheery first dress:

The Granny dress pattern:

I also got myself a vintage dress on ebay only because of it's pattern.

When it came I was excited that it had interesting puff detail and shaping on the sleeves that I didn't notice before.

That's a basic grey shift dress with the cutest ribbon on its sleeves and pockets.
It was a tad too big but my fault I suppose, checking for measurements is not my habit -_-.

Love the geometric fishscales pattern:

Back to work!


I am officially un-contactable! Even my back-up phone has died on me!

I could use the house phone except the phone line was just terminated since nobody in the house uses it and the very smartass who suggested cancelling it now needs it! Bah.

I'm feeling so dependent and lost and anxious and I cannot relax totally. *randomly touches random things*

Monday, October 15, 2007

Mode: Tech Nerd

Taking a break from work! Finally able to upload photos, yayness.

I'm beginning to become less and less of a tech idiot. I think. Maybe it's because I'm learning of all these new technology in school currently.

Anyway, I try to stay updated instead of being ignorant. It's beginning to affect how I go about researching for gadgets.

See, I am thinking of getting a new phone.

A few weeks ago I would have prioritised style. Recently, however, I began putting in other things into consideration, such as a 3G/3.5G and WiFi connectivity feature, whether it allows memory expansion, whether it comes with stereo headphones, mp3 player/FM radio.

Not that that was all that mattered, the phone's form factor still plays an integral part.

I've only looked at Nokia phones and so far these are the winners:

Nokia E65
In sexy red and with a soft leather-like back. Slider form factor is also very appealing.
It's a business phone so music playability isn't important hence the mono headset though.

Nokia 6120
It is so ordinary-looking, but it is packed with awesome features.
Plus the silver is actually really nice, and has a reflective mirror effect because it's so shiny.

Nokia 7900 Prism
This one looks like a toy in real life and I'll probably have a hard time using the keypad, but strangely enough I like it.

In the Nokia N95 and iPhone battle, it's obvious that the N95 is far superior in terms of features and user-friendliness and hence a better investment. Knowing all that, somehow the iPhone and its sleek interface still seduces me so.

*Sigh* Such is the contradiction of the style-obsessed girl in me who strives to be technologically hip.

And to be technologically hip I frequently read all of these tech sites:


Shiny Shiny

Chip Chick
Gadget 4 Girls

Ok so I lied a little, I frequent the first two only, the rest I visit when I remember. But they're all great tech blogs with a girly touch, except for CNET Asia of course. Update yourself, it's the 3G generation, yo.

Meanwhile, go play games, for real.

WTF?! Ok ok, I had no idea Blogger bailed on me that my last post was empty :s.


Basically in that post I was just giving the heads-up that I was going to be pretty busy these last couple of days!

Anyway, I wanted to tell you to play Orisinal games to cure your boredom, hence the title.

Off to bed now! Shall post something very very soon, promise!

Till then, go play games!!!

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Wayfarers on the Low-End


It's almost 4 in the morning and I think because I have to get to work early tomorrow I'm afraid of over-sleeping or something.

Anyway my eyes are wiiiidddeee open now and I want Ray-Ban Wayfarers!

[Source: Nordstrom]

True to my style, I'll probably get imitation ones.
Favorite quirk haunt Fred Flare has the nicest ones:

I'll look around locally though, I really don't feel like waiting for up to a month just for these shades.
I heard Forever21 has it, but I was at the Orchard branch today and I saw none. I'll probably check the one at Vivocity later, since I'll be working there anyway.

In other eye-decoration matters, this Harry Potter glasses are COOL!

And I see Talking japanese watches!
Sigh. Fred Flare never ceases to amaze.

Has the price of the final Harry Potter installment gone down yet?
It's about time I got it please.

Sunday, October 07, 2007

Spring '08 Wrap-Up: Marni

Today I woke up with a fever, sniffy nose, a scratchy throat and puffy red eyes. Booooooo.

Now I have to miss the flea market at Powerhouse and I had to cancel a visit to the annual festive street bazaar at Geylang. I hate the place because of the crazy crowds, but I've already prepared a craving for the food :(.

And for some reason I'm watching A Walk to Remember, hoorah.

Anyway, another favourite collection, Marni.

Skirts and dresses in plenty of volume, I love.

Off to get better now.
I hate being sick.

Friday, October 05, 2007

Wardrobe Raids: "Very Flea" Flea Market

[Click on image to enlarge]

No carriers will be provided in a bid to save the earth!
So bring your own fashionable little [or big] shopping bags.

The junk will be sold out of the plentiful luggages, bins and piles on floormats.
Sounds like the Zouk flea market that I went to months ago.
Now that's more like my kind of flea market :)

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Free Burma!

Free Burma!

I honestly don't know what having an international blogger's day would serve to revolutionise, but at least someone else [who doesn't read the news -_-] is aware.

Show some love.

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Paramore shouldn't be a Secret Love

I got into Paramore about 2 years ago I think when I first heard the song 'Pressure'.

I liked them because their lyrics were unpretentious and a fresh change from the other disgruntled punk and hormonally-driven pop rock back then.

Then recently they just released the single 'Misery Business' and I decided I needed to find out more about this band.

Because I've heard them before I assumed they're now in their late twenties and just... old.


Hayley Williams – Lead Vocals (b. December 27, 1988)
Josh Farro – Lead Guitar, Backing Vocals (b. September 29, 1987).
Jeremy Davis – Bass Guitar (b. February 8, 1985).
Zac Farro – Drums (b. June 4, 1990)

o_O! Kidding me?!! They're young!

And besides being a month younger than me *grumbles* and having such powerful vocals live even, Hayley Williams' style, well, rocks.

Ok, so the teal/purple legging and stocking combo is weird but the ballerina shoes totally work.

I love her red with orange streaks hair.
It should look crazy but strangely it looks natural on her.

She wears a lot of nu rave style with shocking colour tones but then she throws you off and wears soft dresses for a concert. Cool.