Thursday, July 27, 2006

CDG Guerilla Store Installment: 3

By the end of July, the third Commes Des Garcons guerilla installment in Singapore will open. This time round, it will open at the not very trendy heartland of Bukit Merah.

The CDG geurilla store was first set up at Chinatown and the contract ended a year later. When CDG re-launched itself at its second installment at Haji Lane, the place soon became the place for boutiques to be, hence upping its glam factor.

But then again, Haji Lane is very very different from Bukit Merah.

Whatever happens though, I'm pretty sure it wouldn't be so detrimental for the store. It is after all doing something only CDG can pull off. So yes, looking forward to how this one will turn out.

The Commes Des Garcons Guerilla Store
Block 113, #01-540 Bukit Merah View
Tel: 63233202

Sunday, July 23, 2006

galliano - the cutting-edge collection

Heads up, style mavens. The next couple of weeks I'll be very busy with school projects and tests. So my posts will be quite scant - a whole bunch of photos and barely any words. Which I know you're fine with because who cares for words! Right back to the post!

John Galliano introduces a new alternative to his line, galliano. According to, the collection "is aimed at chicks who have the will but not the way to wear his more expensive main collection". It's very rock n roll girl band.

So far I am loving it.

Don't we just love the androgynous look?

Empire dresses - loves it.

The mini and the leather jacket always spell rock n roll.

I covet this item: a T-shirt adorned with a print of the blond John Galliano himself.
Very cool.

Perhaps I would've failed my music history but did rock n roll queens perform in disco dancewear?
Don't know, who cares, looks awesome anyway.

Marc Jacobs Splash

Prior to watching a ballet performance while having a nice British picnic, fragrance girls were going around passing samples for the new Marc Jacobs Splash fragrance line.


They come in Rain, Cotton and Grass. I only sampled Rain and Grass but I already know I am going to get Rain.

It's a light, fresh smell that has this certain perk to it. I like fragrances that subtly flirt.

Grass isn't bad as well, it has deeper undertones to it. Can't quite make out what it's composed of so I did a quick research.

"This fragrance opens with top notes of wet cut grass, wild strawberry, clementine zest and dewy cypress. Its heart is of tropical passion flower, sunshine flower and white orchid, and its drydown is of beech amber, tree moss, teak wood and musk."

"Fresh linen breezes and liquid oxygen mixed with white peach, citrus mandarin, orange and bergamot; its heart comprises the proprietary Marc T Signature Accord, cotton flower, lavandin and lily of the valley, and its drydown is of cotton musk, smooth white suede, rich sandalwood and blond woods."

"This fragrance top notes are of freshly snapped snow peas and lush green accords; its heart is of wildflowers and white muguet, and its drydown is of soft woods and dewy musks."

Quotes via Garden Pharmacy.

Don't you just love the bottle design? It's so... Marc Jacob-y.

Time to corerced the mother to making an awesome perfume purchase! Worth it as well, they come in 300ml bottles, which trust me, is a lot.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Shoe fashion boo-boo, no?

Know what kills me? People wearing socks with those sporty sandals.

But yet...
Why doesn't this fashion no-no make me wanna bite her legs off?
This proves every theory true, that it doesn't matter the fashion, it's always the style of the wearer that matters.

5 Shoes to Have

Once again I apologise for the lack of updates. To make up for it I shall now offer shoe advice :).

Shoes are style essentials; it can make or break an outfit.

For starters, here are the 5 shoe styles that everyone should have in their collection.

1. Black Pumps

Quite obvious really. Invest on a good pair of black pumps that can easily go from day to night, work to play.

2. Flats

Slip-ons, thongs, sandals, what have you. Always have a comfortable pair of flats in your collection. I find flats with jewel details very useful. They're dressy, but not too dressy.

These BCBG Max Azria Gladiator-esque bejewelled sandals is a must-have - the perfect shade, and the non-OTT design ensures longevity.

3. Dressy

For those special occasions. Find a pair of good shoes that can be worn with pants, skirts or dresses. Glamourous white and black are almost fool-proof, but if you do come across flattering ones in other hues, get it. As for the material, satin seems to do the job fine.

4. Driving shoes

Loafers or moccassins will do fine. The comfortable driving shoes can be worn anywhere else as well. Pick one in a neutral shade for versatility.
5. Ballet pumps

Simply because I love them too much :).

Like I've said before, every girl should own at least one pair of ballet flats.

I love them because they give a twist to every outfit. You can pair it with cutesy, you can pair it with rugged, you can even pair it with dressy. A twist to every outfit.

The key here is versatility. Basic shoe necessities should have lasting power, which is why to be safe ensure you invest in pieces that are in black, white or neutral shades. It may seem boring, but be assured that style-wise, you won't go wrong.

Once you get the basics, you can go crazy with your subsequent shoe purchases, heh.

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Saturday, July 15, 2006

The YSL Serpentine Party 06

The Serpentine Party 2006 was apparently the party of the year. Since everyone else's talking about it, so will I. The party had some pink theme going on. It was co-hosted by YSL, so obviously a lot of people donned YSL outfits.

It's not bad but it's not good either. I've always thought Diane Kruger needs a stylist, or hire a new one.

Apparently her name is Tracey Emin. I know nuts about her but this is still quite embarassing.

The pregnant Linda Evangelista looks exceptionally radiant, of course.
I wonder if people dare throw insults at pregnant women...
Seriously though, I think she looks great. The cuffed neck, the gorgeous pattern at the bust, and the colour combo. Navy and gold really works, doesn't it?

I'm having mixed feelings about Mischa Barton and her dress/pants thing.
Hate the accessories, hate that the dress looks 2 sizes too big.
But I do like the colour and her overall look didn't burn the eyes.
Ah well, she's young and stick thin, so she can go crazy with whatever she wants to wear.

Now this is what I'd call summer glam. Elle Macpherson looks fabulous. I love that she pairs her dress with flat sandals.
The aviators, nice touch. I want to get myself aviators. Told ya they'd match anything. ANYTHING.

I dress: Maggie Gyllenhaal

Ok ok, so Maggie Gyllenhaal can be a style icon after all. I don't always approve of her dressing choices, but I applaude her for looking comfortably and stylishly different yet classy everytime.

Which is why I shall do my first dress the celeb feature on her. She loves her basic colours and knee-length dresses.

These are the couture that I thought would look good on her, or at least what I'd like to see her in.

Jean Paul Gaultier

This would be the LBD for her. It has just the right amount of movement and flow and is of the perfect length.


Young, cute, classy, quirky spells Maggie Gyllenhaal.

Christian Dior

I've seen her deviate to bright colours once in a while and I could imagine her very clearly in this. She would look great in drapes, and this shapeless number would do just fine. Though I would personally hold back on the plumage.

Elie Saab

I've not come across any photos of Maggie in a pencil skirt, so I'd like to see her in one.
She's not one to bask in luxury also I realise, but this dress is every bit glamourous from the satin to the bling.
Look rich for once please, Maggie?

Christian Lacroix

A little vividness wouldn't hurt the little black dress.

Elie Saab

This gown has just the right amount of bling for Maggie. She had it on her hips last Academy Awards, this time she'd do well having it on her waist.


Is she still pregnant? Because if she still is, she can get away with this unforgiving dress.

I still don't get poufy dresses.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Ladies and their Dresses and Bikes

I've been looking around for the perfect sun dress lately. It has to be floaty, non-restrictive, and I want mine in happy hues.

When people ask what it's for, I tell them I want to ride a bike in it. And their initial reaction were all the same - of incredulity.

Darlings, these pictures from TheSartorialist will explain everything.

I just have to love the sexy red dress, aviator shades, and fuss-free hair.

Very nicely done high-low. The dress, the sneakers, and the LV bag.

How it's even possible that she could still look so comfortably sophisticated riding a bike in that fitting suit dress is beyond me.

Now I really want a bike license.

Do a double take not-as-pretties, the back's as good as the front. Taa~

Sunday, July 09, 2006

2006 Couture Collection

Jean Paul Gaultier

He's one of my favourite designers for Moschino Cheap and Chic. You know you can always expect a bit of cheek from him. This time round it comes in fake candle lights and hair hats. Jean Paul Gaultier has the most fabulous LBDs though.

Armani Privé

My favourite haute couture collection would have to be the Georgio Armani Privé. Great dresses, great accessories. I love their angular cut suits, gorgeous headgears, and luxe evening gowns.

This is the one collection in which I could already see a lot of the gowns on red carpets. Perhaps I shall do a little feature next where I dress celebs.


The first thing I do when it comes to Valentino haute couture is check out everything's that red. That is his trademark colour after all. This time round I'm afraid I don't see anything exciting in red. The first thing I noticed about this collection is its Russian influences.

Then I notice the make-up. The make-up sets have this sort of dark, foreboding look about it, which makes more than a couple of outfits very vampire-worthy.


I applaude Karl Lagerfeld for making classy so young. Using a lot of intricate beading, the dresses are fabulously mini and denim is a commonly made complimentary.

Now isn't this the sweetest Ice Princess...