Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Spring Cleaning!

Anyway seeing as how everyone's in a spring cleaning mood because of near-approaching Chinese New Year, I'll post some photos of the results of my own spring clean.

First stop to IKEA to buy junk for my junk. Bowls and plates and mugs for $0.90! *faints* Had to stop myself from buying a whole box of them just because they were cheap.

No more all-over-the-place jewelry. By jewelry I refer to only earrings and a watch I keep forgetting to have its batteries replaced.

Yay, my eyewear now has its own place to call home exclusively.

Another treasure I bought at IKEA, storage metal crates! I was planning to get nice cloth to cover it up, but I kinda like it in its naked charm.

I use them to store my other clothes which were left on the sofa, so now I have an entire wardrobe PLUS the metal crates as storage. The sofa is now outside, ready to be thrown out, which left my shoes exposed:

Eeeeeks, eyesore.
The other shoes that I wear more frequently are in the cabinet outside, by the way. I'm getting myself another set of metal crates to store these in.

Apart from the shoe mess, I still feel like something's not complete in my room. Hmmm. I shall fuss about it soon.

Ooooh! I threw out a whole year's worth of lecture notes! Wooo!

I miss flea markets.


Harry Potter Madness

I just finished reading the last book and I'm in awe.
If you have not read the books, PLEASE DO. And do not pass it off by saying you can just watch the movie because it is absolutely not the same feel! I feel genuinely sad for people who refuses to read the book.
Besides the new director and Dumbledore who took over don't seem to understand the book. I kept complaining about the movie weeks after watching it because I was truly disappointed.

Spoiler ahead, don't read if you have not read the book [shame on you].

I can't believe Snape was one of the good guys! And I can't believe he had to die! And Dobby! Poor sweet Dobby, dead! The ending was fuzzy-ingly warm and nice, though I was really expecting Harry and Voldemort to die together.
When Harry called his son Albus Severus, I clutched my heart! I'm such a sissy!
Too many moments! I love.

Can't believe Deathly Hallows is the last of the series. Well, at least Harry's not dead, maybe JK Rowling will pick up from there.


mel said...

Bring me to fleassss!!! Then we can go crazyyy! Miss you lah! :):)

Sha said...

MELLLL!!!!!! MISS YOU ALSO! BAAAH damn busy! We meet up this week!