Sunday, February 17, 2008

Purple and Green

I'm the worst daughter ever because I forgot my mom's birthday -___-||. Note to self: buy flowers and cake tomorrow to surprise her.

Anyway, for some reason I was struck with purple and green the past couple of days.

To total chillfest lunch with the girlfriends.

Baggy purple top with green singlet layering, white shorts.

Lazy Saturday out of not knowing what to do. I seriously wish I could pass the coming driving test, then we can venture more inaccessible places. Town is becoming so, so old for us.

Men's V-neck shirt, pencil skirt, orange heels with silver details, new Marni-inspired bag :).

It's been a while since I last wore heels out. I love my sneakers, but my feet needs some good ol' torturing once in a while.
Next on the shopping list: pink, red and green heels.
Or a little metallic purple or snakeskin blue can't hurt either. And one of those mary jane pumps.

My new rings.
My new pair of boots.

I start work tomorrow?! So soon?!
Egad. I have yet to apply for uni and I have less than a week!

No time no time no time.

Missing these times already.


Canalla said...

I love the star-ring!!!

you look so chic in the "purple photo" heheh


Fashion Zealot said...

Forgetting your mom's birthday is a no-no... I once forgot my mom's b-day and she did not speak to me for a week! I learned my lesson since then, lol. Btw, was your mom surprised?

Sha said...

Haha hey canalla, thanks bunches!

I decided not to surprise her the day after, thought it'd be too obvious! Forced her to go out with me this weekend on the pretext of important uni business and then I'll take her somewhere nice to eat! Then I can pretend I pretended to forget! HAHA!