Friday, February 22, 2008

Mary Jane my Pumps

I've been extremely busy! Work + driving after work + mandatory meetups with people I must share my work stories with + uni application rush = no time for anything else! In fact I couldn't even clock in enough sleep :(

Meanwhile, I am obsessed with candy-coloured pumps! I'm absolutely enamoured by the shoe collection over at GoJane.

Next on my shoe list: Mary Jane pumps. I need to try them out at stores first though, straps don't look good on everyone (short and stumpy, helloooo.)

My absolute fave; baby pink double strap pumps:

I'm surprised that I like the baby pink, I'm usually more comfortable with brighter and deeper pinks.

By the way, I really like my work: seemingly mundane, but can be very engaging.
Can't wear jeans though. I'm going to push a little and wear a t-shirt tomorrow. I went crazy with tees a while ago and it's a pity if I leave them alone. Anyway, iIt's only my first week, I can afford mistakes.

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Eli said...

the pink ones look like miu miu