Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The Week thus Far

I was not lazy with the camera! Photos for the week thus far!

Job interview outfit + new haircut today!
I wanted heavier bangs but the hairdresser said then my hair will look flat or something :(.
By the way I start Monday T_T.

I like this candid shot of me being all girly.

I realise I have worn out my beret and beanies only once.
Sad, really. I should really try to utilise them more.

Creepy place to do a shoot. The lights exactly right above our spot decided to go on and off the moment we parked ourselves there.

Paddle POP! The ultimate childhood lolly ice-cream for me, and the chicken pox best friend.
Yes, the idea of chicken pox is so funny to me that I decided to draw angry red dots on her poxes [if that's the right word]. I'm sure she gets my humour.

We're planning to go on an infection tirade on Valentine's day tomorrow so that couples will be miserable. Yes, we are very bitter singles.

I need to get a nice full-length mirror and another wire basket storage thingy! IKEA!

I'm too lazy to flip through fashion week.

Ooooh and part of the day's shopping loot includes boots! I don't even care if I don't ever wear it out. Though I'm sure I will. Right? Yea of course I will. Hmm.

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