Sunday, February 24, 2008

Tshirts for Work

Remember when I said to want to attempt wearing a tshirt to work and see if I can get away with it? Well.

Debbie Harry tshirt, white fleece cardigan, black satin skirt, nude pumps, red motorcycle bag, Japanese magazine Vivi :).

I kinda cheated. I wore a tshirt, but I formalised it with a cardigan and a black skirt. Whoops. But hey, at least I figured out a way to wear tshirts to work.

The skirt is new, by the way, and I loooove it. It is satin, has nice detailing on it, and has pockets! I love pockets.

And I'm thinking I'm a Japanese magazine convert. I don't understand a word in it [except for the occasional Engrish] but the amount of photos inside makes up for it.

Night, striving to start turning in earlier.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Hey ya!! Me likey your skirt!! Where you got it? (curlyyat)