Sunday, February 03, 2008

So WAYW today, SG?

Seeing as how today is the first full day I'm at home completely free, I went about reading all my favourite fashion blogs. Fashion Nation featured a local street fashion feature site that I never knew about and I am loving it.

[Image credit:]

Awesome photography + banging styles = a very inspired blogger.

All this while I kept pronouncing 'wayw' as 'wheywa' in speech and it took me a while to figure out wayw refers to What are You Wearing. It's a lazy Sunday and I'm hungry, don't judge me, hmmpph.


Poshpalette said...

is the 2nd last pic is the editor of wayw??

Sha said...

o_O honestly I have no idea! haha. i don't think so though, i think he's about 18?

Anonymous said...

yea that isn't the editor of wayw.
that's cause that's me.
and i'm nobody. haha.
i'm just an art student at NAFA.
and yea. i was 18 at that time.

Anonymous said...

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