Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Scarlet Red Stockings

I had a little dilemma because I didn't really know what to do with my horrendously red stockings. Facehunter proved to be of some help yet again.

This would be the closest colour to my stockings, except a wee bit more scarlet.

I could work with something like this...

And I love, love, love this:

Dowdy secretary with secret life as a *theme music* superhero with a stylish oversized vintage bag that I must steal.

You know I was narrow minded enough to want to pair my red stockings with only black, because I thought that would make it pop without looking clownish.

But the above looks proved red-on-white does not equal Ronald Mcdonald's un-chic, and red-on-red surprisingly doesn't look overbearing. And red on red and white, looks fab.

I think I'm going to try low-key for the rest of my outfits, and then do a red stockings peekaboo.

I had milk tea with supper earlier on, how do I sleep now x_x. I'm watching the Academy Awards now, maybe that'll help?

[Image source: Facehunter]


Secretista said...

Red stockings!--WOO!

Secretista said...
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