Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Wayfarers on the Low-End


It's almost 4 in the morning and I think because I have to get to work early tomorrow I'm afraid of over-sleeping or something.

Anyway my eyes are wiiiidddeee open now and I want Ray-Ban Wayfarers!

[Source: Nordstrom]

True to my style, I'll probably get imitation ones.
Favorite quirk haunt Fred Flare has the nicest ones:

I'll look around locally though, I really don't feel like waiting for up to a month just for these shades.
I heard Forever21 has it, but I was at the Orchard branch today and I saw none. I'll probably check the one at Vivocity later, since I'll be working there anyway.

In other eye-decoration matters, this Harry Potter glasses are COOL!

And I see Talking japanese watches!
Sigh. Fred Flare never ceases to amaze.

Has the price of the final Harry Potter installment gone down yet?
It's about time I got it please.

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