Saturday, October 27, 2007

Cheap on Halloween

Boo. I really wanted to go to a Halloween party tonight but my mom didn't allow me to, as usual. I probably shouldn't have gone out in the day -_-.

I even saw some costumes! They were verrrryyy cheap over at Bugis area, especially in this one store in Sim Lim Tower. I didn't buy any though, I thought devils were cheesy and I'm not going as some ugly monstrosity... literally. I thought the fake claws were so cool, though! But in a club setting... maybe not too practical :s.

But eventually if I could go I would have gone as an 80s dancer sans tube socks - nobody seems to stock them anymore, hmm.

I'm not going so the only reason why I'm even bothering to write about what I would have gone as is to make myself feel better.

Is it working? Not so much.

I did get myself... jelly shoes -_-.

See, I already own a pair, lemme dig for a photo...

So yes, those are the jelly peep-toes that I got and my nude pumps from Charles and Keith.

They're not platform like the gorgeous Christian Louboutin ones but with my budget of $50 they're the best I could find. They're surprisingly comfortable, so yay for that.

The umbrella is another gorgeous find from Daiso, hence only $2. My friend thinks it's sad that I've never owned a transparent umbrella. Never owned? Hell, I've never even seen this in abundance before!

Anyway these were the ones that I exactly want!

The ones that looks like the Urban Outfitters one.

It came in two shades of, uh, transparent. One is clear the other is tinted black.
The tinted one looked nicer but I opted for the clear one because I wanted it to look as outrightly cheap as possible.
Everyone knows they're dirt cheap, so let's just go for the most unassuming one.

First the tube socks... now jelly shoes... what is happening to me! Revert to less tackier self now! *What less tackier self hurhur.*

Just so you know, I still don't know when Halloween is.


Anonymous said...

the umbrella still available at daiso? i want!

Sha said...

should be? haven't been there in a while.