Saturday, October 27, 2007

Simplicity in Halloween Costumes

I slept for 17 hours yesterday!

Anyway, I like this Halloween lookbook put together by American Apparel.

Nothing garish, extravagant or elaborate, every piece can be easily found. So if you're stumped, no more renting tacky costumes.

Hey big spender!
Cabaret dancer look rocks. I think I like it because it's all black.
What a feeeeeling!
I've always wanted to wear the 80s dancer look out, but of course I've never dared to.
Because I embarrassingly admit that tube socks are cute.

Thriller!! The thriller night or something like that.
All riiiiiiiight Michael Jackson before he went... never mind.
She doesn't have some sort of theme song does she? Another look I love because of it's sheer straightforward simplicity yes very effective, don't you think.
Let's groove tonight! Share the spice of life *clap clap*!
Slutty roller disco girl, yeahh! Would look better with an Afro.

Come to think of it, probably anything looks better [for Halloween] with an afro.
Be a Disney Princess... with an afro!
Be a kinky schoolgirl... with an afro!
Be emo goth person... with an afro!
Be a vending machine... with an afro!
Be Britney Spears... with an afro!
[Actually this looks quite plausible ever since she shaved her hair off. What is wrong with her again?]

Scooby-doo-be-doo, where are you!
My favourite Mystery gang detective! What's her name again? Velma was it? She so smart.

Damn now I wish Halloween here extends beyond watching 'scary' cartoons and movies on tv.
It's not part of our culture so we don't celebrate it, unless you're in the clubbing scene.
When is Halloween by the way? Tomorrow? -_-.

Anyway, American Apparel now also has vintage eyewear.

I really really like this pair.
But they're pretty expensive even though they're "vintage and deadstock" *capitalist jerks :(*

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Mariana said...

Where can I find that 80s Dancer Look.