Thursday, October 25, 2007

My Purse the Lunchbox

I want Lunchboxes!

I think they make such wacky yet fanciful hand purses. They'd make good conversation starters, which would be an ice-breaker for when I go for my internship.

No I am not inventing excuses to get them.

These from WickedCoolStuff are so so so so adorable!

This is my favourite and that's the biggest image size I managed to get -_-.
I miss Betty Boop cartoons.

Another Betty Boop favourite.
I like this sort of tin shape, it's so reminiscent of those glamourous hat boxes meant for travel.

I love the shape of the tinbox and the comic-like images.

I was going to put a corny joke about Superman's tight clothes, but I think I'd better not.

I am absolutely indifferent towards CareBears but these are on sale, hence.

HELLO KITTY! I see you rolling your eyes.

A non-pink Hello Kitty lunch box in a cylinder shape.

Question: Do I get a quirky lunchbox, or that vintage leather sling bag?

Or I could walk away and contribute it to the LV Fund.


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