Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Patterns and Dresses

I was complaining to my friend the other time:

"Sony T10 sucks! I can't take close-up shots for nuts! It always ends up blurry and out of focus *whine complain whine*..."
"Did you remember to switch on the macro feature each time?"
"The mac-what now?"

And now I like my camera and taking close-up shots! Yay! An SLR camera is still very covetable though. Wait make that a DSLR.

Anyway, now that I have discovered the macro function, taking photos of patterns have been fun. I read somewhere on Stylehive before that likened patterns as dangerous boyfriends you can't resist. You always bring home the safe types aka solid colours but you always look at the dangerous ones aka patterns. Or something like that.

Right, right, my point. I love patterns :)

Went shopping a few days ago and I bought happy happy stripes.

This was the dress I wore, forgot to take a full photo of it because I was rushing to catch America's Next Top Model on tv.
Yes, ANTM is my guilty pleasure, so sue me.

Excuse the theatre screen forehead and the cheesy thumbs-up sign please, I really liked the sesame paste.

The dress had a granny feel to it that I really really liked. Didn't intend on getting this one initially.

I bought a similar dress initially and it was bright and cheery as opposed to the sombre quality the granny dress had.
I happen to pass by the same shop the other time and I knew I just had to have the granny dress one or else I'd die.

This was the cheery first dress:

The Granny dress pattern:

I also got myself a vintage dress on ebay only because of it's pattern.

When it came I was excited that it had interesting puff detail and shaping on the sleeves that I didn't notice before.

That's a basic grey shift dress with the cutest ribbon on its sleeves and pockets.
It was a tad too big but my fault I suppose, checking for measurements is not my habit -_-.

Love the geometric fishscales pattern:

Back to work!


I am officially un-contactable! Even my back-up phone has died on me!

I could use the house phone except the phone line was just terminated since nobody in the house uses it and the very smartass who suggested cancelling it now needs it! Bah.

I'm feeling so dependent and lost and anxious and I cannot relax totally. *randomly touches random things*


Charliie said...

i love the red pattern, love it :)
would you mind if i modify it then use it in my textiles GCSE?
thank you!

Anonymous said...

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