Thursday, October 25, 2007

Impromptu Shoe Shopping

Yay, I feel awesome today despite not sleeping for 2 nights straight. Napping for 1 hour is not sleeping.

Anyway, all the deadly projects are done and I should be catching up on some sleep right now but I just had coffee. Plus I wanted to catch up on some online shopping and blogging and Facebooking, heh.

Happy as I am, I decided to get new shoes on my way home.

Floral wedges!
Currently I have no outfit in mind to wear this with. Meh, I'll think of something.
They're slightly big, but I'm hoping the strap will won't make my feet slide too much.

Turquoise round-toe pumps!
I was choosing between this dotted pair or another turquoise sharp-point heel. I really liked the sharp-point faux snakeskin heels but the heels didn't look streamlined to me, which was why I decided to get the cuter round pumps which are sure to hurt as hell.

Trying a little trick at the moment:

Wear thick socks, or wear layers of socks and walk around the house everywhere.

The trick is supposed to stretch the shoes a bit so that it'll feel more comfortable because of the expansion.

When I asked for advise, the shoe shop saleslady said that sharp-point heels elongates the legs while round toe pumps makes the feet appear smaller.
Interesting, I didn't notice.


Anonymous said...

hey, where did you buy that blue pumps?

Sha said...

From Jurong Point's Mondo outlet :)

Hazlitt said...

Like those floral wedges..... love to buy shoesthrough online stores.